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    We give a staff shout out to everyone at CSS. They are the best!! Only 5 more months and we are back home. June 25-July 5.
    Kimi and Lowell, Fort Worth, Texas

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    Name:  DSC_0029.jpg
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Size:  184.2 KBWe would like to give a shout out to Jermaine at CSA!! He was typically at Seagrapes. The last day we were there we asked him to snap a pic of us. He took us up to the pool and took about 15 pictures, one of which we gave to family members at Christmas. Thanks Jermaine, hope youre still there when we come back in May!

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    Hi! Im trying to get a hold of Andre (front desk) at CTI... can anyone help me out? Thanks!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    After a return trip to CTI this past December (16-26) we would give a shout-out to every one of the staff we had contact with. Okay, so there are so many staff that contribute to a carefree stay, some public faces that you see daily and some that you never see, working behind the scenes to make my trip a pleasant one. So, rather than name a handful that were readily visible, I will give a shout-out to the entire staff of CTI (and San Souci when we visited there, thanks for the effort to give us a tour and show us some rooms). I will give one special shout-out to an anonymous staff (you know who you are, Santa) who pontooned out to the island on Christmas day and wished the islanders a Merry Christmas. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! Thank you one and all to the staff of Couples!

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    We just returned from a fabulous week at CN and would like to shout out a big thank you to event coordinators Menard, Keeno (sp?) and Shawna as well as Tennyson and Caswayne at the poolbar. You all made it a fabulous week for us!!!

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    Hi Phillip, (Couples San Souci)
    We just wanted to reach out and say hello.
    We hope all is well with you and your family...and down at the dive shop.
    Gretchen and I are down in Cabo San Lucas. We have been diving several times here with a local shop.
    We want you to know how favorably you compare with our experience here!
    The main difference is how safe we felt. Your attention to detail, caring attitude and confidence in your abilities made a huge difference. Not to mention better visibility, warmer water and better gear.
    We were scheduled for 10 dives and only finished six.
    We look forward to returning to Jamaica and spending more time diving with you and the boys.
    It looks like our next opportunity to visit will be in 2015, but we're looking forward to it even now!!
    Say hello to everyone for us!!
    Best wishes to you,
    Mike and Gretchen

    Ps. We are sending a copy of this to couples as well. We hope they know what an asset they have in you and Nichalos and the boys.

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    My wife and I paid a visit to CTI (our first and no way the last!) back in November/December............ A shout out to ALL the staff, every one of them made us feel so good, every minute, every day............From the greetings every morning to the turn down every evening.... A big thank you, and with luck we will being seeing towards the end of 2013............

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    CTI first-timers from the end of January. The staff as a whole was simply outstanding. Extra-special love to Kirk, Kenard, Tavio, Rohan, and Terry, though! You guys all really outdid yourselves in making this a perfect honeymoon and only the first of what is sure to be many return trips to your lovely resort and country. Thank you all so very much!

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    A HUGE Shout out to our girl Melisa at CN! Dined at Lychee Restaurant and Melisa was there with her fabulous smile! Our first interaction with Melisa was at the Repeaters dinner at Lychee. she was delightful, full of energy and the best smile!! We also had a great experience with her while she was serving finger sandwiches in the afternoon in the lobby of CN. Melisa is a trainee who was a great hire by CN! We loved her!!! Jeff and Cathy Green

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    From CSS......
    Bryan at the bars. He was funny, kind, and really knew how to work a bar. He also handled a situation where a fellow who had probably had way to much to drink was being very rude and treating the staff terribly. Bryan just kept on smiling and calling him "sir". I had a few other words for him.
    Crystal who was the water girl at the breakfast and lunch buffet. She was part of the "workplace exposure program". She watched the water glasses like a hawk, never letting a single glass in the place fall below half full. She always filled the ladies glasses first. She was very quiet but we really enjoyed her smiling welcome every morning.

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    Just got home from CTI - so many wonderful staff to thank. Special shout out to Kadian (Kaday), Entertainment Coordinator. Amazingly wonderful young lady - she always remembered us and took the time to chat. She is a true jewel at CTI.
    Lots of great bartenders... special shout out to Paul who served us on the island and the mainline... he always has a great smile and terrific sense of humour - also a jewel at CTI.
    And thanks to all the "quiet" staff members who pleasantly but cheerfully keep CTI humming along.
    We hope to come back soon.

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    Thanks Leon! Great diving with you and the staff at CSS (Nicholas, Patrick & Christopher)

    Maximum respect mon!

    Leon making sure all ok......
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    A Staff Shout Out for Bryan in the Balloon Bar at Sans Souci. He is an amazingly funny guy, really friendly and efficient and never failed to make us laugh out loud. He is also the only one who can make a delicious 'Tropical Bliss' cocktail - yummy!
    Thanks Bryan - hope to see you next year!

