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    Default So Very Confused!!

    Please help!! My husband and I would like to go back to Couples for our one year wedding anniversary but are not sure whether we should return to CN..where we went for our honeymoon or try CSA this time. We had a great time at CN and absolutely loved it, but a part of me would like to try CSA. I'm just so afraid that I'll be disappointed. For those of you whom have been to both, can you please give me some advice. Is there really a big difference between the two resorts? If so, what is it? Thanks in advance for your help!!

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    I think that you have to go with your gut instinct. And if you decide to try CSA, you have to go without trying to compare one resort to the other. Each of the four resorts, while under one name of Couples, is just different enough, one from the other. You will always have great food, drinks, and terrific staff. And chances are, you will still have a great time.
    You have to look at it as though you haven't been to any other property.
    One huge difference, if you went to CN Au natural beach and loved it, CSA has no such facility, If that is not an issue, I think that you could enjoy yourselves anywhere.


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    Default you won't be dissappointed

    We too spent our honeymoon at CN and loved it. We have since been to CSA 4 times and shortly for our fifth trip there. We love CSA, bigger than CN and the beach has more activity with sellers.That is a downside. We go for day trips back to CN one or twice while at CSA. The snorkeling is good on the north side of Bloody Bay. Both resorts are beautiful,neither would be a dissappointment, just a little different.
    Counting the days until we go.
    Sporty from Wisconsin

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    Default Doing a split vacation

    My husband and I will be returning to CN in December 2011 for the 6th time. Obviously we love it there and have been afraid to try other Couples resorts for fear of being disappointed or constantly comparing the two. We actually did a trading places to Swept Away and couldn't wait to get back to CN, but that's a differant story. After reading so many positive reviews about Swept Away we decided to split our next vacation up since I don't think you can judge a place in just 6 hours. We will be spending 4 days at Swept Away followed by 8 days at CN. saving the best for last? Who knows, we might just fall in love with Swept Away and never want to leave. We have split up our vacations in the past and have really enjoyed going to two differant resorts. It seemed as if we had taken two major vacations vs one. Good luck with your decision.

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    We are in the exact opposite situation. Stayed at CSA and wondering if we should try CN. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with CSA. It was wonderful!

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    In my opinion, you can't go wr

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    In my opinion you can't go wrong at CSA. You'll have more beach, more bars, more places to eat and wonderful scenery.

    We were there in September and loved it!

    I understand everyone has their favorite, which is why our next trip we are planning will be to both CTI and CSS on the north shore. We want to experience all the coules resorts so we know which we like the best.

    Good luck and safe travels!

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    I haven't been to both but I can tell you there is a HUGE difference. They are two different resorts other than both being Couples resorts and offering that great Couples service. Look at the web pages for both resorts...the pictures, descriptions, rooms, etc and see if CSA really calls to you or appeals to you. You said you loved CN...are you yearning to try something different or would you enjoy returning? It's a totally personal decision. You will find people who will swear by each of the resorts since they are so different. Check out those pages and pictures and go with your heart and then don't second guess it.

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    Default Thanks...just one more ?

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I think we're going to try CSA this time. While, we loved CN..the pics for CSA look so beautiful and how could we really go wrong with another Couples resort in the same location right! But, I do have one more question for those of you who've been at CSA. Do they have a television in each suite? While I was reading the room descriptions, I noticed that two of the suites do not state TV's nor did I see one in the pics. I was more curious about the Beachfront Suite rather than any. Thanks in advance for your help!

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