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    we are here at CSS and would love to give Shelly a shoutout! as an event Coordinator, she is SO much fun! I make it a point to never to activities, but Shelly just makes it so interesting that I (and others) ended up participating and a blast!
    also Jermaine and Chadrick deserve kudos too! Now about the bartenders Dave from the Balloon Bar- the Jamaican Dream is just that, you must try his signature drink! More names coming!!!!!!

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    Wow, how do you choose. The one great thing about Couple's resorts feel like you're coming to a friends house. Everyone makes you feel so welcome.

    At CTI, this year, we always look forward to seeing our friends...Byron at the door, Katie. (running around entertaining everyone) Raniel ... in dining always made us laugh and the guys in the dive shop... Dougie, Collin and Chris are excellent!!Name:  CTISTAFF.gif
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    CN shoutouts:
    Omar, Jamion, Janelle, Shaunte, Maxine

    Thanks for making us laugh and smile all the time!!

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    I had the best time at CN! Everyone was so kind and helpful! I can not remember everyone's name but I will try.... Joyce, Nesbith and Burke (security) were all awesome! I love Joyce! So sweet! We share the same birthday. Jevado took our bags when we first arrived and everytime we saw him he always had a smile. Let's see... there was Angelica who was entertainment staff, Roderick who kept us fed at the beach grill, Gasford who was really nice and my boyfriend really connected with him. Shadane! He is great! He took us out on the hobie cat and was always helpful with the water sports. I never got to meet housekeeping but they always kept the room clean and towels stocked. England was kind also. I know I'm forgetting people.... Oh Yeah Lynden at the martini bar! I talked with him one night and he gave us alot of background about the island and the resort. I just love CN! I can not wait to get back! Planning my next trip now! I can see why people call this their home away from home! love love love!!!

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    Default CSS - May/June 2012

    We were at CSS May 26 to June 2....
    One of the reasons that we keep coming back to this place is because of the friendly, welcoming and accommodating staff.
    They are always ready to give you a smile and a hug - especially when you are a "repeater" and they honestly remember you from the year before.

    Here are our favs:

    Martin "Smitty" always has the biggest grin!
    Hugh who never complains about my HEAVY luggage
    Evol who does great with his "double-duty" with guest services

    Front Desk and Guest Services:
    Miguel (although we loved you a couple of years ago in entertainment)

    Michelle has the best personality!

    Food and Beverage:
    Chef Andre has always taken some extra time with us after the cooking demo
    Hugh (Restaurant Manager)- who went out of his way and was extremely accommodating and helpful
    Dwight Powell (Food and Beverage Director) (view his CSS page on Facebook) who make sure that my husband was kept happy
    Edgar - who has learned that I can never get enough scotch bonnet or jerk sauce or hot sauce!
    Masell - our favorite bartender
    Maureen - best female waitstaff ever!
    Keston - best male waitstaff - we always have him do our private dinner in the gazebo year after year
    Gavin - excellant waiter service
    Melesia - who made sure that my "to go" orders were wrapped thoroughly

    Simone "Fluffy" is so personable - get well soon, girl!!!
    Sasha - the newbie social director who is lots of fun
    Chadrick - suave, debonair!
    ShellyAnne who has the most personality and confidence that I have ever seen!!

    Marvin who staffs the mineral pool area - he has been there at CSS for 17 or 18 years and has lots of interesting information about CSS

    And a BIG shout out to all the "in-room" delivery staff that made sure that we had ice every day several times a day.......
    Stan & Susan ("StanSuzie")
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    CSS April 2010
    CSS April 2011
    CSS May 2012

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    Shout Outs to all of the wonderful staff at CSA!!!

    The following folks made us fall in LOVE with Jamaica in May/June 2012:

    Collin-warmly greeted us and guided us (and our luggage) to our room on our first day

    Dermon-what everyone says about this guy is true! He is absolutely awesome! I loved every single one of his signature drinks. He exudes such a positive energy and is a blast to be around.

    Roxanne, Orrin (Pink Panther), Javed- Thank you for a wonderful dining experience! I enjoyed sharing laughs and exchanging words during our 3 have made a lasting impression!

    Rushaine- I can't say enough about this guy...I personally think he has clones or just a ridiculous amount of energy! It seems as though he is everywhere! He led our orientation, operated DJ/lighting equipment in front of Lemongrass, instructed the beaded jewelry demonstration, taught salsa lessons at the Aura Lounge. I think the only thing he doesn't do is sleep!

