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    Default Couples Lounge at MBJ

    Is there anything else besides Red Strip and Red Stripe Light to drink at Couples Lounge? We were there last year and those were the only things offered. Could Couples management include wine or rum punch? If not at the airport, in the shuttle?

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    They only have beer... might have something to due with airport regualtions....

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    Yes, last December when we arrived I got a Ting (in a cup) and my hubby got a bottled water (we don't drink alcoholic beverages except for maybe a sip of wine at dinner). Also saw another lady get a cup of soda. No worries.

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    The shuttles and drivers aren't Couples owned or Couples employees...just a courtesy they provide. And only red stripe and red stripe light in the lounge...if you notice it's just a couple of kegs...nothing fancy. The drivers will stop if you ask them, but not everyone on the shuttle may want to. I don't think we have ever been in the lounge longer than 20 minutes anyway...just look at it this way, the more you drink before or on the shuttle...the more you may have to stop for bathroom breaks which means it will take that much longer to get to the resort! We don't even like stopping for bathroom breaks...we'd much rather get to the resort as quickly as possible and then order whatever we like!

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    It is my understanding that airport's alcohol distribution rules prohibit Couples from serving any alcohol other than beer at the Couple Lounge. They also have bottled water and soft drinks. There was no problem in taking drinks with you onto the shuttle.
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    There is water. I don't remember the issue with giving away liquor or wine at the airport, but I think it has something to do with their license.
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    I strongly agree! I really dislike beer and would enjoy another alcohoolic option.

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    I don't drink beer, so I had a Ting (soft drink). As far as I know, that's all there is. Another alcoholic choice would be nice.

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    Randy posted on this a little while back. There are airport restrictions that limit what they can serve in the Couples Lounge at MoBay. So no wine or punch. As far as the shuttle, they don't offer any refreshments on the shuttle. The shuttle is not owned/operated by Couples, so they can't really control what's served on the shuttle. The driver usually makes a stop, and you can usually order a beverage to your liking there.

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    i don't believe that the shuttles are owned by the resort. I never thought to ask about stuff other then beer at the lounge as I'm all about free beer...if that's not acceptable to you there's a bar just outside the exit doors that will gladly take your money

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    The reason why they do not have other drinks is rules of the airport. None of the lounges have rum.
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    We were just there 12/26 and it was just the red stripe and light. There is water and soda as well. Nothing was offered to us on the bus.

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    I am not the most worldy of travelers, but I have been to a few places! I think the Couples lounge with complimentary beer and soft drinks is amazing! I am so impressed with this gesture of hospitality that it does not occur to me to ask for more! Sure more choices and greater amounts and a cooler on the shuttle trip all sound great, but c'mon!

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