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    Default Dress Code at CSS

    I've been reading previous posts about the dress code at Casanova and Pallazina on CSS. My question is for the hubby. Does he really have to wear pants to these places? Both of them? Even if we eat on the terrace at Pallazina?
    At other resorts he wears nice, clean, pressed dress shorts, closed toe shoes and polo shirt and it's never been an issue.
    The trip is upon us would like to pack appropriately.

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    Casanova requires long pants, collared shirt and closed toe shoes. Pallazina allows dress shorts,nice t shirts and open toes shoes, although most men wear collared shirts

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    long pants for Casanova only -- nice shorts for Pallazina (this is for evening meals)

    Pallazina for lunch is just your swimwear and a coverup

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    I always look at the restaurant and night life at Couples as a "Date Night". The main restaurants are all VERY nice, something to dress up to attend. A ROMANTIC night out.

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