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    has anyone paid for the private transfer instead of the bus. is it worth it, reliable and save time etc. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    The free van is just fine No delays and they get you out and on the van really fast
    A private car can be $80 to $100. each way IMHO not worth the additional cost

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    If you are referring to hiring a cab for the trip, I don't think that it will save any time and it will cost you. Taking the provided bus service that Couples offers has its benefits. For one thing, you will meet other couples on the van and be able to share information about the resorts. And with the road being a whole lot better than years past, it isn't a bad ride.
    If you are talking about taking the small plane, it isn't so much that it will save a little time, the plane gives you a great view and the pilot will point out interesting sights along the way. Th real issue with the plane is the cost.Much more than the cab ride. If that isn't a problem, I would take the plane. We have done that a number of times. It's a great experience. It's probably six of one and a half a dozen of the other. Good luck with your decision.


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    On our first trip (Sans Souci) we arranged for a private transfer through Clive's. The driver did not show up for at least 45 minutes (we were waiting outside in the heat) and we arrived at the resort after the bus! I was very unhappy. The trip back to the airport was fine. On our next three trips we took the bus and met many nice couples and enjoyed the ride. I know others have had better luck with private transports but we will never go that route again.

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    Just did CTI in Dec. Tranfer to hotel was very efficient. We had a delayed flight arrival at MBJ. Once through immigration & customs we went to Couples lounge, who were expecting us. Initially we were told there was some else arriving so we prepared to relax for a bit but then they told us get ready to go as they would send us ahead. We had only waited about 10 min (time for a washroom break and a beveridge)then were escorted to a van (all to ourselves)and off we went. Driver got us there in about 1.5hrs.
    Even if we had waited I can't see any other shuttle service being faster. I was very impressed by the Couples customer service throughout our vacation!

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    It's not worth it in my opinion... your FREE transfer is just fine, you are usually on it within 20 or less minutes after arriving to the Couples Lounge, and the busses are comfortable, the drivers are usually chatty about different points of interest along the way, and it's all taken care of when you book at Couples. I don't believe you'll save much time since you'll still be in a vehicle just like the bus transfer, and like I said, you don't wait long to get on the bus. It's included, why pay for another vehicle, it's essentially paying twice for one thing. My humble opinion.

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    It doesn't save you anytime as the private transfer takes the same route and it goes directly to the resort just like the included transfer does. We prefer to take the shuttle as you get to meet new friends on the shuttle. We really don't think the cost is worth it. If you want another option other than the shuttle, I would suggest using Tim Air and fly over to your destination. The flight to Negril isn't real expensive, although Ocho Rios is.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    why waste your $ the vans are fine, and you get to meet couples along the way. The private transfers are not any faster.
    Erika & Sean

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    We are also considering doing a private transfer as we would like to stop only if we want to , not everyone else on the bus and want a little bit more personal touch to our transfer. The prices are not bad from what I've been researching.

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    No a private transfer is not worth it because the shuttle only stops at Couples Resorts.

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    Never used the private transfer but can't see that it would be worth paying for it. We arrived at the Couples lounge with just enough time to use the restroom and stretch our legs for a few minutes and grab a drink. The Couples staff takes your luggage and you never have to worry about it from that point on so that's a relief. We literally waited maybe 15 minutes. The driving speed of the shuttle versus the private transfer can't be any different. There will likely be others on the shuttle...visit if you feel like it but if you don't then just sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery, nobody cares. I wouldn't waste my money on a private transfer to save maybe 5-10 minutes and ride alone.

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    I'm with everyone need to waste the money. As far as "personal experience" they handle all our bags from the moment we get to the lounge until we get to our room. We usually sit up front near the driver and we find that they are more than happy to point out points of interest and answer all kinds of questions. We also get to meet new friends! Really if you are looking to go right to the resort, don't pay for a private transfer. If you want to stop in MoBay and shop or stop for food or something else along the way...then yeah I guess a private transfer would be better for you.

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    We were the only ones on our midweek bus ride to and from CSS. I wouldn't pay the extra money either. The more the merrier!

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    Last year, our driver asked if anyone wanted to stop and no one did, so we proceeded on to the resort. We were headed to CTI and we had CSS guests on the bus also, so that was a brief stop. Then 5 minutes to CTI. When we have stopped, it was just to use the restroom, grab a beer, some jerk, then back on the bus. Just a chance to experience Jamaica. So not worth paying extra for a private driver.

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