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    Default Has anyone done a deep sea fishing excursion at a Couples resort?

    Or know if this is even offered at any of the 4 resorts?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Deep See Fishing

    Hey Iowacouple! I'm IOWAGUY from Mason City, been to couples 5 times, 4 times to Tower Isle and once to Couples Sans Souci and we are headed to Swept Away in Feb. Talked with quite a few people that have been out on that deep sea fishing deal over the years. From what I understand, you spend alot of time gettin a sunburn and drinkin booze then you do catchin fish. They say its because the North side of the island has been so over fished that you dont catch anything. Most people made the best of it though, but I have always been told not to waste your money on it. And if you do decide to go make sure you bring Dramamine if you don't have sea worthy legs! Hopefully I helped ya out!

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    thanks for the insight! we're from eastern iowa- cedar falls and cedar rapids, but have recently moved to nebraska. my fiance has his heart on a deep sea fishing trip, but after this information we might have to re-think it.

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    Default Seeking same information regarding fishing excursions...

    Quote Originally Posted by iowacouple430 View Post
    Or know if this is even offered at any of the 4 resorts?

    Thanks in advance.
    I, too, am seeking the same information. We haven't booked our trip yet but the travel agent is seriously steering us toward a "Couples" resort. I am very anxious to read more feedback regarding deep sea excursions from others as it may help us choose - thank you!

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    We went while we were at CSA and had a wonderful time. I think we caught 5-6 fish and we saw a ton of dolphins.

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    Iowaguy, did a full day out of Negril three years ago, since then have a done a half day in Hawaii, save your money on the Jamaica fishing. Night and day dfference,the charters out of Negril where not impressive. Maybe it was just my Captain.

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    Sorry, meant Iowacouple430

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