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    I'm visiting CTI 22nd Feb and need some help!

    I've booked with Thomas Cook and wondering if I can make use of the Couples Lounge and transfers or do I have to take the Thomas Cook ones? If I can use the Couples do I have to inform my Thomas Cook Rep? Also the excursions that are included, does anyone know how long on average do this last and where do I need to book them?

    Can wait to go as its my first time for CTi and Jamaica.

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    Default cti help

    Visited CTI in Dec. Once through immigration and customs we were directed to Couples lounge. Time for a quick refreshment and bathroom break then nto shuttle and off to resort. When staying at Couples all transfers from airport to resort are included. Don't pay for additional ones.
    As for the excersions, you book those at guest services desk at the hotel. Very simple process.
    Dunns River Falls is a 9 am departure from lobby. We were back by noon. Hint on this one, google cruise ship scheduled dockings for Montego Bay and Ochos Rios. Falls can be busy when there are ships in port.
    Horseback riding is on a nearby plantation (about 5 min from CTI) excursion is about 3 hrs in total.
    Catameran is about the same amount of time, 3:30 - 6:30.
    We had a great time on all of them.
    Everything is very relaxed and runs on Jamaican time.
    Enjoy your vacation!!

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    Go to the Couples Lounge. They handle your transportation to the resort. I do not see any reason to inform Thomas Cook, they have handled their part, Couples will take over.

    Most excursions last about 2 hours. You book them when you get to the resort.
    Irie Mon

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    All reservations for Couples includes the Couples transfer. When you arrive at the airport a representative of Thomas Cook will meet you and point you to the Couples Lounge where you will be able to use the restroom and get a beer or water. If you miss the representative don't worry as they will check with Couples to make sure you arrived. And the Couples Lounge is very easy to find.

    Different excursions take different amounts of time. Which one(s) are you referring to?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Your transfers and the Couples Lounge are all part of the Couples package. Just check in with the lounge when you arrive, sit back and have a Red Stripe. Your shuttle will be ready shortly. Now your agency may also provide a transfer. I would check so you are not paying for something that is part of the Couples All Inclusive plan. But that is just me. As for the excursions, they are all different. The horseback riding that is included is local and if you do the morning ride, you are back for lunch. The Catamaran Cruise is a couple of hours and goes out in the afternoon and back for dinner. Dunn's River climb is also in the morning and is back by about 1. It is also local. The shopping trip is also a couple of hours. The longest "excursion" we have been on is the Trading Places when we went to CSS the first time for a day trip. Last year, we came back after lunch through private transfer. Go and enjoy!

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    If your staying at couples your transfer is included. You may need to notify them of flight times however. Not sure on time for the excursions.5 years ago I was at CSA and snorkeling was about 4 hrs and the catamaran about 2 hrs. You will book them with the activity staff when you get there. I recommend going to orientation ( there's one everyday at 10am and 5 pm) it helps a lot as the resorts have a ton of stuff. We are doing orientation even though I've been to a couples before. It's about 45 minutes but better than wandering around lost for the first couple days.

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    We arrive on 22/2 with Virgin atlantic. See you in Couples lounge

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    We just returned home for CTI, using Thomas Cook. No worries. No need to inform Thomas Cook and as mentioned above, go directly to the Couples Lounge and all else is taken care of.

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    We went to CTI May 2010. We did the Dunns River Falls excursion on Sunday morning, great timing as cruise ships are not in port and absolutely no crowds at all!! We also did the horseback excursion, one of my favorites...they take breaks and explain different things along the trails. Very entertaining. The catamaran cruise is great fun also. Take advantage of all to offer, it only takes a bit out of your day and you still have fun for time in the sun as well!! Enjoy!!!!

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