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    I am visiting CTI and Sans Souci next week. I really enjoy watching movies in my room when vacationing, and I note there are not any DVD players. Are the TV's at the resorts compatible with a DVD player? Thanks for any help provided.

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    All the TV's are flat screen state of the art with all the inputs for connecting your DVD player. Just make sure you have the correct connecting cables

    Never checked if the TV has an HDMI input. The TV sets are not that old so my guess they do have the HDMI connection, if so you can also connect a blue ray player

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    At CSS we hooked a portable DVD player to the TV with no problems.

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    Yes they are. We always bring a small portable DVD player with us and hook it into the tv. We bought a basic without a screen for about $35.

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    They are normal flat screen TVs with regular receptors for plugging in DVD players. You would need to bring the cables and player.
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    They are modern flat screen televisions. You could bring your own portable DVD player and hook it up. I would not recommend it as you will be in paradise and trust me you will not be in your room much. There is so much to do and see; just save the weight in the suitcase and leave the DVDs at home.
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    Thanks everyone for all the information. This board is great!

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    Hmmmmmm, I do not think we have ever turned on the TV for any of our trips to Couples.

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    I am with you on that one Columbo 5 trips to couples and never touched on the on button yet, we always find other ways to entertain ourselves in JA
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