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    Can anyone confirm that the diving is totally included for certified divers for me please. I have just seen a review on Trip Advisor where someone is saying that they were goimg to be charged $50 to dive, my guess is that they were non certified but I would like to clarify if possible.
    Thank you.
    Regards Dave

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    You are correct. Diving is included for CERTIFIED divers. The only dives that are extra cost are the night dives @ $50USD per person. All required equipment is included unless you need a wetsuit. I'm not sure of the rental fee on those as we bring all our gear.

    Resort diver/non-certified would receive one free dive as part of the resort course. Any additional dives (unless pursuing OW certification) are considered private dives @ $50USD per person.

    Happy Diving,


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    It is included in the cost if you are certified. Make sure to bring your PADI information so they can verify it. I don't know what all you need, probably just the card. We got certified at the resort so they already had our information but we also brought our cards. You can dive as many times as you want assuming there are open spots, which there usually are.

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    Diving is included, maybe the TA person was referring to a night dive which is extra and not included. And if you were not certified, would cost alot more than that to get certified..Go, Enjoy, Dive..

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    Also, if you haven't dived in a while, the resorts offer a tune-up course for certified divers, which does have a $50 fee. I found this course really helpful since it had been a good 5 years since I had been underwater. My SO couldn't find his PADI card, but the fabulous staff at CSS were able to look him up on the computer system to verify his credentials and he was able to dive the week we were there for free.

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    Even if you don't take the tune-up coarse they will still put you in the pool to make sure you are still on your game. They will also let you swim around in the pool for a little while to get the feel for it again before you go out. Unless you are really experienced you might want to do that. Either way, they aren't going to take you out there until they know you are going to be ok.

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    Wet suit hire is $10 per day

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    All included, great group of dive masters, you will love it.
    You can go twice a day, for no charge!
    Here is the link to our dive pics from Dec.

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