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    Here's just a few of the people who really stood out on our first stay at CTI:


    Any everyone else there who made our stay something that we will never forget!!

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    Returned from CSA yesterday and until you go; you really do not understand how awesome the staff is. Here is the list that I would like to give

    Collin the Bellman, the first smiling face off the bus and the last one I saw when I left!
    Shanette the housekeeper, LOVELY LOVELY woman!!!
    Kemar, Nevian and Dermon at the Sunset Bar made my trip what it was. I am so thankful I got to meet them.
    Patrica at Patios was great!
    Uleasa at Lemongrass was so sweet. She had an injured foot and limped all night long but never let the smile leave her face.
    And last but not least Shaun and Dwight at the Martini bar were so endearing.

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    Thank you to Andre (GTK) and Kirk for making our arrival and check in so special, and to the gentleman who greeted us with music. We'd also like to thank Romaine and Deshane for bringing us drinks on the beach, even though we never raised our flag. A special thanks to "Katie" and Denville for greeting us with a smile each day and making sure we were enjoying ourselves. Denville is a super guy, thank you for serving us graciously during our stay. Thanks to all the staff at CTI you along with the beautiful view of the mountains and sea, the comfort of our rooms, the amazing food, you all helped make this a very special anniversary for us. We will be back, and for those who aren't sure due to any negative reviews, don't listen to them. You will be treated very well, you will sleep comfortably, you will wake up to gorgeous views, you will eat until you are sick, and if you are like me you'll be very sad to leave. Enjoy your stay, and please be kind to the staff.

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    I couldn't wait to get home to post shout outs, so here I sit on the beach at Swept Away posting. On this, our second visit, we are sure this is a regular destination for us, if for no other reason, the people. Ultimate Chocolate and his blazing piano certainly tops the list based first on his personality and then his phenomenal God given talant and ability with music and the piano to win a crowd. Then, on this second visit, I would be remis in missing the opportunity to point out the amazing personality and grill master talent of KERRY ANN at the veggi grill. I see top grill chef status in her future here at Couples Swept Away. I look forward to seeing her and maybe doing a little grilling with her in future visits. The third person I would like to comment on is Lavern in training at the beach bar. Lavern has a natural ability to make people smile and an incredible work ethic. I hope she goes far with Couples. And lastly, HATS OFF TO THE CHEF! In two visits, not only have I not had a bad meal at any of the resteraunts, the worst meal starts at excellent and only moves up from there! I would love to meet the Executive Chef and tour his operation some day! Keep up the great work guys! You've won us as repeaters!

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    Just returned from our first trip to CSS. The staff was so wonderful and went way beyond the call of duty.
    Kadyann--she is awesome in the entertainment area! She made my day, everyday!
    Richard in Water Sports was there everyday for us and so attentive.
    Kiershan was an excellent waiter at Casanova!
    Rochelle was great at the swim up bar. A trainee that will be great as a permanent staff member.
    Veronique-another great one in various bar areas.
    Edgar makes a mean omelette and as he says--is a genius!!!
    Donnette- a great housekeeper! We will ask for her again!
    Everyone else that I am missing were awesome as well. Everyone was so willing to do anything for us

    Kimi and Lowell
    Ft. Worth, TX

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    We are at CSS right now and we would like to give a shout out to Masell the best bartender ever. he has our drinks ready in a flash whenever he see us. Maureen was the best waitress ! So personable and went out of her way to make our dinning experience so enjoyable.

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    Just got back from CSS. Dave at the Beach Bar was an amazing bartender. I taught him how to make a shot and for the rest of the evening, he took it upon himself to make round after round for the entire bar. He made that night the best of our entire stay! I hope evryone that goes to CSS has a chance to belly up to his bar.

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    Just home from CSA -- best experience of my life!

    Major shout outs to Doyley and Omar for being amazing, friendly, and so much fun!

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    Got back from CSS on Saturday, and everyone was AMAZING!!! I wish I had remembered more names, but for sure Gloria at the AN bar, what an awesome lady!!! She was fun, and sassy, which make her a great fit for that area!
    Kovell was our 'waiter' for the private candlelight dinner my husband arranged for our 10th anniversary since it fell on Gala night, and we wanted something really special. IT WAS AMAZING< and Kovell was SUPERB. It was POURING, storming and lightening, but he was running back and forth and made it the perfect evening for us! CSS Staff you ROCK!

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    Returned from our 4th trip to CSA (7/6-7/16). We brought 3 couples with us, and we all had a blast!

    Thanks to Alicia for coordinating our vow renewal, and especially for following up with my request/need for a gluten free wedding cake!

