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Thread: December 2011

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    Default Coming home...

    My wife Pandora and I will be returning for our 7th trip to CN and our 14th visit to Jamaica Nov. 26th - Dec. 3Rd. Hope to meet up with some of you all...

    Later......... Joe D.

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    Default Yes

    Quote Originally Posted by Liz/David View Post
    Missed you this past December. Did reason have anything to do with diapers?

    Pink diapers just saw your post


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    Yeah! We will be there that same time as well! I'll keep looking for posts from you and hope to meet up! What a great way to meet great people before you there!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterfall Junkie View Post
    Pink diapers just saw your post

    I'm sooo happy for you and Tina, congratulations!!!

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    Just booked 177 days to go December 5-12 it will be our second time and cannot wait!!!

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    We just booked. This will be our 3rd trip to Couples. We will be there December 1-8 and are planning on renewing our vows. I cannot wait!

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    Don and I will be at CN, December 1-8. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and hope to meet all of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandl View Post
    4th time to CN for us. its our favorite. You will find us on the nude beach though we are thinking of finding a day trip to take this time. and our days our 2-9. wishful thinking i guess for 2-11. maybe someday.
    Hey kandl, we will be at CN from Nov. 30 - Dec. 10. Let us know what you drink and we'll have one waiting for you on the AN beach when you arrive. We spend all of our time AN as well.


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    THAT is a deal we can't refuse. salty dogs.
    we'll be the ones stripping out of street clothes and streaking towards the ocean.
    See you then.

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    26 couples on the list so far.

    Let me know if I missed someone.

    Mkqupnorth, what are the dates of your stay? (So I can add you to the list.)

    Attachment 13101
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Great spreadsheet. It's Deb and Don. Thanks for the congrats!

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    Great idea with the the spreadsheet. We will be at CN the same time you guys will. Dec 10th thru 17th. Just got conformation of booking. We are your neighbors to the North. (Rita and Joe from Akron Ohio). Would be great to mingle a bit while we are there.

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    Sounds good Rita and Joe. I'll add you to the list.

    What flights do you have? We have an early flight on US Air through Charlotte. Arriving at MBJ at 10:50 AM. We're considering TimAir or International Airlink for a puddle jumper to Negril. Would you be interested in sharing the 15 minute flight? Would anyone be interested?

    (By the way, I use Johio as a screen name on another Jamaica message
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Thanks! Our plan puts us in MBJ around 1:45. I know of the Charlotte connector that you are on, and your offer would be mighty tempting if we were in sync. It seems that you two, and many others on this board are "seasoned" to Negril and Couples resorts in general. This is a great way for us to gather facts as well as build the positive anticipation. We were in Ochos a couple years ago on a company trip and that was very nice. For a long time we have wanted to stay on the Negril coast, and came close one year but "Ivan" trumped our plan. We discovered this board after our choice to stay at CN. It seems we have made a great decision while reading everyone's love of this place. Even though anticipation is half the fun of our trips, and December seems a long way from now, this board will help us crank it up over time. By the way, how funny is it that Johio would even be a common screen name?

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    Our friends, Larry and Kathy, will be joining us for our 25th anniversary vow renewal. We will all be there Dec. 1-8. Be on the lookout for a scary bunch of Missourians. Can't wait!

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    perfect place for Missourians.....since its the show me state....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironranger View Post
    perfect place for Missourians.....since its the show me state....
    You got that right, ironranger!

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    Just purchased my airline tickets its REAL we are coming for sure! $600pp not to bad considering its the week of Christmas and new years eve.!

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    WOO HOO!!!

    I just love that feeling when it becomes "real". I get it when we book our airline tickets too. I get it again when the countdown hits double digits. And once again when we get the single digit fidgits! Of course, the down side of the single digit fidgits is that I'm somewhat useless at work. My body is in Ohio but my mind, heart and soul are halfway to Jamaica. But I love that feeling.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Default We're in!

    Hello everyone

    JUST BOOKED TONIGHT! Found a nice deal on Expedia and out came the Visa.

    My husband Fred and I are returning to CN December 7th - 15th! This will be our third trip to Jamaica and our second trip to CN! I can truly say that after staying at all four Couples Resorts CN remains our favourite! We are so excited to be going back to Couples Negril - It was the first Couples resort that we visited so it holds an extra special place in our hearts! Living in a small Ontario town come December we are already sick of snow and cold temperatures....and come April we are REALLY sick of winter so we have booked a 10 day split stay at CTI /CSS Looking forward to meeting you all!


    P.S. LOVE the spreadhseet Thanks for your doing this.

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    Hi all,

    Kevin and Becky from the UK. We ill be there 26th Nov to 6th Dec. Our 19th to CN and will actually be celebrating our 250th night at Couples on our last night of the trip.
    Just got back from a great trip to CSA and CN a few days ago. Looking forward to going back already.

    Congrats to Mike and Tina on their news. Will see you guys next year.

    Kevin and Becky

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    New list with a few new names. It's getting closer and will be here before we know it.

    Attachment 13366

    I had to remove the little pictures to indicate special events. The file became too large to attach (97 kb per file limit). I still have those events mentioned in the individual cell notes for each person.
    Last edited by NeedBlueWater; July 16th, 2011 at 10:04 PM. Reason: adding ninjaz9r to the list.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    WooHoo!! Just booked and will be arriving on Dec 3rd -10th and on the beach by 12:30.

    This will be our 6th trip to CN and 7th to a Couples Resort. We missed last year due to a family cruise and I have been waiting and waiting to book and finally did it today. Finally and so relieved to know we will be returning for sure.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    We will be arriving on December 9th, 2011 and we are also getting married on December 12th at 11:00 a.m. Hope to see/meet you there This will be our 1st trip to CN. We are also doing a split stay and going to Swept Away on December 14, 2011 for more Honeymoon FUN ♥

    142 days away !!!

    Kind regards,
    Lorrie ♥

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    Default Wedding & Honeymoon - 12 ♥ 12 ♥ 2011

    We will be arriving on December 9th, 2011 and getting married on December 12th at CN ♥ This will be our first time in Jamaica and we can not wait. We also will be doing a split stay,,leaving from Swept Away on December 14 for another 5 nights ♥ Can not wait to meet everyone ♥ ♥

    Lorrie & Henry

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