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    Default Changing dates of trip

    Right now we have our trip to CTI booked for April 30-May 7 (Saturday to Saturday). We haven't booked our flights yet and I have noticed that it's substantially cheaper to travel on weekdays. Does anyone know if I will keep the same rate as when I booked if I decide to change our trip so that we travel on weekdays? We booked directly through the Couple's website and are on the "love away" plan, so we still have an outstanding balance on the trip.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    We had to reschedule last year. A couple of phone calls and we were all set.

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    We were informed this morning by the reservations department that our request to move our trip dates ahead by 10 days (from Dec 5th 2011 to November 25th, 2011) as well as a resort change (from CSS to CN) would result in the forfeiture of our Fall In Love Again credit of $500.00. If I interpret the email correctly, it appears that it is the resort change that creates the forfeiture and not the date change. We loved CSS but after being back home and reflecting on our previous trips to CN and what we love the most, it's the beaches of Negril. It appears that now we need to decide if Negril's beaches are worth the $500 credit. Not sure if the same would apply to your request or not but as I indicated, I believe it's the resort change that causes the promotion change.

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    You will have to pay what the current rate is I believe.

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    Call Couples, they may let you change and keep the same rate. As a general rule from a TA it would be a rebook at current prices and offers.
    Irie Mon

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    I think the best thing to do is call them directly. When I made a reservation I asked about this and they said in order to change the dates or the number of nights we would have to cancel the old reservation and make a new one at the current rate rather than modifying the old reservation. However, other people have said that they were able to keep the same rate on the new reservation so maybe the people I talked to had incorrect information or they changed their policy. You are going to end up with conflicting answers on here so calling is going to be the best way to do it.

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    Call and ask.

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    I'd call Couples 800 # & ask ASAP because I believe that if it's at least 45 days from day of travel you can change your dates without penalty .... Room rates should be the same I would think if it's just a few days one way or the other .... It's worth a call to "Reservations" to ask. It is always quite a bit cheaper to fly during the week plus a LOT less hassle at Mobay airport.

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    I just changed our trip to one day later, due to another trip I will be on just before for school. I called to confirm that the room type would be available, and then they had me send an email. My rate did not change. I'm not sure, however, if we still have the $500 resort credit or not.

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    We recenlty changed our dates from April 30-May 7 to April 28-May 5 without penalty.

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    We made a change to our reservations for June due to the flight schedules/fares not matching up with our CSA reservation. We changed the dates but at the same resort. No problems with the dates, no rate change and we did keep our resort credit. It was all spelled out in the confirmation email received shortly after making the changes. We had made the CSA reservation last June and purchased our flight in October. We made the change to our Couples reservation first to make sure all was cool with that and then immediately made our flight ticket purchase. Our change was from Sat/Sat to Thur/Thur and we had no problems at all.

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    I just changed my date at CSA for my September trip by one day. They did not change my rate ( I received an excellent rate ) and still kept my $500 resort credit. I also received the confirmation from Couples that stated I still had the resort credit ( I do not want to have problems later , with them saying there is no resort credit ). I used a travel agent and she did the entire thing for me. It took about 8 hours for Couples to get back to her and give her the OK for the date change !

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