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    I've seen the question before but forgot the answers: what is the most effective bug repellant for no-see-ems (sand fleas)? I am not only attacked every time I step onto the beach but am also extremely allergic. I plan on having a great time while relaxing at CSS and want to be completely prepared this time!

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    Anything with 40% Deet. Also, we'd heard that taking vitamin B complex a couple weeks before and during the trip can act as an insect (sand flea and mosquito) repellent. We tried it last year and it seemed to work well.
    Hope this works for you!

    Bart & Bug

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    Default bug repellant

    Does "anything with 40% Deet" repell sand fleas too, or just mosquitoes?

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    I hope my posting will "bump" this thread! I get ATTACKED by sand fleas (aka no see ums) every time I go to the Caribbean...have the scars to prove it. Anyone else with ideas, please post!

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