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    Default Nikki & Simon CSA 05/17/11

    We will be saying "I do" on May 17th, 2011 at 11am on the beach at CSA!

    We've been engaged since February 2010 and now that its 2011 I couldn't be more excited for our much to do so little time!

    We cannot wait and this board has been a wealth of knowledge.

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    Another May 2011 Bride!!!! Exciting!!! Congrats

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    Default Congrats

    Hi Nikki and Simon!!

    Congrats! My fiance and I will be getting married at CSA on the beach at 2pm on the 17th:0)!! We are so excited!!

    Will it be just the 2 of you or do you have friends and family coming to celebrate with you?

    Kim and Tim

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    Hey Kim!


    So far it is us two and we have 8 people booked with the chance that about 6-8 more people will book.

    How about you guys? Will you have any guests? Time is just flying by. This morning I sat down and wrote a list of things I need to do - my dress just came in so time to start the fittings!

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    It will Just be the 2 of us. We want extra romantic. We just moved it to the 19th at 4pm. Need anyone to do photos or anything for your big day? We are hoping to find some people to do some photos for us. I got my dress Sunday too!! So excited? Is yours a gown? Will you have bridesmaids?

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    Kim you are so sweet. We ended up being fortunate enough to book Stacey Clarke so we have photos covered! Are you going to hire a photographer -outside or resort or just do the candid thing to get some pics? We might be able to help!

    Mine is a wedding gown...I am little worried I will be hot, but its raw silk so that at least helps with the weight of it. What about yours?

    We are not doing a wedding party - I really didn't want the hassle or headache of it all, but a few of the girls that are coming down have been super helpful and a great support system even though they don't have the official title of "bridesmaid".

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    I have a gown too. It's charmuese and I am cutting the train off to make it easier to walk. We did hire Stacey Clarke for photos but before the wedding and offsite so we don't have to pay the vendor fee so we definately are hoping to find someone to take pics for us and possibly videotape. I am going to have heels and the foot jewels to wear. That's awesome you have so many people coming!! Do you think you will wear your hair up or down? Gonna get it done or do it yourself? I'm do excited:0)

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    I think I am going to wear my hair half up...I've been growing it since I got engaged so I think it would look nice down plus I HATE my ears so I can cover them up a bit =) haha. I am not sure about whether I'm gonna do it myself or not...I am going to go see my hairdresser here and see what he thinks. If I decide to get it done there I am going to take some pics of how he did it here and bring it down to the show them. But I definitely don't want anything to me:

    I have friends that are coming down for our wedding and they are photographers. They are actually not shooting our wedding, just coming down as guests but bringing all their gear so they might be able to help you out with pics? I can help out if you need help getting into your dress or anything like that if you don't want your soon-to-be-hubby to see you!

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    Congratulations Nikki and Kim. John and I will be getting married on the 18th at 12:00. We will be alone for our wedding. Would you mind sharing the information regarding Stacey Clarke (photos). We look forward to meeting both of you..we will arrive on the 14th and stay until the 22nd.

    Angela and John

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    Congratulations everyone. My fiance(Alex) and I are getting married My 18th at 10AM. It will be just the two of us. We hired Stacey Clarke as well! I can't wait. Only 90 more days.


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    You may want to look into digital memories or Misha Earle for your wedding pictures. They both do fabulous work. Misha's website is and digital memories is We already booked Stacey Clarke for three hours that morning and two in the evening.


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    Hi Angela! I'll get you the info. Email me at We are doing photos offsite with Stacy and then hoping to find someone to do photos during our wedding. Maybe we can help each other out. My honey is a photographer.


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    That would be great. We would love to help you out too. John is pretty good with photos but not a photographer...but he could hold a video camera :-). Just read above that Stacy is going to be book already. I just want to have our wedding recorded so that when I get home I can curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and watch what I was too busy to remember (lol). I am so excitied, I know you are too...cant wait to meet you and the other Brides.

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    Congrats, Nikki, Kim, & Angela!

    I'm so glad I found this thread, I'm getting married on the 19th at 10am. It's getting so close. Eek!

    Maybe we can get together for celebratory drinks?

    Weddingmoon at CSA, May 16-20, 2011

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    Default Congrats Pajam-mama

    Meet us for drinks

    Angela & John

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    That is awesome!! congrats!! We also are getting married on the 17th at CSA, at 5:30. Getting so close now!!!!

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    Hi Nikki & Simon .. It's Michelle. My husband Chris and I met you and Simon Friday night at the Beach party. It was really nice to meet you both. We'd like to keep in touch. Are you guys on Facebook? Email me when you get a chance (

    I'm sure by the time you read this, you'll already be married. Hope it was a wonderful day and we wish you both the best. Would love to see the pics.

    Take care,
    Michelle & Chris

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