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    Default Just booked first trip!

    Booked first trip to Jamaica. True what others have said about one resort calling to you, in my case it was CSS. Will be there 03/03-03/10 with husband, sister & brother-in-law. Can't wait to leave the cold harsh winter behind. Thanks to everyone for sharing in this message board, it means so much to newbies.

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    We just book our first trip too! We're not going to May, which seems way too far away right now, but at least we have something to look forward to during these long winter months. We're staying at CSA, and a BFS. I suppose I should figure out how many days so I can do a count down, huh?

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    Welcome to the Couples and CSS family!

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    I hope you have an awesome trip!

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    We recently booked our first trip to Jamaica as well. We'll be going to CN mid-August 2011. Unfortunately, we can't leave the cold, harsh winter behind as we have to go during the summer but we have something to look forward to for the next 7 months. We agree with you totally about the message board helping newbies out. It provided so much info about Couples and Jamaica and helped us decide to go to Couples in Jamaica instead of another all-inclusive resort near Cancun.

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    Mariann and Jim

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    You are going to have the time of your life! 96 days till we go home to CSS ourselves and we cannot wait!

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    Talked the trip up so much we have another couple joining us. All I had to do was forward the the link to the website and they couldn't say no. Oh, so excited! Only 1,248 hours until we will be there...good thing because it is -10 degrees here today.

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    We just booked our trip too, first time to Jamaica, first time to Couples and we chose CTI. Horsebackriding was really something I wanted so CTI seemed the best fit even though I prefer the area of Montego Bay, and I'm not shy so the AN aspect could be fun We leave in 17 days. I couldn't wait much longer and needed a break as soon as possible. Hopefully, given the slamming deal we got, we can plan another trip in August/Sept. Woo-hoo. So excited.

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    We booked our first trip to Couples too April 5-12, can't wait to leave this Canadian weather!

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    Many new members of the Couples family. Welcome to you all and be prepared to be impressed. Nothing you read on here will prepare you for how wonderful it actually is. When we went I was afraid it couldn't live up to the standards i had set based on all I had read, but it did and even exceeded them. You are all going to love matter which resort you chose! Have fun

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    We have booked our first trip as well. We are going June 1. We have 137 days and counting, I can't wait.

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