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    Default back to cti for our 10th wedding anniversary 7th feb 2011!

    we are coming back for our 10th wedding anniversary on 7th february & cant wait!

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    Congrats on 10 years of marriage!! Awesome job.

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    We were just there in early december, its so fantastic!

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    Did you guys get married there? We are going for our 10 year in April. Let us know all about all the changes there, we can't wait !!!! Happy anniversary !!!

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    yes we got married in feb 2001 at tower isle, it was fantastic! and went back for our 5th anniversary too.

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    Congrats bernadette, see you there, we will be there for 2/11-2/19 and will be celebrating our anniversary as well on 2/16. We are very lucky as we return every year. Next year will be our tenth and will have a few couples joining us.

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