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    Default CSS Capacity and Penthouse Suites Questions

    Hi all,
    Me and my fiance are getting married in mid may at CSS. We are super excited to go. Having read a ton of these forums helps a lot. Seems like everyone that goes gets hooked! I did have a couple questions though. You guys that post on here are so helpful which is so nice.

    We were wondering how full the hotel normally is in May? full, 70%?????

    How is the rain in May? We don't care if it rains, just curious if anyone has stayed then.

    We reserved a penthouse suite. From all I have read "D" block and "G" block are the best. We would like a private balcony with a great view of the ocean. I love sitting on the balcony and staring at the ocean. Which room would you suggest? I know there is not requesting rooms ahead of time, but if a certain room is open we might ask for it when we get there.

    Thanks for any info. It is greatly appreciated!

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    We got married at CSS last April and had the Steve McQueen suite and it was AAAAMAZING! Its in D building. Next to it is Roger Moore. We felt we had the best of all of them since we faced the main area with an amazing view of the ocean but with some beautiful palm trees to give us some privacy. The Roger Moore suite faces the same way but is on the end by the ocean. The problem with that is everyone can see right into your room at night. Not necessarily a good thing if you're apt to walk around nekked. You're going to love it. BTW, even if the resort is full it won't feel like it. Its so spread out and seeing that its the largest Couples in terms of acreage but the smallest in terms of rooms, it never feels crowded. One word of advice, if you want to have dinner the evening of your wedding (or any other evening for that matter)at the Cassanova (fine dining) be sure and make your reservations as soon as you get there. I made the mistake of not doing that and almost didn't get us a table.

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    CSS is so spread out and there are so few rooms per square footage that you won't be able to tell if the resort is 100% or 50% full. CSS is fabulous and you will love it.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We stayed in a Penthouse suite in December. The staff told us then that they were at 80-85% capacity and that it was their busiest time of year. At that capactiy, it was surprisingly non-crowded. I never would have guessed that it was their high season. So if it's less than that in May, which they alluded to, then I'm guessing you guys won't have any problems with crowds.

    We stayed in Block E. Our suite was E9 and it was fantastic. We were on the corner, so we had a bit more privacy and an amazing view of the ocean. It's great for ordering room service for breakfast and eating in on the balcony. The balcony is very large.

    Congratulations on your wedding. You guys will have a great time at CSS. We've only been back for a few weeks, but I cannot wait to go back!

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    Congratulations on your impending wedding. My husband and I were married at CSS, and it was absolutely the best decision we could have made.

    We've never been in May, so I can't answer the weather question from experience, but my understanding is that barring storms, the weather is pretty consistent: hot, humid, short periods of rain on a near-daily basis.

    I also don't know about occupancy, but it really makes little difference at CSS. It doesn't seem crowded even at near-100% capacity. Because of the layout, there are always places to go to be alone and places to go to be social. It's also just dependent on the guests: sometimes SSB is packed, and the main beach is near empty, sometimes vice versa. Sometimes the main pool is the hub of activity, etc...

    All of the penthouse suites will afford a good view, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Availability permitting, I would suggest asking to see a couple different ones at check-in and then making your decision. If it's busy, you can always come back to the lobby later and do it then. We've done that on a couple occasions.

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    We were there mid-May 2010, and it rained one morning for a few minutes while the sun was still shining. We usually go in October, which is way off-season, and there were definitely more people than at that time of the year, BUT like everyone else said, it never feels crowded. Never a problem getting a reservation, or a seat on the beach, and we got a fabulous suite in the D-block. Heaven. Have fun!

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    Wow, thank you all for responding! This forum is amazing. I guess it shows how well Couples run their resorts when so many people help others because they loved their vacations. We did tons of research on resorts and this one was definately the one. We can't wait to go.

    Thanks again!

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