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    CN - 11/18/11 - 11/28/11

    BIG, BIG UPS TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS AT CN!!! They are the reson why we are trying to figure out our 4th trip there as soon as possible.

    First and foremost, the Watersports guys: Ashrayn (Shrek), Alain, Richard, Karl (Sugar), and Courtney (the captain) on the SCUBA Team. Still our favorite dive team in all of the Caribbean!

    Also, on the Watersports team: Jovane (Bubblicious) and Jermaine (Apache). The best entertainers at the resort! Even if you're not interested in watersports, you gotta meet these guys!

    Housekeeping: Cleon (Asst Mgr), Shellian (Housekeeper), and Hytasha (Houskeeper). Cleon ate with us at the Repeater Dinner, and was a total riot! Shellian and Hytasha are very cool girls and great at their work!

    Restaurants/Bars: Annique (Lychee) was, by far, our favorite server. Jermaine, Tennyson, Franklyn, and Omar were our favorite bartenders, probably in that order. I told each of them 2 of my favorite drink recipes just once, and they remembered for the whole 10 days. These guys rock!

    Also, our buddy Herbert, (I guess you'd call him a bellhop), who sits up at the entrance to the lobby, was awesome as usual!

    And Devroy, who stocked our bar the first day and did some bartending, actually called our room about halfway through the trip, just to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. I'm glad we were there when he called. That was pretty special of him to do.

    The best part about CN, and Couples in general, is that we keep running into the same familiar faces on the staff each year. This really sets Couples apart from most major resorts. A friend stayed at the Iberostar near Rose Hall about a year ago, and said they rotate the staff outta there every 6 months. Not Couples! Unless someone leaves for a better opportunity or does something stupid and gets fired, they are most likely gonna be there for a while. We are friends with many of these people not just when we are on vacation, but throughout the year. We stay in touch on the internet and even talk on the phone sometimes.

    I did realize on this last trip that the people who are unhappy with the staff are usually just inpatient and not tolerant of people they think "work for them". The staff may be providing a service, but they are still people and need to be treated that way. The best way to get the most out of any trip is to treat the staff like they are equals and you will get the best service without thinking you need to shell out a bunch of unnecessary tips. They are much more thankful for your RESPECT than they are for your MONEY. That's what the true Jamaican vibe is all about!

    Peace and respect, my friends! We will see you again as soon as we can get back!

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    Right on Dank another 64 days and we will also be sharing life and stories with those you mentioned. Soon Come.

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    We forgot to mention Shawna at CSS on our comment card. A new trainee at Palazzina for breakfast. Dec. 2-7 2011. She was attentive, friendly and doing a super job! We hope to see her there on our next trip!

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    In general, I get the vibe that the employees really are trying very hard to be "that special one" who gets a shoutout, a high five, a commendation from a guest. I only saw one employee during our whole stay who needed to find a smile. The old time staff at CTI all know they are beyond compare and walk the talk. Never have we felt so cared for. Thanks to Courtney, Garfield, Trevor, Sharon, Wisdom, Andre, Kurt, Byron, Evavold, Emworth, Mr. Henry, Delroy, Delon, Damion, Kimoni, Ricardo, Antoinette...all stars! Karen has everyone on their toes.

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    My wife and I have been going to Negril for many years now, at different times of the year. We have stayed at many resorts over the years (including every Sandals), on most sides of the island. The people are wonderful everywhere we went. We have made some many friends over the years. We have fallen totally in love with CSA and all of their staff. When we check in immediately we feel so at home. It is so difficult to mention everyone, worrying that you will miss someone. From the every smiling bellman, who are the first people you will meet at the resort, to gardeners who keep the grounds so beautiful. Our friends have caught on to our once a year "therapy" session and now there are 30 of us going!

    There is one very special person who is not only very good at his job, but goes above and beyond in attention to detail. It's one thing to get to know repeaters, but this young man goes out of his way to familiarize himself to each person in the group. amazing he knows names with faces. Especially with all the people they meet weekly. I'm speaking about "Dale" in Concierge. He is one of the many reasons we keep coming back. I think our next trip we make the wall of fame! Thank you Dale for all you do. Also, a special thank you to our very favorite waitress, Sandia Hutchinson, and of course her wonderful boss Cleopatra for hooking us up.
    Love you all.