    Special appreciation to the Chef for making the most amazing, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate gluten free wedding cake! My celebration was complete because of your extra effort!

    On the gluten free issue - I was SO impressed with the staff at all of the restaurants (we didn't go to Lemongrass), when I would mention the need to know if certain menu items contained flour, they were always quick to consult the chef. Because of this -and the wonderful selections on the menus- I was able to enjoy my entire vacation without a single episode. I was pleased to speak with the Feathers chef each of the three times we dined. I hope they understand how much those of us with food allergies appreciate their carefulness!

    Our vow renewal was 7/12 at 4opm, and it was perfect. I don't know the name of the officiating minister, but he was wonderful and delivered a heartfelt ceremony. Beautiful!

    We spent the majority of our time at the BambooBar- special shout-out to Kevern and Kemar for being our favorite bartenders EVER! Kurt, Simone, and Ricardo were great. Also honorable mention to Mike for helping me treat a bee sting with overproof and lime, it worked! Did I mention Kevern and Kemar?

    I would also like to say how much I look forward to seeing Raybel and Nigel (Basket) each trip. We always make multiple purchases from Ray, and I never miss a basket making class. I was able to attend 3 classes this trip!

    The grounds looked amazing, thanks to the hard work of the grounds crew.

    Last, but not least, to Omar for keeping us laughing all week. We had so much fun with him. (He will remember my husband as "Mr. Reed".)

    We adore our time at CSA. Returning in 2014 for trip #5!
    M & C Pollard
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    Terri (bartender) from CTI made our vacation really fun this year! We love charter to and from the island. Clover gave my hubby the best massage ever. Courtney always makes our dining experience wonderful. The girls....Tanisha, Antoinette, & Simonne...CTI wouldn't be the same without them! We missed out on the enertainment staff this time round...Ava & Kadianne, but really enjoyed Eddy from the piano bar. I look forward to meeting up with Alfred every am, bright and early for the power walk. Hands down my favorite staff would be Byron....year after year, he makes us feel like such a part of the CTI family...We love you all and have nothing but good things to say!

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    Huge shout out to Anthony at the Beach Bar at CSS and Ivylynn at the Beach Bar at CN! Also Jevado and Nicolette at the front desk at CN, Dalton front desk CSS and KatieAnn and Jermaine in entertainment at CSS!
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Hopefully our fave bartender Antony is still at CSS when we return home in October. Can't wait!!!!Name:  DSC00255.jpg
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    My husband Ray and I just got back from our Honeymoon at CSS and had such a great time we are already planning to spend our first anniversary there. We would like to thank some of the people who made our stay so wonderful: Chadrick in Entertainment. A charismatic guy, but also very intelligent and professional. Careen at Charlie's made the BEST smoothies and is just a genuinely sweet person. Dalton at the front desk who teased me every time he saw me, and Clive at the front desk for being a good sport about the whole Clive/ Dalton teasing. Milton at Belle Vista is fantastic. Really, everyone there is outstanding. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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    Love Anthony!! Great personality and amazing drinks!

    Quote Originally Posted by novastar View Post
    Hopefully our fave bartender Antony is still at CSS when we return home in October. Can't wait!!!!Name:  DSC00255.jpg
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    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    Default Sans Souci

    Anyone who has ever been to Couples Sans Souci and has had the honor of going on the Catamaran rides with Derron and how he sings to you when sailing, him and his wife made a new youtube song and he is starting to perform with his beautiful voice. Those who had this honor have always told him that he should come to America and try out for American Idol. LOL! Here is a link to their song. Please like and share.

    I even told Pierre that Derron should be doing the entertainment as I am sure many of us have. I am so proud of him :-)

    Karyn Aspan

    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading so many great stories about the Couples staff throughout the message board while I moderate it, and I thought it would be fun to create a thread specifically for staff shout outs! I envision a place where you can all share specific stories about how a staff member(s) made your vacation even better, went above and beyond to make sure you were happy, did something really funny, or really any great stories and experiences you have shared with our staff.

    Okay, well I look forward to reading your stories!

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    Just got back Saturday from CSA, me and my husband ( Lori and Ken Love ) celebrated 25 years and had the most beautiful wedding on beach. Our pics are breath taking!! Already planning another trip!!

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    Shout out to romaine and Michelle at swim up bar, Theresa and ulesa at patios, Shawn at martini bar, Omar my dancing buddy, Priscilla our wedding coordinator!! So many but me and my hubby Ken loved it!

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