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    Default CSS Shout Outs

    Hello all,

    Just wrapped up a beautiful 7 day stay at CSS, and we absolutely loved it!

    Big ups to:

    Easton & Leighton - Great job holding down the Beach Bar grill! Hope everything is "PROPER"!

    Orlando - Thanks for teaching us the "shoulder slap"!

    And of course, big ups to:

    Patrick "Scuba Patrick" - a great teacher, and a good friend!

    There were many others that made our stay extremely pleasant, but I did not get everyone's name.

    Thank you again for a great time, and we hope to be back soon!


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    Default Staff

    LeNice, the front desk manager has been so helpful, patient and always tries to fulfill requests.Donnery and Onique at the Sunset Bar are the best. Donnery has remembered me every year! Nadeen has been the best housekeeper. The entertainment staff did a great job. Jason, Nisha, and Oneil particularly. If you like piano and sing-a-longs don't forget the talented Ultimate Chocolate!!

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    It's been since June 2008 since we went to CSA. Who is on the entertainment staff now? We were at CN last year.

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    We spent two glorious weeks at CTI returning home 2/23 (only about 51 more weeks to our 2011 visit!) and I'm going to try to put some photos up so you can see the best staff on the planet!

    Our housekeeper, Denise Campbell, was an angel. She made our room beautiful every day. I was so happy to meet her. I made sure I left notes of positive affirmation for her every day.

    Denise also made us a lovely surprise on the day of our 7th anniversary. For some reason, the upload would not work. She made two lovely swans kissing with beautiful flowers on them and a big flower for their kiss. Then in front of that she made a #7 with tiny flowers on top. It was great. Many thanks to Denise!!
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    We are in our room on our last night at CN. Thanks to the wonderful staff we had a great week, but we really want to mention a few who stood out and made the trip extra special. Thanks to Cherene in the Heliconia Grill for making us lunches we dream about when we are back home. It was quite busy this week in the grill and she kept everybody happy with a smile on her face! Also, Mr. Tyrone Fray-very professional and hard working. Thank you for your attention to detail. And finally....Tennison, we were so glad you were still at CN. It made the trip to see you. You are an asset to the resort. We wish we could have seen you more!!!! Thanks to all at CN!

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    We stayed at Couples Swept Away from January 30 to February 7 and had a fantastic time. Every staff member we met went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. I do have to comment on a few who made our stay even more enjoyable. Derek at Patois Patio was a pleasure greeting us each morning for breakfast.I truly miss him explaining the " smoothie of the day". Our favorite waiter for dinner was Orrin, also at Patois Patio. This young man is truly an asset to CSA. He could not have been nicer. Also a thank you to Yves who got us beach chairs on our first day when none were to be found. I knew then I was at the right resort where the help truly wants you to have a good time.

    I am allready planning next years return

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    The entire staff at CN is awesome. We were there for the second time February 19th - 26th. I especially enjoyed Tennyson, Cashwayne, Ivylynn, and others whose names fail me, at the pool bar. My wife and I are really appreciative of Paul, the piano player in the piano bar. We spent all evenings that he was playing, singing and enjoying his music. He was a big reason we came back to CN and he is making it difficult for us to try SA next year. I don't know that I want to go to a piano bar that does not feature him. Great, great job to all. Everyone smiles and says hello, and the porter at registration said welcome home when we arrived and man was that a nice treat.

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    Default Csa

    Does anyone know if Trillan is still at CSA working with the watersports crew? He was such a fun guy who always made me smile. I miss him and CSA!!!

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    Default Shout out to our new friends at CSS! Yea mon!

    Just got back from CSS yesterday & already having withdrawal symptoms! Anyway, wanted to post a quick shout out to our new friends at CSS - when I get our pictures downloaded I will post some of them - in the meantime, thanks to all at CSS who made our vacation the best ever!!

    At the Beach Bar/Beach Grill area: Easton, Kevin, Travis, Christina, and Layden...

    Guest services: Lij & Michelle

    Casanova restaurant: Richard

    Entertainment: Kaydian, Mini me (Miquel), Serenity girls, Kevin Clark

    Water sports: Marvin, Christopher

    Pallazina restaurant: Natalia, Fabian

    Spa: Jacquie & Carrie Ann

    Gift shop: Tamra, Martin

    That's a good start.... I know there are others whose name I neglected to write down, but our hearts & love go to each of the staff at CSS for treating us so wonderfully!