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    Going back to CN 2/4-2/11 2012. Wondering if Gilford is still making omelettes? Tanya still serving at Otaheite? Nana and Ava still coordinating activities? Celia and Waydne still serving on the beach? Franklin still mixing at the pool bar? There was another gal at the pool bar that I don't remember her name but I remember her face. Sure hope all these great people are still there when we get back!

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    Default Couples Sans Souci

    We just had our third trip to Jamaica over christmas. I miss everyone! The staff is awesome and I want to give a shout out to all of t hem. There is not one staff member that I could say anything bad about. Hi Una-our housekeeper, Anothony, Shawna, Claudette, Milton, Edgar (thanks for my daily waffle) from the Palazzina, all the guys, especially Derron and Suzette from the Water sports hut. Shamar who delivered our drinks on the beach and Chad (pronouced Shad) and Andrew from the bars. Cannot forget Chadrick and Jeremy and the whole entertainment crew! Jeremy you better be doing a lot of practicing for the rematch of crochet (however it is spelled). I will kick your butt again. LOL! I cannot wait to see all of you in July. Woohoo! Bring it on :-)

    Karyn and Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrice&Kevin View Post
    Going back to CN 2/4-2/11 2012. Wondering if Gilford is still making omelettes? Tanya still serving at Otaheite? Nana and Ava still coordinating activities? Celia and Waydne still serving on the beach? Franklin still mixing at the pool bar? There was another gal at the pool bar that I don't remember her name but I remember her face. Sure hope all these great people are still there when we get back!
    As of Sep 2011, there was a Glasford making omelettes.
    There was a Tanya a year or so ago at Cassava and then Lychee. In Sept. she had become a part of some sort of rotational program to aid in her promotion when we saw her at Heliconia, so that may be the same person you saw at Otaheite.

    Both Nana and Ava have moved on from Couples.

    Celia and Waydne (no longer a trainee) were still working different bars but we saw Celia there occasionally and mostly saw Amay and Omar as the beach servers in Sept.

    Franklyn was at the pool bar in Sept though he can bounce around. Ivylin is a main stay there and occasionally Melissa, Celia, Marissa or Amay help out there as well.

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    We just returned this week from our weddingmoon at CTI! My first shout-out goes to LaToya! She deserves a huge raise!! She made us feel so at ease about the wedding from start to finish. Anything we asked for she made sure it was done and done wonderfully!! Everything was done exactly as we dreamed!! It amazed me how she could get everything so perfect in such a short time. Tamarrah was so friendly and once she knew my name she spoke to me every time she saw me. Its so nice to have such friendly people at the resort. Keneisha at the pool bar made a killer Purple Rain. It was always funny to hear Kirk with his "How you doin?" each time he saw you. I can't remember everyone's name but the one other guy at the front along with Kirk were even making a little song out of all of our names when we were getting ready to leave. Ha!! CTI and all of the staff deserves a BIG salute!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sueboo View Post
    We forgot to mention Shawna at CSS on our comment card. A new trainee at Palazzina for breakfast. Dec. 2-7 2011. She was attentive, friendly and doing a super job! We hope to see her there on our next trip!
    We meet Shawna when we were there over Christmas. She is such a sweet heart! She was very friendly and did a super duper job. I told her that we come in July that I expect to see her. LOL! I sure hope so. I did remember to mention her on our comment card. I think they need to just put all of the above because all of the staff members are awesome!


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    We've only been home a week & I miss CTI & all the wonderful staff.

    Yo Mon...Shout out to Romaine. Miss his smile that he'd greet me with every morning & threw out the day.
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    We are leaving CSS after our visit :O( However, we will be back :O)

    The staff here are unbelieveably warm and friendly; thanks to all of them but especially to...

