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    Default CSA Beach Conditions?

    Can anyone who has recently vacations with CSA tell us how the beach is looking since this past Fall's tropical storm? Photos would be great! I viewed some older photos and it looked like half the beach was gone. I'm wondering how much repair and natural recovery has gone on since the damage. Thank you for any information you can provide.

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    We were there the end of November. The beach is coming back. The only issue is the sand is being built up out by the water's edge. As high tide comes in the water washes over this and creates a mini lake in the middle of the beach. With time the beach will level out.

    One morning I was talking to Lee Issa, Couple's owner, and he asked me how our stay was going. I told him I thought that it was funny how the beach would fill up with water, at high tide. I knew that they had a skid loader and asked him about it. He said that it was on another job. Later that day he had the grounds keepers filling in the low spots with shovels. I would think that if nature hasn't taken care of the problem the Couple's employees have.
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    Thanks so much - great picture! The tide pool is really not much larger than it was back in Jan 2009. We'll be back next Sat the 22nd and just are too excited for words.

    All the best,

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    Yazmon - thanks for taking the time to post the photo. Hmmmm, we'll have to pay attention to the tide tables.

    IndyJulie - we arrive on Sunday, so see you there!

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    Is this on the North end of the beach? It looks a lot narrower than I remember but the South side was a lot wider back then.

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    This was taken at the wedding area looking south. The storms did narrow the beach, but the sand is coming back. The sand is being deposited by the water line. As the tide washes over it it will help level the beach.

    We are headed back to CSA in 33 days. I'll post an update then.

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