    Will post pix soon! Love to all! Debbie & Quinn from NC

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    Trillan is no longer at CSA. He made the glass bottom boat trip fun. The Nemo hat and glasses were great!

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    Just booked a surprise birthday trip for my husband in May and wondering if Dermon is still at CSA? In Oct 08 he was at the swim up bar. I would probably have to contact CSA directly to find out if our housekeeper for the week, Tanisha and Ulesa, our waitess for our private dinner and at Palms are still there.

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    I am so happy to hear that Kirk and Antoinette are still at CTI - we haven't been "home" for awhile, and are looking forward to seeing them both in a little over a week! Now, can anyone get Skilly back? He was our best man in our wedding 10 years ago, and to this day a great friend. I know he is state-side now, but I will surely miss him while we are in Jamaica!!! Looking foward to are trip HOME!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KEZ View Post
    Does anyone know if Trillan is still at CSA working with the watersports crew? He was such a fun guy who always made me smile. I miss him and CSA!!!
    No, he's been gone since October 2008
    He has a little baby now too

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    Default Staff Shout Outs-Great Idea

    My husband and I just returned from CSA and had a wonderful time. We would like to give shout outs to Oral, a great friendly bartender and Annette, who gave me the best facial and massage. Wonderful people and we will definitely be back!!

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    We just got home last night from CSA, and already want to go back. Service is a big deal to the Staff at CSA. After spending time at the "S" resorts and experiencing a decline in service over the past few years we wanted to try someone new ! How Refreshing !
    Kamoy, at the front desk was so helpful in making sure we were happy with our room. We had a Beachfront Verandah Suite, bottom floor, corner room. It was perfect, although I don't think you could go wrong with any of the beachfront rooms. Everyone is different, look at different rooms for different reasons........Some may prefer a Garden Suite for the intimacy.......
    We had many days that we had Room Service Breakfast, that Toni-Ann !was bright-eyed and smiling everyday she brought our breakfast to our Verandah ! She was always right on time !
    If you get a chance to be there in the next few weeks you may still get to meet "Clover" She is the beautiful young women about to have a baby ) You may see her at the Concierge desk or the Dis and Dat or maybe even upstairs at the Palms running the spotlight !
    The servers at "Feathers" are all outstanding ! What a pleasure to dine there ! If you see a BIG guy with a huge smile, that would be Chris.
    I have to say we were not disappointed in ANY of the Servers, anywhere. Beach Bars included.
    Then there is Jason "The Legend", "Oneill"
    and "Neisha"or fondly called "Pixie"These three talented young people were so great at making you feel right at home. They are the Entertainment Team, and I don't care if you're young or older they mix and mingle with everyone ! If you go to Orientation you will immediately meet one of them, for your tour of the property. We had Jason and it was very entertaining ! and informative. These three are so talented also. One night we had so much fun just sitting at "The Palms" watching them dance with vacationers and each other after dinner. There were MANY evenings that we spent at "The Palms" watching them participate with that nights show. We had some great new experiences watching the singers, and shows. Kudo's to CSA for having these great young people !!
    If you get a chance to go to the Spa don't miss it. It's alittle slice of heaven ! My personal Massage person was "Rushell"I was lucky enough to get two massages while we were there.
    My only regret is not getting more names of individuals while we were there, to personally name more.

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    Shout-out at CTI. I'm going to try this again. I didn't get pictures of everyone, so here's a few names of staff who were wonderful and endearing: AVA,LILY and AKIEL at the Couples Resort Lounge at the airport; ORLENGA, who brought us a lovely chilled bottle of champagne and plate of cookies upon arrival; main-bar tenders: KAHLEIL, CASRINE, RANEIL, CAMILLE, SIMONE and ANTOINETTE; SHEREEN at the Logo Shop and ODAH at the gift shop; always love seeing EVERALD and BYRON when we arrive! Captain KIRK is someone we just love, and he took very good care of us this year showing us to our room. I'll try to upload the picture. (Upload of file failed again!! Why does this happen? I see the other pictures are big so I don't think it's the size and mine are .jpeg extensions. Argggghhh!!) At the fitness center, DAVID was very helpful; I had a great power walk with ALFRED one day; MYMA SUE cooked me one hellofa omlet and RUSHANE and CARLA made sure I really enjoyed my pancakes; had a wild ride on the catamaran thanks to the great ROGER; and I'll have to tell you more about the rest of them in another post, because it is time for me to get. Sun_princess loves all of you!