    Shauna (palazzina) she works sooooo hard!
    Domonique, Chad and Orlando
    Ya mon Chaderick!
    Cranston, Lennon, DonnaKay, Saskianne, Courtney
    All the watersports guys, Christopher, Rayondo.

    We can't thank them all but they made our stay VERY VERY special.

    Thanks to everyone xxxxxxxxx

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    We just got back from our trip to CN where we got married! It was the most amazing time of our lives and I'm severely depressed to be back. Franklyn the luggage guy started the whole vacation off just right, he was hilarious and we hope to see him again next time! The entire staff was outstanding and I couldn't think of a single negative thing to say about any of them. The wedding coordinator ( whom I can't think of her name) put me at ease and made my wedding day perfect! Simon the photographer captured so many beautiful moments. We miss you all so much!!!

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    Marcelle from CSS man he was everywhere, we only stayed for 4 days and after the second dy he new everything about us even made sure to see us out when we left for our 7 day stay at CN, we hope he is there when we go back, he is definately an asset to the COUPLES brand!!!

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    Colin Whyte: Divemaster/ watersports. On my first ocean dive in 2006 we were so lucky he was there! I was intimidated by the ocean and almost didn't dive even though I had been certified and did local diving in lakes here in Iowa. Colin grabbed my hand, was so kind and said all the right things. Next thing I know he and I were diving down and I was at 30feet having the time of my life! If it wasnt for him i doubt we would be taking Jamaica trips every year! Also Katy in entertainment made our stay even better! Needless to say we try to come back every year and have except this year (husband had a battle with brain cancer this year so we couldn't come this year). We WILL be back as soon as we are able! Probably have Colin certify us on our next level of dive certifications and renue our vows, we gotta get married at our second home right!?!?!? Luv to you Colin and Katy! We stay in touch via Facebook and I can't wait to see you both again!

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    Shoutout to our main man and dear friend Glasford Barracks from Couples Negril !!! You have made our stays that much more unforgettable !!! An awesome cook with a heart of gold !!! Big up and much respect Glasford !!!!

    Mel and Mike

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    Default Shout Out To Duke!

    My husband and I met Duke on our most recent trip to CSA in April 2010. We got to know him in Patois Patio during our first evening there when he made us awesome martinis. After that we saw his smiling face each and every morning in the sports complex. When we finished our early morning workout he would make us an
    awesome fruit smoothie, followed by an espresso or cappuccino. Duke is just personality plus, and picks up on names very quickly and is such a joy to talk to and is always smiling and cheerful.
    We hear that he has moved over to Couples Negril, so we may have to visit there next time so that we can see
    He deserves a big shout out and promotion, and is a huge asset to your resorts!!! ;-)

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    Default Our split stay at css/cti

    Shout outs to some staff that went above and beyond their duties at CSS. Vernie at SSB bar. Chevelle photographer, Quesansa balloonbar, Shamar and Chad main beach, Shazam and Kadiann, entertainment. Dalton front desk, Margaret guest services, Hugh, bellman, Derron watersports. Ruth and Jackie in spa. Also Mr. Battaglia, it was great to meet him! We had the best vacation ever.
    Also shout outs to CTI, Clover and Icco in spa, Kirk and Evol, Sharon bartender, Delroy,delmar watersports. Devon, Island bartender.Mr . Henry for the 10 seconds we met.
    And to Abe Issa at CSS, it was so nice meeting you and we love Couples! We will be back!
    I have to say for us CSS has our hearts, but CTI was nice too. WE were in Roger Moore Suite at CSS and Villa Suite with private pool at CTI. Very nice accommodations both resorts. Service was great at both places, but friendlier at CSS. Food was amazing at both resorts!

