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Thread: pre-check in?

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    Default pre-check in?

    We will be arriving @ Couples Swept away on April 16th. This will be our first time @ a Couples. Should we do the pre-check in prior to arriving even though we are not entitled to any of the benefits. Does it help speed up the check in process at all? Also, does it seem the later you arrive, the less likely you will get the room you would like? Thanks for the info!

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    It is good to go ahead and do the pre-check in as it will allow you to input your dates of your stay on your account and then they verify it at the resort. Have your number ready with you when you check-in. As for speeding up the check-in process, no, filling out the form does not speed it up.

    And don't be concerned with the room. You will get the room category you reserved.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Yes pre-check in, it gets your name into the system. It does not matter what time you get in on the room you get, you get the room class you booked.
    Irie Mon

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    Hello, only reason unless they are changing the rewards program to check in early is to make sure you get invited to the repeaters dinner and get your tshirts etc. Depends on when you get there. Check in is at 3 pm so usually we check in before that our room might not be ready and we go to bar or beach. You can ask for a room you would like but sometimes people are in that room already and they cant hold a room for you. They are pretty good at trying to make you happy with your room though. People dont usually check out till late though I will warn you, we get there early and take a late flight out just to make the most of the vacation. Hope that helps. Jane

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    Not sure it'll speed up the process but it can't hurt! Since people are leaving and arriving daily the room you get is based on what's available. The good thing is, not that this has happened with us, that if you're not satisfied with the room you get you can work with the front desk and they'll help you find a room that will...even if it means switching a day or so later after another couple leaves. We always go with an open mind as to the type of room we'll get instead of having a preconceived expectation of a room type that may not be available. Each time we've gone we've been thoroughly satisfied with our accommodations and the staff have taken care of any problem that came up, making us feel like royalty. You're gonna love your visit to CSA. 99 days and a wake-up and we'll be back there!!

    Bart & Bug

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    I was wondering the same question. We arrive in 21 days, but will get in late, and hoping our room request is still available. Will they hold our room for us?

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    You should definitely register for Romance Rewards and then do the pre-check in. By signing up for Romance Rewards ahead of time, you are entitled to take advantage of the Trading Places program with CN (since you are staying at CSA). This is a nice perk.

    Also, the pre-check in asks for your flight information. Even if your travel agent has already provided this information to Couples, it's a good double check.

    As with any hotel, the time you register may or may not affect which room you will get. I've read on some of the travel sites that the later you check in, the better chances you have of getting an upgrade. However, that only works if the hotel is not at or near capacity. I would bet CSA in Apri will be at almost full occupancy since that will be around Easter break.

    We have been to CSA 4 times and have always gotten the room floor we've requested, but we're not very picky, we just want a second or third floor room vs. a first floor room.

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    I would like to know about this, too. Do we need to pre-check in if it is our first time?

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    Thanks for the feed back. We will definately pre-check in. I was inquiring about arrival time and rooms, as a couple of us have reserved the Atrium suites and would really like to be sure we get them. We won't be arriving to the resort until 5, as they have changed our flight from a direct to a 1 stop. Can't wait to get there! Under 100 days and counting. lol

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    Default thanks for asking

    we arrive on the 19th of April, and I was just about to ask the same question. I am glad you did..... Maybe we will see you there. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! :-)


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    Just to clarify, you book a room category and no matter what time you arrive, that room category should be available. You can not request a specific room or even a specific floor. If you are working with TA who did this, they are wrong. There is a post from Randy at the top of the page.

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