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    Default change mind and stay put at one resort

    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone. Have you you fell in love so much at the resort you were in, and had plans to only stay 3 days and stay 4 days at another but loved it so much you did not want to leave, can that be arranged if the availability is there and you have a room in same price range as the other couples resort you were planning to go to? any extra fees for the trouble of staying put?

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    We've done the opposite.
    Planned on a more even split stay but after a few days decided to accelerate our transfer to our favorite. There were no fees, but I'm sure it depends on availability. This was several years ago.

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    I've talked to many people who have done that. Last year at CN, our friends were scheduled to go to CSS after a 4 day stay and they just wanted a few more days there and then move over and NO PROBLEM. Couples will gladly do whatever you want. Many times people just are so relaxed and happy, they can't leave.

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