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    We just returned from our first ever trip to CSA and are homesick to go back already! Guaranteed we will be returning next year!

    Everyone working at CSA were amazing and made our stay so memorable. We were made to feel so welcome and we feel we have met many special new friends this past week. It is impossible for us to possibly mention everyone by name, but make no mistake, CSA has the most amazing people on staff. We look forward to seeing you all again yearly.

    So hear goes, we will attempt to name the staff who were the best of the best for us...

    Paul Reid II - Entertainment (He certainly was!!! LOL! One of the coolest people we met on the island.)
    Toyan- Waiter @ Palms (Looked forward to seeing him every day and missed ya bro on ur day off)
    Clover- Concierge (love u girl...looking forward to seeing pics of baby!!!)
    O'Neil- Entertainment (21 yrs old and only sleeps when u do! haha)
    Deryk- Patois (Smoothie expert extrordinaire and Charming as hell lol! )
    Lensworth - Waiter @ Feathers (Outstanding service my man! Doesn't miss a beat.)
    Jerome- Bartender @ Aura (Took us 5 days to meet ya but once we did we had the best of times. Say Hi to Duane the security guard for us! Everyting cook n curry mon!)
    Don't know who the 2 young men were working the buffet at the Palms but tell em I'm still watching them haha!
    Neisha- Entertainment aka Pixie (For the record Pixie, It wasn't me!!! LOL)
    The 2 Massage Goddesses who did our Couples massage- don't know your names but Mmm Mmm girls have magic fingers!!! AMAZING!
    Also the girls who worked at Patois were amazing, wish we caught their names. One was very young and such a sweet sweet girl, she served me while I dined all alone one night.(Hubby had migraine) You know who u are!
    And another girl who I told one morning looks just like Brandy the singer- beautiful girl!
    Cleaning and Turn Down service were awesome too, couldn't forget you!

    I just know we are forgetting some names as there really were so many people at CSA who were phenomenal, so just know that this list is in no way complete by any means! Hope you are all still there when we get back next year! Can't wait to see you all....354 sleeps and counting LOL!

    Heather & Trevor Curzon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    Trillan is no longer at CSA. He made the glass bottom boat trip fun. The Nemo hat and glasses were great!
    Lol. I have a bunch of pics with him in his Nemo hat and glasses. LOVE HIM.

    Quote Originally Posted by WandA View Post
    No, he's been gone since October 2008
    He has a little baby now too
    I am so sad that he is gone but so grateful that we got married in March 2008 and were able to meet him. He truly makes me smile each time I think of him. I am so happy to hear that he has a baby. I can only imagine the sense of humor that baby will have! Does anyone know of any contact info for him? Email? I would love to just drop him a note.

    Thanks for the replies!

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    Allison - our housekeeper at SweptAway - made every single day a special day. She always left a beautiful towel and flower arrangement on our bed each day...sometimes a swan, sometimes a heart...always beautiful! We did not actually meet her until half-way through our stay, and she is every bit as sweet and thoughtful as we imagined she would be. Another special person is Delroy - bartender at Feathers. He has a special drink that only he can make. No other bartender came close. On a couple of occasions he sent his specials from Feathers over to us at Patois to make our evenings complete! It's those "unexpected" surprises that stick in my memory and keep me coming back to SweptAway.

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    I'm back, and thanks to KRISJAMIE, I will be successful with the pictures and the Shout Out's for CTI. YAY!

