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    Default Marriage license

    I am getting married at CN in 7 days!! I was wondering if someone could tell me if we will leave with some type of marriage certificate? I want to change my name as soon as I return home. Any info is much appreciated!

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    Yes, we got one at CSA, have fun!!

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    Yes you will go home with paperwork that will allow you to change your name.

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    We got married at CSS in Oct 090. No you dont leave with the actual license. That will be mailed to you in about 8-10weeks. I think you do leave with a paper saying you got married and depending on where you live you might be able to change your name without the actual license. Check with your staes rules.
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    You will get a copy of the certificate that will be filed in the parish you are married in (I believe Westmoreland for CN).
    However, usually Social Security and Drivers agencies want an official document with the raised seal. That generally takes 12 weeks or so to get to you.

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    I'm sure you will. We received a very nice one for our 25th anniversary vow renewal we did in '04 at CN. If they do it for a renewal I'm sure they do for a wedding.

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    My husband and I were married at CN in 2005. We received a written marriage certificate and received the formal one about lets say 4-6 months. I didn't have a problem getting my name changed with the written marriage certificate. Hope this helps.

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    My husband and I were married at CN in 2005. We received a written marriage certificate and that worked fine for changing my name when I returned. It took some months to get the formal certificate sent to us.

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    I was married at CN last March- congratulations! Your wedding will be amazing. We got married on the beach at 10am and it was so perfect. So perfect in fact, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary at CSA in March...63 long, slow days to go!

    After you are married, you will be signing a marriage type register in triplicate, along with the minister and your witnesses. You get to take one of the three home with you (they seem to always take a photo of the bride and groom holding that piece of paper- for proof maybe?? Lol). However, you may not be able to change your name when you return with this register paper.
    The official Marriage Certificate issued by the Government of Jamaica takes about 3 months to arrive. I had to wait to receive the official Government issued certificate in order to change my name (in Ontario, Canada).

    Enjoy your special day!

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    We got married at CSA in September of 2010 and were given a temporary license. I am not changing my name for business reasons, but I was able to use it as proof of marriage to add my husband to my health insurance.

    My understanding is you should be able to sue it for most name change purposes, but it is up to the individual agency at the time.

    We did get our actual license in mid-December so it didn't take all that long.

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    Congratulations! My husband and I married on April 24, 2010 at Couples Swept Away and it was the most amazing experience ever. You are in for a real treat. To answer your question, you will leave the island with a "marriage certificate", a very large, long marriage certificate. However, this document can be used to obtain a new Social Securtiy card, motor vehicle drivers license etc. Your actual "marriage license" will arrive to your address of record in approximately 12-16 weeks from your wedding date. It's a beautiful document that was worth the long wait, suitable for framing and displaying in your home. I hope this information helps.


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    There is a difference between a marriage license and marriage certificate. The marriage license is issued BEFORE the marriage; it is your permit (or license) to marry. The marriage certificate is issued AFTER the marriage ceremony; it documents that you did, in fact, exchange marriage vows and are now wed.

    Following the ceremony, you will be given a certificate with information filled in in handwriting; months later, you will receive a formal certificate documenting that your marriage has been certified by the parish within which you wed. Whether or not you are able to change your name with your DMV or the Social Security office with the handwritten certificate depends upon the particular agent with whom you are dealing. Some people have been able to change their names; others have been unable to do so until they receive the official marriage certificate. Agents with less experience and knowledge tend to balk when confronted with the unfamiliar.

    If you are unable to change your name with the "temporary" certificate, return on another day and hope to have better luck with a different agent. If you deal with an agent who tells you that your marriage isn't valid in the U.S., ask to speak to a supervisor b/c he or she is wrong. Also, ignore any "legal" advice given by non-lawyers telling you that you have to register your marriage in the U.S.; it's incorrect. Your marriage is legal and valid, and you have to do nothing for it to be recognized at home.
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