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    Quote Originally Posted by nadekm View Post
    I am so happy to hear that Kirk and Antoinette are still at CTI - we haven't been "home" for awhile, and are looking forward to seeing them both in a little over a week! Now, can anyone get Skilly back? He was our best man in our wedding 10 years ago, and to this day a great friend. I know he is state-side now, but I will surely miss him while we are in Jamaica!!! Looking foward to are trip HOME!!!
    Is Antoinette the same person that used to work at CSA in entertainment?

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    Default Thanks to staff at CTI for a great wedding and honeymoon

    Thanks to everyone at CTI who helped make our wedding on March 15 the most meaningful day we have ever had. So many helped: For starters, Latoya Scott-Lewis was an excellent and highly professional planner who attended to the details but also helped us relax and truly enjoy our day. Like an angel, she watched over our entire trip and made sure things were running smoothly and that we were having the best time possible. Rohan (Romeo) Reid managed to get some fantastic photos of us, despite our grumblings, bursts of uncontrollable laughter and unbridled tendency to make jokes when he was trying to get us to be serious. LOL He now knows us pretty well and we highly recommend his wedding photography. Just a superb job!Thanks so much, Latoya and Rohan! We miss you already!

    The spa... What can we say except thanks so much for the hair extensions done by Tracia. They looked fabulous and felt so comfortable, I nearly fell asleep with them still in on my wedding night! She did great job and the whole staff at the Spa were lovely and treated us to several couples massages while we were at CTI. The women really have the magic fingers that helped us relax and be at peace during our stay and on the way home. They have gifted hands! Shout out to the Spa manager, who talked to me and even sang songs while I was getting ready for the wedding with Tracia.

    A final thank you to Terri-Anne Smith, the photoshop manager who really helped us a number of times and taught me some new Jamaican terms - Terri-Anne, 'ya 'tink!' And Lamar McDougal, another manager, also helped us with details and even some tools and 'challenges' along the way. The entire staff at 8 Rivers was fantastic and attended to our every need on our wedding night dinner. We will never forget how special they made that night for us.
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    Default CSS Feb 21-28, 2010

    Wow where does the time go! Can't believe its taken this long to post a few well deserved shout outs for the staff at CSS. Hard to pick just a few...the staff at CSS, overall is FANTASTIC. EVERYONE we came in contact with was so very friendly and helpful.

    Our first time to Couples (first time "south" anywhere for that matter) AND it was also our wedding.

    First shout out is to Antonnete, the wedding coordinator. You made everything so easy for us and we had "no worries"

    Sandy our housekeeper, a wonderful friendly lady who kept our room spotless and decorated it so beautifully on our wedding night, including the biggest bubble bath we have EVER had!

    Albert at Cassanova, our waiter for our wedding dinner and a real class act.

    Maureen from the Pallazina / Beach Bar, great service always, a wonderful smile wrapped up in a seemingly shy young lady!

    Edjar, the ommlette man at Pallazina, wish I could have one of your tasty breakfast creations right now, of course served with that big grin you so often displayed for guests.

    To Miguel and Ophellia from the entertainment crew, you both are top of the class in doing your jobs from sun up to well into the night. Not to mention you are such graceful dancers!

    Easton at the beach bar, sure could use a `Dirty Banana`right now, thanks for the tasty creations all week.

    Last shout out goes to Pierre, the GM of Sans Souci. Great to see a manager that is visible, accessible and a role model for his staff in the way you are.

    Sure hope we didnt miss anyone, its been a month since we were there.

    Our lasting impression will be that the ENTIRE staff at CSS are what makes this place so special. We can`t wait to return to CSS and rediscover this all over again.

    Kevin & Vickie
    Prospect Bay NS, Canada
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    Couples Tower Isle March 1st - 10th. Had such a great time & the staff made it so easy to do so. From the start the reception staff were great. Then Byron is always there with a smile & a nice word. Such a nice fella. Katie, who is such a very special person. Always making that extra effort & making us feel like family. The room staff was always fantastic & kept our room beautiful. Bartender Damion was always there with a smile & already had my drink made. We would say everyone, but these three especially stood out in our head.
    Katie, Damion, Byron

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    My wife and I just got back home from our first visit to Jamaica and CTI (March 9-13) and we are already planning to go back. We wanted to thank everyone on the CTI staff for a great vacation and also single out a few people that really made us feel special during our visit.

    Bryon, Richardo, Neil, and Evard for their welcome to the island and an even warmer send off.

    Everton for doing a great job on the windows in the gym so we had a nice clear view of the pool while we worked out.

    Jabar (The Imperior of the Empire) and Paul (The Man) for make some awesome drinks.

    Collin and AJ for teaching us the basics of scuba before we did our first ocean dive (everyone should try this). Their love for scuba is infectious.

    Kenard (8 Rivers resturant) for making our last dinner at CTI so special.

    Icco and Clover for great massages on our anniverary.

    The housekeeping and turndown staff for room 2107, whomever they may have been. They were in and out with our only knowledge being the wonderful work they did to keep our room clean and fresh and ready for us in the evenings.

    The Gardeners for keep the grounds looking so beautiful.