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    CTI - Special Staff
    Bobby from the Grounds Crew - thank you for the "jellies" and the wonderful Nature tour.
    Our lovely Lorna cleaned our room to perfection and sang us Whitney Houston songs in the most beautiful voice.
    Denville - went to another restaurant because I mentioned that I loved pumpkin soup. He came back a few minutes later and surprised me with it.... I was in HEAVEN.
    Owen - always special greetings and finding us the best place to watch the evening entertainment.
    Alvin from entertainment - a beautiful rose, special greetings - with that lovely personality and wonderful smile you will succeed in anything you persue...
    Ava & Kady from entertainment - thank you for the adorable tie dye shirt for our grandson. I know he will love it. You made the experience so much fun.... sorry we never had that drink together - next time!
    Byron - what a wonderful memory you have - it was so nice to be greeted by name - Louise & Theodore
    Alicia - you made such wonderful smoothies and healthy treats for Ted. You are as sweet as your smoothies.

    Thank you to everyone @ CTI - we loved spending time with you and we will be back. Peace!

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    Just got home from CSS, our second visit. A shout out to Frankie at the bell desk for remembering us from visit no. 1, Junior from watersports for being so patient and welcoming, Shawna at the Palazzina who I wish I could steal her to work for me, Sandy from housekeeping, she made us feel very much at home.

    The biggest shout-out goes to Pierre who put the amazing team together. Now that is a talented man.

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    Just returned from our first but not last trip to CSA! Everyone went above and beyond to make our tripspecial. I know I'm forgetting some but here are a few that I wrote down:
    Our driver to the resort (Andre I think) and Super who drove us to Mount Aire gave us wonderful information about the history of Jamaica/Negril and the locals too.
    Shellyann in Guest Relations who arranged a visit to Mount Aire Basic School for me.
    Jodi, Andre, Omar, and Duwayne aka Skippy from the Entertainment team. They are some of the most hard working folks we've met. They do everything with a smile and you can tell they really want people to have a good time. Take some time to sit down and talk with them (if you can get them to sit for a minute) you will be amazed at how hard they work! Andre - remember to stay away from the whip cream!
    Althea at the concierge desk who is genuinely happy to be there and does everything with a smile.
    Samantha - the wonderful server who made our private beach dinner extra special!
    Nadine and her back up person although I did't get her name, who made beautiful towel art and kept our rooom spotless. Also the people who did turn down service and mini bar service were so efficient!
    Annette - the BEST massage ever. She also did my facial which was a new experience for me but I'm hooked now.
    Narsen (sp?) his tennis lessons were outstanding. He is so patient and always had nice things to say for someone who could barely hold a tennis racket.
    The young bartender at the Sunset bar who I later ran into at Patios who was so sweet! All the bartenders deserve a shout out since they are always moving and keeping everyone happy!
    Thanks to everyone at CSA for outstanding service!!

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    Just got back from CN and a big shout at to all the staff their who made our 4th trip home so special. A big hug and thanks to (and I know I will spell some wrong), Nelly the team leader for activities and her crew, Paul Tucker in the Piano Bar (a large reason we keep coming back), Tennyson who introduced me to naughty Jamaicans and laughed at my reaction when he asked me if I wanted one, also to Franklyn and Celia and other I don't remember names who served my drinks and made me laugh. Although I never met them, the chefs were doing a great job. The check in staff was great and helpful, and Herbert's big smile and welcome home when we got off the shuttle was a great start. The gal who cleaned our room was outstanding and all the room service group were great. I miss them all already, even those I did not mention, but I know I interacted with.

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    We just returned from CSS and will definitely return, largely in part to some very special people you are lucky to have working there. Kaydian is terrific, the best social director we have had the opportunity to meet and hang out with. Veronique at the SSB bar is also a wonderful lady and a great asset to your organization! Others include Marcel and Gifson at Casanova. We plan to return next year to experience the relaxing atmosphere and visit with these wonderful friends again!

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    We just returned from a wonderful trip to CTI. The entire staff was amazing but I must specifically compliment Karl. We had a private dinner on the Island for my wife's birthday and he made the entire evening very special and memorable.

    Thanks to him and everyone else at CTI for a great vacation and a job well done. Can't wait to come home again!


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    We are coming back to CSS in 47 days! Cannot wait! We met some really great people there last year. I've seen Chadwick and Kadianne's name but I'm wanting to find out if Jermaine ,with the entertainment staff, is still
    there? He was great last year! Thanks is advance!

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