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    Just got back from our first trip to CSS... wanted to give a shout out to Peter, Caprice, Anthoy, Demar, Jheanel & Phillip. Great staff who made our stay awesome!!!!
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    Shout to OShane at CTI. Always had a smile on his face and was always making sure we were good. Canadian friends were right about him taking care of you!

    Respect, Mon! Cant wait to come back.

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    We just returned from another memorable week at CSA and would like to express our sincere thanks to so many staff members:
    Avorius - aka " The Troublemaker", a fantastic waiter at Patois. He had a rare talent - delivering dessert to us on his head!
    Cindy - bartender at Aura Lounge and Feathers - always smiling, even during the night she lost her voice!
    Mark - bartender
    Michele - our favorite bartender at the beach bar
    Ramon and Rushelle - room service attendants
    Cien - Hostess at Feathers
    Rohan - Waiter at Feathers
    Thank you - Thank you!!!!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    I have so many "Shout Outs" to our new friends at CTI. My husband and I spent seven wonderful days at CTI (Mar 22-29) and were warmly cared for by all those at the front reception and guest services. Donald at the Veggie bar could see me coming from my room or beach chair and always had my sweet potato chips ready. Sheree kept our room in tip-top shape adding special touches with flower buds. Miguel and Alvin kept us laughing during activities (so have you two determined who makes a better tie dyed shirt yet?). We hold an extra special place in our memories for Christopher, the photographer. His selfless act to help a CTI guest struggling with their sea legs on the catamaran, resulted in a scary dip in the water. We were happy to see he was safe and smiling as he continued to work hard for all the guests.
    Thank You CTI - we will sing your praises forever!

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    My wife and I along with 2 friends were at CTI from March 26 to April 2. Everyone at CTI is great. Special mention to Vincent and Francine at the Verandah restaurant and Erica in housekeeping

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    Just returned from 7th trip to CSA.

    Wanted thank Rachel (think that was her name, Rohan and Chef Clayton for the Coconut Shrimp it was fabulous as always but more special this time.
    Mae the bartender at the pool bar is fabulous!!
    Also the bartender at the Martini bar are great and always come up with the perfect martini for you even if you don't know what you want.
    Those are just a few but truly the staff at the resort makes it what it is thank you all so very much.

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    Spent March 28 - April 2 at CSA. The entire staff made our vacation wonderful. Seymore was great to sail with. we will look him up the next time we are there. Thanks to Feathers chef for sharing the recipe for the pumpkin. Cindi, bartender at Feathers above & beyond. Martini bar staff always great. CSA was the perfect tropical getaway. Food was excellent. can't wait to go back.

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    At CSS Miguel Richards best jerk chicken, Akeemachef Mcnish for his pasta, and Peter Townsend for his drinks. They all made are stay at CSS the greatest and to all the Staff at CSS me and my wife thank you for all you did for us on are Honeymoon. This is the only Couples Resorts we have been to but if they are all the same they are the brand of Resort.

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    My husband & I just returned from 10 wonderful days at CN. All the staff are awsome! Big up to Floyd(Cassava server) & Debbie Ann (cocktail server, extraordinaire). We found the Entertainment Co-ordinators just wonderful this year, introducing themselves and getting people involved. We also had the great pleasure of hearing the new house band.....Harmonics, wow,wow, wow. That Marvin sure can sing.

    Barry & Kathy

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    Just got back from an amazing week at CSS. I hope these messages get passed along....

    Keston- Sang to us at Cassanova as well as accommodated a change in reservation to include another couple. he also danced with us at the gala.

    Spaghetti and linguini- Laughed and danced with us daily. They both went out of their way to include us and teach us how to shake it.

    Anthoy- He is hilarious, entertaining and a sweetheart. He remembered us after the first day.

    Bryan- so sweet and funny! Good luck planning your wedding! Ask him for a peanut butter jelly shot.

    Maureen - very kind and attentive. Enjoy your holiday with your kids.

    Oshain - so happy and attentive even first thing in the morning

    Roberto- did a great job fixing our ac and we enjoyed learning about him in the process

    Water sports- specifically Amalachi, derron, Phillip and Clayton. We always got excellent service and they repeatedly went the extra mile. Derron will even sing.

    Adrian- a quiet bartender but so attentive and sincere when you get to know him.

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    spent April 5 thur 15 at CN all the staff get a 2 thumds up from us. Sugar and the watersports staff get a big thank you from the wife for getting her scuba certification, and I miss the 11 am volley ball game with Okeno. It was so great that we have been home for 4days and are already booked for CN next April 18 -28 2014. Thank you all for the best holiday ever.

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    Just got back from our first trip to CSS. Had a fantastic time and will be back. I must say I have stayed at many resorts over the years in Jamaica but never have I experienced such a fantastic staff. Everyone from all levels of staff always had a smile and asked if "everything good mon" Some names I can remember of people who stood out were Veronique at a/n bar. Derron in Watersports (so nice to hear him singing in the morning), Domonique at Bella Vista Bar, Sunshine, Kevin in bell services, Linguini and Spaghetti.

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