    The bartenders at the Island bar who made all those fabulous drinks for the drunk, naked people.

    The boat drives for taking us to and from the island each day with very minimal wait.

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    We are SO EXCITED to see all of the AMAZING staff at CTI in just 7 days!! We missed them so much having been at CSS and CSA the past two years.

    CTI here we come!
    Amy & Steve
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    Shout out to the staff at Couples Negril from Adam and Lindsey in Arizona, USA.

    Travis, Nelly, Anjelica, Nana, Richard at Lychee, Chef Tyrone at Heliconia, Brian at Watersports. You all made our stay fantastic, thank you.

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    Default Maurice from Seagrapes

    This goes back a few years, but on our first visit to Jamaica, we met Maurice Anglin at Seagrapes cafe. He helped make our vacation so memorable, we came back twice so far and plan to make it an annual thing. Too bad he's not there anymore!!
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    We traveled to CSS in December, Shellyanne and Adrien (at the pool bar) helped us to feel right at home!!

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    Default Staff Shout Out for CSA

    We just returned from our first trip to CSA. Everything was wonderful and the service was outstanding! There are a few staff members that really went out of their way to make us feel at home. They include:

    From the Bamboo Bar: Cardo, Navina, Hoarce, Terello, & Osean

    From the Pool Bar: Edwardo

    From the Dive Shop: Franz, Shaggy, Jermaine,& Glenroy

    From Patois: Lesa

    From Lemon Grass: Jermaine

    We can't wait make our next trip back to CSA, and will definitely recommend it to all of our family and friends!

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    Default Csa

    We just got back a few weeks ago. Another amazing trip to CSA. We wanted to give a shout out to a few of our favorite people.

    Winston at the martini bar was awesome. He always made great drinks (which goes without saying) but also kept the area entertained. We tried to visit him every night.

    Oshane at one of the beach bars was a lot of fun. He was always stopping by to check on us with a smile. He made us laugh a lot. He's in the picture.

    Stacy-Ann was our waitress at the Palms one night. She was by far the nicest waitress we had during our 10 days there this year.
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    My husband & I were just married on March 17 at CTI.
    Latoya was incredible with the wedding plans.
    Donnette (spelling?) was the best videographer we experienced, she went out of her way to make sure our wedding video was perfect.
    Latoya, at the spa, was great and had a lot of patience with all the wedding spa appointments to be made. The ladies who did our massages and pedicures were wonderful.
    All 3 greeters: Byron, Evard, Kirk for always smiling & for remembering us every day.
    Donovan, for taking time out if his day to give us the Nature Walk when no one else showed up to give us the tour. Donovan was great and very informative, thanks again for the fresh coconut & almonds.
    Moveta for always making our room look great, we love all the towel art.
    Garfield for the great attention in the patio restaurant, he searched hi and low for one kind of hot tea for me.
    Sean for the amazing smoothies.
    Javal for his great service in a few of the restaurants where we found him working.
    Too many names to mention, everyone was great!!! Can't wait to return.

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    We arrived back home this morning after a fantastic two weeks at CSA here is a list of a few people who are simply wonderful

    Martini Bar:
    Winston (makes fantastic martini's with crazy japanise names!)
    Fraser (master of the blended drinks)
    Rochelle (she is great ti have a chat with - always happy and smiling)

    Bamboo Bar:
    Cardo (loved chatting about football - he kept me updated with the scores)

    Aura Lounge:
    Peter (he was initally replenished the room bar but then moved to the nightclub - very sweet lad - addresses me as Miss Wonka as I brought lots of chocolate)

    Stacey-Ann (The lovelest person in the world - always called me princess)
    Rose (Pasta station - smiling and singing away in all that heat)

    Ents Team:
    Oneil (hubby hates dancing so I had a few dances with him - he is a fantastic dancer)
    Neisha (This girl can sing - for a tiny person she has a big voice!)

    There are so many more I could mention and should but to be honest they all deserve a shout all - they all do a fantastic job.
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    Default Clover

    My husband posted our staff shout outs a few days ago. It occurred to me we forgot a big one! CLOVER! It was great to see you again (our first year you stopped and talked to us on the beach and loved the shamrock/CLOVER tattooed on my husband's upper arm!) This year we saw you at the Main building taking reservations with a big belly! Congratulations! Best of luck to you with your baby! We hope we read on the Message Board when the little one arrives. And we hope to see you again in the future. Your kindness and smile are wonderful!

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    Default Dewdrops @ CTI

    I just wanted to say hi to Dewdrops @ CTI. We had the pleasure of sitting with her and her father at the Repeater's Dinner on Mar. 29th. She got the Employee of the Month Award for March!! She's such a sweet girl and really enjoys what she does for all of us. Her father was so proud, you could tell in his smile! Good for you, Dewdrops!!

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    Kyle Mais at San Souci!

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    Delayed though this may be, I'm wanting to shout out praise and thanks to some folks we love at CTI. We were there in February. Just booked for Feb. 2011 (YIPEE!) and have only 307 more days.

