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    Default CTI Bayside Reservations

    Has anyone made reservations to Bayside before they arrived at the hotel? Under "Dining & Restaurants" for CTI, is says to "Make sure to request reservations at guest services upon arrival to the hotel."
    Will there be a problem getting reservations at Bayside if we are only going to be there for 7 nights?
    Just curious how to plan ahead, if available.
    Thanks for your help!!

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    Getting a reservation @ Bayside Rest. should not be a problem. It is not the most popular rest. at CTI If you like Asian food you will love Bayside rest!

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    Default Bayside

    There's no reason to book ahead. Leave all those worries we have here about planning so much behind. :-) We've been to CTI twice and, just this past August, ate at Bayside twice in a seven day period. You may need to be flexible about times, but if we ate later (eg. 8:00 pm on night which we wanted), we just had a late afternoon snack somewhere. It's all good. Just book what you want at the concierge desk shortly after you arrive. Have a great time.
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA '07,08
    CSS '10
    CTW '09, 10

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    We have never had a problem getting dinner reservations at CTI. We plan and book a day or two before we want to go. You can not book reservations until you arrive at the resort.
    Irie Mon

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    You can't make reservations until you arrive and are assigned a room number. It will not be any problem at all to get dinner reservations for any nite you want, or even more than one nite if you prefer. Enjoy!

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    You will get a reservation to whatever you want to do, no worried mon! PS get the Shrimp Pad Thai, its to DIE for!

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    You can only make reservations once you arrive. You won't have any problems getting reservations and staying 7 days you will likely be able to go more than once.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We were at CTI in September and had no problems at all getting any of our reservations (restaurants/catamaran cruise/etc). When you arrive they will give you a form to fill out you preferred days for each reservation, and there are also I think 4 seating times for dinner. You shouldnt have any problem getting a reservation.

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    You can not make any dinner reservations prior to arrival. Once you get your room number after you register, you can walk over to the guest service desk (to the right of check in) and make your reservations for anything you want. You can eat at any of the restaurants as many times as you want. They are each closed one night during the week with the exception of the buffet. The grill is closed during the dinner hours, but opens after dinner and stays open until 5 a.m., I think. Last July was the first time we had "trouble" getting reservations. The only trouble we had was getting the earlier time we like. We are not night owls. After a day in the sun and spending time at the bar, we are exhausted.

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    We were there in Nov. and had no problem getting a reservation. We made all our reservations when we checked in. The resturant is wonderful and romantic..ENJOY!

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    Have to make reservations once you arrive. We were there in Feb. ate twice at Bayside, no problems getting reservations.
    You will love it.

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