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    Winston and Cardo at CSA's Martini Bar are the best! I look forward to seeing Winston and finding out how his baby girl is doing.

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    Default Great bartender!

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    Look forward to seeing Yannick and everyone at CN very soon!

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    We just got back from CSA on August 4th and I'm still having withdrawals. It was wonderful. A special shout out to Ms.Beverly who kept our room cleaned. She was always so nice and friendly. We got married while we were there and she decorated our room while we were gone taking pics. Also the omelette maker at, The Palms, (they were sooooo good, I wish I had one right now) Darian I believe was his name bartender in the Aura Lounge made me wonderful green darian drinks evrytime we went there. And they were my favorite of all. A special shout out to the entertainment crew at The Palms they were awesome, we ejoyed their shows especially the night they did the fashion show. And thanks as well to the wedding coordinators for making our wedding day so very perfect. It was truly a dream come true. We also had a precious server at our reception on July 31st (10 am wedding) she was the swetest and we really enjoyed her sharing that time with us. CSA was great and we look forward to coming back in 2010. Even though I don't want to wait that long.

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    EVERYONE on their staff was soooooo friendly and wonderful. They are all very good at their jobs and will do anything to help. All of us visitors should take a lesson and smile and mean it--the way they do.

    Leave your mainland attitude at home and behave like the islanders.

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    We stayed at Swept Away August 10-15th for the first time and Garett (that's Garett with one r and 2 t's) made us feel welcome from the orientation through the whole week. I don't know when that man slept because he was always there and always said "hi." And Deron on the glass bottom boat tour was hilarious!! There are too many to mention but we will definitely return to CSA as soon as the budget and jobs allow us to!

    Barry and Denise Thomas

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    We love Andrew and Paul at Couples Negril!

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    Quote Originally Posted by schdyny View Post
    Romaine was our favorite when we were there in '07. I am sorry to hear he is no longer there! Where is the Pushcart Restaurant - Maybe we might have to make a trip.
    There was a Romaine at the Martini Bar when we were there from 8/21 thru 8/26..great guy!

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    I wanted to give a shout out to several folks at CN -

    Marlon - it had been almost 2 years since our last vist, but his was the first familalar face we saw. He still makes a great Marlon special and had a cold one for me last week every time I swam up to the bar.

    Sharlette - remembered my husband's bloody marys every morning on the beach as soon as she dropped off the red flag.

    Denver - our first encounter with Denver was a year and half ago when Lychee first opened, he was our waiter and promised us a wonderful dining expereince, he was true to his word and kept us entertained as well. It was great seeing him again this trip working at Heliconia, again he promised to keep us entertained and he was true to his word.

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    [FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]
    We were at CSS this February and the entire staff was simply marvelous From Marva in housekeeper who became a good friend And Fluffy keep us smiling ! Kimoni was great! Andrew was wonderful! Captain Kirk gave us such a warm welcome and is partly our reason for choosing CTI for our upcoming trip in December. 97 days and we'll be home!
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    Default CSA Shout out

    We were at CSA and have to give a shout out to Oneil, Roan, Tavia, and Yanique. Thanks for making our trip so special!!
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    Default Staff Shoutouts CN

    Let me just say that we were married at CN on Aug 5, 2009. It was the best thing we could have ever done. Everyone at this resort is perfect!!!!! They made our day complete with their smile and good wishes.

    I really hope I don't leave anyone out but if I do just know that you are all the reason we NEED to come back.

    First there is

    Giselle, our wedding coordinator, she is the sweetest and most efficient girl you could have helping with your wedding. She was also one of our witnesses. I cried and she hugged me the day we left. Giselle...I got the flowers over the line. When you come to New Jersey you have to stay with us!

    Stephanie, our witness and the best server at the buffet ever. You are such a sweet girl and thank you so much for being part of our special day.

    Venecia (I hope I got that right), she did my hair and makeup for the wedding and I loved it. My husband is still talking about the job she did.

    Rohan, Andre, Durval and Ivy(not her full name) you made our stay at the pool bar very, very, very nice. Durval....yes, I agree that a Dirty Banana is a sissy drink. It is all of your faults that you could remember us everytime you saw us but we were a little foggy about you.

    Kit, our photographer from Aquasun, we love the pictures and have gotten so many compliments on them. You are so professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend using your services.

    Kadian, our videographer, everyone loved the video when we showed it at our reception. I smile every time I hear the music. You did a fantastic job and you made us feel so comfortable.

    Our housekeeping staff kept our room perfect. Thank you for your job.