    Every year we look forward to seeing Adrian and Nicholette at the resort. Both of them have these dazzling smiles and attitudes to match. We always feel like we are their private charges while we're "home" in Jamaica.

    So, praise and thanks! to Adrian and Nicholette!![ATTACH]Name:  JAMAICA 2010-96_little.jpg
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    Default CTI Shout outs...hope i don't forget anyone

    First and foremost the Bell guys Capt'n Kirk and Byron are the best ever! Thanks to the great recreations crew Matthew, Katie and Brenton - we had so much fun with you. Love to Delroy, AJ and Delan from guys are awsome. But hands down, the best bartenders EVER are, Kaleel, Smiley 1 & 2 (Kennrick & Shawn), and of course, M’lady Simone...we love and miss you already. Can't wait to come home and see you all again.
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    Default Cardo and Coleen - CSA

    Just want to say that we loved seeing our friends at the bar and on the beach everyday! Thanks for making our vacation over the top. The entire staff is wonderful, but these two stood out to us!

    Bridget and Jake

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    To Miguel "Mini Me" Adrian at the pool 2 made our trip amazing and fun..I hope we gave back as much love as you gave... The Guy From Kansas City & The Lost Luggage Lady

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    Default Staff Shout Outs

    Once again, a wonderful time at CSS. All of the staff are excellent but it starts with the GM Pierre. He sets a great tone for the resort. We are always happy to see Michelle and her smiling face.
    In the restaurants we have Bertram and the wonderful waiter Ketson.The beautiful notes from the piano make the evening meal very nice. Dominique makes great drinks and also welcomes you anytime you enter the balloon bar.
    In the water sports, there is Lovell,Rohan, Junior, Barrington and Jhanael and Fiona.

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    I love all the staff at CTI because I dropped my expensive wedding veil in the lobby. I didn't realize it until 5 days later when we were packing up to leave, and when I asked at the front desk they said they had it!! I would have been devestated had my veil not been returned to me. This just shows how honest they all are!! Love you guys!

    And Kay from the entertainment team is absolutely awesome. We were there in September 2009.

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    Big hello to Martino and Deroy at the sundown bar, they put the extra Hummm in a Hummingbird.Also Terricia from housekeeping great job,and Lesa from Patios..

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    Default CSA everyone is great wish I could remember all their names

    Everyone was great we just returned. My hubby and I are quiet so didn't get to know everyone as well as I would have liked too. There were a few who stood out for us.|:
    Jason the Legend - was entertaining and funny, on our orientation, I think our quietness kept him from talking more to us, but once we came out of our shells we shocked him.

    Eddie knocked hubby over with his Bob Marley's!

    Oral was great! mAde me a wonderful Bloody Brain!
    Winston great at the martini bar! Wish I had gone there more , met him on our last nite!
    O Neil! Well besides being fun to watch dance he was easy to talk to....we will be back so he can teach hubby to dance..just hope he will still be there in a few years!

    Marlan...made the Glass bottom boat ride fun and as entertaining as the performers in the nightly shows!

    there are many more who deserve a shout out I just was to shy to get everyones names!! Or couldn't catch them on the name tags! Looking forward to going back and seeing and meeting them all again


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    Wow!!!!!!!!! We just got back from an 8 day stay at CSA, and words can't even describe how much we enjoyed and loved our first trip to the island, and the to CSA. Our trip was special, as it was our destination for our wedding, and our honeymoon. We were married on the Island last Wednesday, April 21, 2010. To begin with our arrival at CSA was greater than expected! We arrived and were welcomed with open arms! We made our way to the front desk where the girls there made our check-in fast, and even had our room ready as we arrived before the official check-in time. The wedding staff that we met with was awesome. Tamika and all the girls were so great!!! They truely made our wedding day so special, and there were no worries! Susan at the Palms was one of the nicest people we've ever met. She was so kind and polite. The water sports staff was great, and they are good at their job! Dermon!!! Where do I begin? Dermon was one of the bartenders that we met when we went to the Aura Lounge. He was so fun and energetic and quickly became a friend. He was a fantastic bartender, making each drink perfect, and even having a few of his own specialties. We made the lounge our nightly stop every night, and Dermon made it special each and every time. Kurt and Michelle were also great bar tenders at the Aura Lounge! The three of them made for an awesome time. Big shout out to the entertainment team. Jason "The Legend", O'Niel "Mr. GQ", Neisha, Trissina, Tito, and the rest were great! O'Niel always made the dancing so fun, and he was a great teacher when it came to learning dance moves! Neisha was so energetic and fun, she really set the stage when she was the Host for the nightly showtime events, great job. Tito, well he's Tito, and if you haven't met him you are missing out! Fun guy! Trissina, she was great! She was a witness our wedding on the Island. So that makes her special to us, as whe was part of our wedding day! The gift shop girls were all great, and the crew that keeps the beach looking so wonderful, they are awesome. Truely the most beautiful place that we have ever been to period! We did not want to leave, but WE WILL be back! Jamaica is now our Island home, and we can't wait to return to CSA and all it's beauty, as well as it's wonderful staff! One Love, Respect!

    Kevin and Yvonne Henson
    South Carolina, United States

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