    CAPTAIN KIRK is the guy...most years he shows us up to our room. We love him![ATTACH]

    DELROY is someone we have loved for many years as well. He's the man who keeps the beach looking so lovely. He works hard every morning (early) to see that it appears as though it was put there just for you. He always had our spots ready to enjoy. [ATTACH]

    Here is a picture of our bar man on the beach, SEAN. Every day, he was cheerful and witty. He certainly has a great smile, and we looked forward to seeing him every day. [ATTACH]5562

    I think this should be SIMONE, who is the Entertainment Leader at CSS. We miss having her at CTI so we went to visit on a day-pass. [ATTACH]

    JERMAINE was another fun and helpful beach bar tender.[/ATTACH]

    There's more, but I want to make sure I'm executing this properly. Still Lovin All of You!!!
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    One of the reasons I've never visited this thread, let alone not responded is because I have yet to step foot on a Couples property, so who am I going to lay a shout out to? about Niki in Couples sales/customer service? It was she who took my reservation some 10 months back when I first booked my trip. I was reviewing my paperwork, including some notes that I had scribbled some info on, and amongst the scribbles were a reminder to call her about a month before departure to provide my airline info. So I did.

    She not only took that down, but also reminded me to sign up on Romance Rewards. When I told her I already had, Niki took it upon herself to pull my rewards number and make sure to notate in the system so that I can qualify for the entry level repeaters perks, being the 2nd leg of my stay is at CN.

    I also thought back and suddenly recalled that when I made my reservation that day, it was a Wednesday and it just so happens there was a Coupliscious special going on regarding free trip insurance. I had not read the special offered by Randy, so I had no idea it was available. Yet Niki cheerfully mentioned that she was going to sign me up for that as well.

    So consider this my first shout out, granted 10 months way overdue, but at least it's there. Thank you Niki, you are da bomb!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    We have just returned from CSA.Again we enjoyed our time at CSA thanks to all Couples staff.From the moment of check in and the lovely ladies at the front desk to the day we left the staff were exceptional.A few special thanks going out to Delroy at Feathers bar.You were a joy to talk to and gave me a lesson on martinis.To Rushell at Sunset Bar and Patois thanks for your recipes.To chef Anthony Miller thanks for the pumpkin soup recipe.That's on our menu this weekend.To Sheryl Clarke I thank you for helping me to celebrate my husband's birthday the day we arrived.Look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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    Default Our Shout outs

    We were at CTI from 2/10 to 2/17 and had the time of our lives !!

    SEAN T.ON THE BEACH: Thanks for being AWESOME ! Your smile was always a delight. Ford tough -- we looked so forward to seeing you everyday. You are such a HARD WORKER with such a GREAT ATTITUDE. You definately made our stay comfortable and enjoyable. WE MISS YOU AND WE WILL BE BACK ! You are one of the main reasons that we are coming back.

    DEVIAN ON THE BEACH: Thanks for taking such good care of us when Sean wasn't around. Don't forget the Chief will be back !!

    YOUNG SEAN (STUDENT) - Dining: You are great young man.....thanks for being so kind and polite. You worked so hard and we really appreciated it.

    RYAN: Wow Thanks for talking our heads off and making us feel so WELCOME !! Wish we could have visited are just to busy making everyone fill at home.

    BYREN: You are the best !!! You always make us laugh and we cannot wait until our return in 2/2011

    CSPT. KIRK: GO REDSKINS ! Thanks to you as well ! We'll be back next year as NFL CHAMPS!

    PAULETTE - HOUSEKEEPING (4311) - You are fantastic. Thank you so much.


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    Default Sweets 4 The "Sweet-One" In My Life

    Here on our 19th Anniversary my Sweetheart gets the shock of her life-time,meeting the head pastry chef,from CSA.To me this was her most special moment there.Not sure of his name,but he is the Head Pastry Chef from CSA.Thank-you for helping make her moment a memorable one,you are the Man. John from Germantown, Wisconsin

    P.S. Nancy i love you so much with all my heart and hope for us to have many more of these special times together.And Thank-You for the most pleasant and enjoyable last 19 years.I LOVE YOU BABY!!!
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    Default Randol at CN - thanks for making our dinner last Thursday so special!

    We had a superb dinner at Otaheite Restaurant last week and Randol did such a fabulous job of making us feel special! Thanks so much.

    Also, the maitre'd was superb as well.

    What a staff at CN - big round of applause!

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