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    Default CN to take friends, previous CSA stay

    We stayed last year at CSA and enjoyed it a lot! We are now looking to come back to Jamaica and bring our close friends...

    So we are thinking of taking our friends to Couples Negril, since they like a little more pool life, but am concerned about walking on the beach at CN? We loved our walks at CSA so want to make sure it will be good here too.

    We had a Beachfront Verandah at CSA and are looking at rooms at CN and was wondering what we should do? Kinda thinking the Deluxe Beachfront.

    Trying to be sure we will be happy with our choice after swept away!

    Thanks for any feedback

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    We have taken friends to CN and had a great time. We have also stayed at CSA. I think both places are good to take friends. CN is more relaxing and low key than CSA. The beach is close to a 2 mile walk round trip if you go all the way to the other end. You do not get hounded by locals like you do on the 7 mile beach. They are there but are more courteous when you say "no thank you". We stayed in the Beachfront room and it is our favorite.

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    We LOVE CN but the beachfront rooms there are not truly beachfront. Bottom line. Don't expect to get a direct view of the ocean. We use to get a beachfront room but now we get a garden view and it is exactly the same room. You can walk along Bloody Bay but it is not a very long walk. The CN pool is so much fun. But I am afraid you might spend your time comparing the two resorts. I think people fall in love with the first Couples place they go to. Trying to get my husband to go to CSA but he won't leave CN. But that's OK.

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    The beach at CN is also very nice to walk although it is different than CSA's. There are not the assortment of locals, vendors, or restaurants like on Long Bay. There are still a few people selling their wares and office of nature to get lobster or a beer at, but otherwise it is just hotels. The beach is 2 miles long so you can still get a good walk in. We like both beaches to go for a walk on.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You can walk the entire length of the Bloody Bay's not 7 miles, but it's at least two. We love the walks and you actually don't get bothered by so many vendors which is also nice. There is also something called the Nature something or other...I'm sure someone else can remember...and a guy who will catch and make you lobster right on the spot.
    We never worry about what rooms to get...we are hardly ever in them anyway and since all the buildings are at a bit of an angle, you are always going to be walking out your room and looking to the left or right to see the water.

    We love CN...even got my brother and his wife hooked. I think if you want to be a bit more social, CN is really a great choice because of the pool being kind of the central focus point. As long as you are going to a Couples Resort...can you really make a wrong choice?

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    We were just at CN for 7 days and it was our first time to Jamaica. We were with friends as well. We had a beachfront suite and loved it. It was nice to have the extra room when we had our friends in our room for appetizers or drinks and sitting out on the verandah, but we did notice that the beachfront rooms (not suites) would be just as nice of a location just a smaller room. We walked a little ways down the beach to the "office of nature" for a lobster lunch and it was a nice walk. You walk past the RIU resorts that have kids. It was very safe though if that is what you are worried about. The security guard at the end of couples property took our names and room numbers when we left and we checked back in with him when we returned.

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    I would love to help... but I don't know what your question is!!!

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