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    Default Photo collage from Starlight Gala last week . . .

    For those sharing our table at the Starlight Gala last week, here's a little remembrance of the evening. We had fun meeting y'all and talking, even though some of you northerners talked funny.

    The original of this photo is here.
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    Wow Don your photos are great
    I have looked at a lot of pics from CSS, yours really captured what someone sees when they are walking around the resort.

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    Don and Corlis,
    Thank you for sharing your AMAZING photos of CSS! It really made me feel like I was back "home" again!

    All the best!

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    Default Great pictures!

    It was great meeting you both. You guys take great pictures! We had such a good time, and are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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    Ah yes, I remember our Gala night well! We loved it! For our next stay, in September of 2012, we're arriving on a Thursday and staying for 10 days so that we'll get 2 Gala nights!
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