    I will be posting a wedding review very soon....we are still trying to get everything caught up with at home (the home we hate now that we have been to Couples)

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    great idea for a thread, thanks for the opportunity to praise...

    Ive gotta give it up for Geraldo a waiter at Otaheit at CN,

    Why, because he is very quiet, almost afraid he is interrupting you, and he is genuinely a warm soul....

    What really made my day was I was having trouble picking which desert so I asked him his favorite, which was the Jamaican pudding. I wanted to try it but he also knew I wanted to try the Ginger/pumpkin desert(cheesecake I think).

    Imagine my surprise when he had the chef sample a small piece of both on one plate, with a unique icing swirl to add to the presentation.
    It totally made my day not only because l like desert but it was made special and no one else was getting the same one ( my wife say's I am so 3)

    Just another example of how the CN team does whatever it takes, Geraldo was the first to give me such a warm feeling and I wont forget his smile as he presented his gift...

    Thanks Geraldo

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    Default CSS Staff!

    A huge shout out to the staff from CSS!! Especially those who dared take on the guests each afternoon in volleyball. Ok so you kicked our butts but it was still one of the highlights of our trip! Can't wait for the rematch!
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    My wife and I just got back from Swept Away and even though everyone was outstanding we have a few of our favorites.
    Jonathan at Sea Grapes was a super guy
    Shaun-Aura and the swim up bar....thanks for the fuzzy memories and great
    Ulimate-You are one of a kind
    Akeem-We really enjoyed the time we got to spend with you. We started and ended our vacation hanging with you and it was the best one we have ever had
    Plus, plus, plus, plus...toom many great people to name them all.

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    Default CTI shout out to Ava!

    My husband and I celebrated 20 years together and our third wedding anniversary at CTI in August. We had an amazing time and even now a month later we still speak of it daily. So many people made our stay exceptional, but above all we must thank Sweet Ava. From day one to the last perfect day, she made our visit extra special with all our desires and needs attended to with genuine caring.

    Thank you Ava!

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    Our favorite staff member is Alicea Stewart at Swept Away.

    On our first visit in 2004, she was a trainee server in the Palms. After serving us dinner on our first night in Jamaica, she never forgot our favourite drinks and had them ordered for us before we sat down. She was a big part of our reason for coming back for our second trip the next year. On our first night back she saw us and had our drinks waiting at our table. Pretty good after a year's absence.

    Since then we have been back 6 more times. Each time Ally has made out visits more special. Management must have also recognized her talents because they have moved her to almost every area of food service. She has been a Palms Hostess, a Patois Hostess, overseeing the room service breakfast trays and on our last trip (Dec 2008) she was manager of Lemongrass.

    Our family calls Ally our adopted Jamaican daughter. It has been with almost a parental pride that we have watched her mature over the years. This year when we go down for our 9th trip, she may not be there. Not for a bad reason, but she will be finishing her maternity leave.

    One of the reasons we love Couples so much is not only do they get the best staff but, they manage to keep them. They train and promote these people so they will stay. When we go back there are so many familiar faces that it truly feels like going home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schdyny View Post
    Romaine was our favorite when we were there in '07. I am sorry to hear he is no longer there! Where is the Pushcart Restaurant - Maybe we might have to make a trip.
    Romaine is definitely still at CSA! We were just there for our honeymoon August 22-30 and he is the bartender at the Martini bar in Lemongrass. Romaine is definitely our favorite bartender, EVER! He knew our names after the first night and treated us like friends.
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    I met an employee named Rose at the beach party. She was a very sweet lady.

    My favorites were Kurt & Romaine at the Martini bar. Those guys are insanely funny and I had a blast with them on 3 different occasions. I feel bad I left without saying goodbye to them but will definitely be back!

    You must go see Kurt & Romaine (AKA Iceburg) at the Martini Bar by Lemongrass! Also be sure to ask them what the red bull/Guinness drink does to the ladies.

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    Default If you luv the Lush Veggitation at CSA

    Big Up and Thank you to "Boxer" who leads up the Ground Crew.
    You know him from his dark blue "alway clean" uniform and floppy hat. You know him from the mega muscles from lifting at the Gym after his work. But you know him from the best smile.
    "keep it up, Boxer!" see you in 4 weeks. DogMon

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    Default CTI - Simone Henry

    When we visited the new CTI in April on our Trading Places Day. Simone gave us a personal tour of the resort. We got to reconnect with Captain Kirk,Ulysses and Byron. We can't wait to see everyone agian in Jan. 2010!
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    Default CTI thanks

    We were at CTI 1 - 12 Sept. A great holiday and made special by the following staff members who get a big thanks from us both...

