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    Default Brittany & Jeremy 5/19/11, Couples Negril!!!

    Were so excited!

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    Default Congrats!

    Hi Brittany!!

    I just posted on another post to you and just saw your thread!! We are getting married now on the 19th at 4pm? Share some details!! Are you going to have guests? Decide on location? I got my dress this past weekend and am so excited!!

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    Thanks! Congrats to you to!
    We are getting married on the 19th at 4pm as well, are you and your fiance doing it at Couples Negril?
    We choose the beach location! We are going to have 3 other couples with us. I have my dress to! We just hired Stacey Clarke as our photographer and are really excited to have some beautiful picture to look back on after we come home!
    Less than 4 months now, hope it flies!
    I would love to hear some details about your wedding as well!

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    Default May 19

    Hi Brittany!!

    We will be at CSA. We will be doing the beach wedding too!! Just the 2 of us though, no guests. We are meeting Stacey that morning to do photos off site. We are hoping to get some people staying at CSA to help with other photos as we are on a major budget. We are going to try to do the exchange for one day so maybe we will get to meet. We are so excited. Are the couples all friends or family?
    What does your dress look like?

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    I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to help take photos during your ceremony! Yes, maybe we can meet!
    My fiance's Mom & step-dad, Brother & sister in law (who is my best friend!) and possibly his Grandparents are going.
    My dress is short and simple! Its about knee length, strapless and white and I am going to add some colorful fabric flowers to the waist.
    What does your look like?

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