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    Default Tower Isle Wedding 12-30-10

    Here are some amazing pictures of our wedding we just had in December. Thank you Latoya for making my day going smoothly and making feel like an absolute princess
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    Congrats! Beautiful photos!! Was your husband warm in that suit??

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    beautiful pictures love the red! Congratulations.

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    Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    You look beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!

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    Very nice...Congratulations!

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    Beautiful. What time was your ceremony? What was the location? Did you use the resort photographer or hire an off-site photographer? If so, who?

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    Great photos!! It looks like you were in the garden beside the swim-up bar. Were there any rowdy people at the bar that distracted you? I watched a wedding there at 5pm and there were some very loud people (having had a great time there all afternoon) at the swim-up bar and I wanted to ask them to hush up just for the few minutes of the ceremony but that would not have gone over too well. As it turned out the gang wasn't too noisy as the Bride Walked down the aisle, but that was a fluke. I met the bride a few days later and she said she didn't hear anything coming from the party pool area. What was your experience?
    I am really torn about where to have my ceremony at CTI.

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