    Byron - such a warm welcoming face when you've been awake and travelling for the best part of 24 hours. "60,000 people clinging to a rock!"

    Maxine (Guest Representative) - such a wonderful smile in the morning and feeling Fabulous, gorgeous etc. Big thanks for the complimentary massage and sorting out the birthday cake for Richard.

    Damion - the best and most brilliant of the bar staff. Always so cool, friendly and "chilling like Bob Marley". He knew what we wanted before we said a word. Great guy and hope he does well at Couples. He gave 100%

    Kenesha - such a friendly, smiley lady who served breakfast in the mornings.

    Calmore (Samuel L Jackson!) - the ferryman. Always a treat to spend time with the skipper. A very cool dude.

    Housekeeping - never really saw them but certainly appreciated their work. Room always clean, tidy.

    Ulysess - an institution at CTI. A true gentleman and makes the best omelettes I've ever eaten. Thanks to his chicken soup, Caroline recovered quickly from the bug. "First class!"

    The staff at the health suite - wonderful, pre-massage conversation and the best massage we've ever experienced anywhere - truly.

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    Default Thanks CTI!

    My wife and I vacationed at CTI from 8/29 thru 9/5. We had one of the most enjoyable and relaxing experiences of our lives. We'd like to thank some of the staff that made our visit so pleasant.

    Charles(bartender/waiter)Extremely intelligent, personable gentleman. I enjoyed our conversations very much. He was in training at the time and I sincerely hope that he is added on as permanent. He provided excellent service.

    Tyrol(waiter)Another extremely intelligent articulate gentleman with whom I shared great conversation and who provided excellent service.

    Antoinette(bartender/waitress)Awesome bartender, extremely friendly and personable. A real cutie..

    Ricardo(bartender)My wife's favorite bartender. Awesome personality. Really a nice guy.

    Nickiesha(bartender/waitress)Gorgeous young lady with the personality to match.

    Camille(bartender)Kept the swim up pool rockin'..

    Dewdrops and Corrine(waitresses)To say that these ladies provided excellent service doesn't even come close to expressing the level of quality they provided. Both were attentive and added so much to our enjoyment of the overall experience.

    Kadian/David/Marlon/Kaye/Matthew(entertainment staff) Very professional and talented group of people. Always smiling and providing the spark that kept everybody lively and entertained.

    Byron(Lobbyman)One of the resorts main cogs. It seemed as if all the guests revolved around him and were drawn to his charming style. His friendly greetings day to day always added a laugh..

    These are just a few of the great employees that we met there and contributed to our wonderful stay. We wish you all great luck and look forward to our next visit with you there.

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    Default CN Shout Outs

    Lets see so many:

    Damion - Guest relations

    Etc Etc Etc

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    BIG shout outs to the staff at Tower Isle. Now we know why everyone calls it a home away from home.

    - Nicole from guest services was awesome. She made sure our room and spa arrangements were in top shape.

    - Dragon always made us feel welcome everytime we saw him- "Spitting Fire". G&J misses you already.

    - Marlon from entertainment was the first person to sit and have dinner with us at the beach party...he was cool the whole time- hopefully he will come back to Orlando and visit us.

    - Matthew from entertainment was awesome...we felt like we adopted a little brother while we were there. We'll miss playing Bingo with him. Good luck in Ohio- I think that's where he's going.

    - Kadian from entertainment was also awesome...she was like a little ball of energy.

    - Heavron and Andrean were our favorite waiters...and surprise...Heavron also is a talented songwriter/singer.

    - Rohan from photograpy was full of fun a laughs!

    - Last but not least David from entertainment- was like our best friend the whole time. You can't help but laugh and have a good time when he's around. He even helped us with our dance for the talent show....we miss all of you guys!

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    Jeff and I just got back from CSS on Sept. 19, 2009. While we were there, we met the best people: Jheanell (always kept us with a drink in our hand and the Au Naturel swim up bar), Miguel (Minnie Me - an incredible dancer who keeps you smiling), ShelliAnn (has the best heart), Marcel (who painted the coolest birthday picture on my back)and Audette (served the best lunches at the SSB Grill). There is nothing these and all of the other staff wouldn't do to make our stay memorable. But I do want to say that Jheanell and Miguel will stay in our hearts. These 2 show the best of young people of Jamaica. They shared their goals and dreams with us and we wish them a great future.

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