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    Just returned to our first trip and would like to say that Trishanna at the Bamboo bar at CSA was such a joy....we had many good conversations and no matter what time of day you went up to get a drink she was always smiling and so attentive to her many customers...and knew many by their name. She is a hard worker....I sure hope she gets a promotion. In addition, Camela, at Palms, made the best omelets....shout out to Oliver on the flat bottom boat, he made that trip memorable, had us laughing the whole entire well as being so informative on the sea environment.
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    The staff at Tower Isle are fabulous. I have food allergy's and met with my restaurant of the evening's chef each day to discuss my dinner needs. Special thanks to Chef Sherman, who was eager to make very special dinners for me + his sous chef Dion. Chef's Lawrence + Kalu were terrific, as well as 8 Rivers manager Lawrence. Donald in the veggie bar brought a smile to me each day with his enthusiasm and his best smoothies ever. Dolan + Kelmore in watersports are wonderful. Maviette in housekeeping kept our room sparkling each day. Many thanks for creating a wonderful vacation for us last week.
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    We just returned from our first trip to CTI and we have to give a shout out to Byron. He was the first to greet us as we stepped off the bus, made a point of asking our names and showed us our room. He was also the very first person we told that we were engaged! He was so excited for us! What an awesome man! We had to see each other each day, except for his day(s) off and thankfully he was there the day we left so we could say "see you next year" and get a hug.

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    A big shout out for NeeNa at Couples Negril. We just returned from 10 wonderful days and the second day there, I managed to break my toe. She always checked how I was doing at least twice a day. What a pleasant young women with a big heart.
    CTI- December 2010
    CN- December 2013

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    After returning from our 4th trip to CSA it's so great to see so many familiar faces. The one and only Ricardo at Feathers and the Aura is the absolute BEST! You will always be part of our family. Shaggy, Franz, and Cooper made our diving experience a special one every time. Being able to dive with the dolphins was a real dream come true. Our new friends Garnet and Colleen at the swim up bar made every day a pleasure. Thank you ALL of the wonderful staff as always it's the most beautiful place in the world and we will sooncome!

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    A huge shout out to the staff on our Catamaran cruise at Tower Isle. My husband got extremely boat sick and even after he threw up all over the downstairs bathroom, the staff was sooooo nice to him. They rubbed ice on his neck and kept giving him water and rinsing out his puke bucket.

    I, on the other hand, felt perfectly wonderful and had an absolute blast!!! The staff was amazing!

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    We are headed to CSA for our 7th trip this Feb. but our excitement has diminished since finding out our dear friend Edwardo is no longer working there. Not sure what happened but CSA will not be the same for us without him! I am sure we will still have a wonderful time but there will definitely be something missing. He is a lovely. bright, articulate young man who we consider a dear friend. I realize there are many other great staff members but feel this is a huge loss for CSA.
    Maine Girl

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    Returned from CSA 3 weeks ago from our 6th Couples trip. Just booked #7. Recent trip was our best one yet!
    First the CSA dive team was awesome. Shaggy, Cooper, Anthony and the rest of them. Our 9 days of diving were great! Lincoln & Peter in the Palms bar was top notch! Other stand out employees: Stacey Ann - Palms, Kavian - swim up bar, Cleopatra - manager at our repeaters dinner table, Jonnoy - Pataois. OShane & Jarvis - cooks at Seagrapes.

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    We just returned from our first trip to CTI a few days a massive polar freeze out in the Midwest and a terrible 7 hour drive home from the airport. Knew we were coming back to winter...but boy does it make us miss 'home' all that much more.
    We were at CSS in 2010 and had such a fabulous time it was hard for us to try a different Couples....but after being at CTI...for those afraid to try another resort...go...each one is just incredible. Beautiful, relaxing, welcoming, just awesome.
    A few staff shout outs from us to those that made us feel like family. When we were at CSS, we met to CTI and saw the names of the entertainment crew...Miguel, with the nickname mini-me...on the board. No way! He was at CTI! What a great surprise. So great to see a familiar face when we didn't know what to expect. rock! So great to have the opportunity to sit over lunch and really get to know you. Thank you for everything.
    Rohan and Livernil for all the pool bar fun and laughter!
    Delano at Eight Rivers...Chevelle at the made us laugh everyday. made every day a blast.
    Thank you thank you thank you all! There are so many I know I am forgetting. The incredible piano player that put up with all our loud and totally off key singing.
    Guest services for taking care of all the details.
    Housekeeping for taking care of us everyday.
    We have now visited two couples properties and know each one holds something special and unique. Friends...we will be back and we are already dreaming of our next visit home!

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    We just returned from our second trip to CTI, and as repeaters, we had an even better time than we did the first time around. Across the board, the staff at CTI is the best, but I'll try to remember the ones who really stood out on this trip: Charmaine, Andrew, Orlenga, Kirk, Karl, Byron, Andre, Ronaldo, the housekeeping staff (don't know their names, but they sure did a great job).... I'm sure there are others whose names I should be remembering. Almost without fail, we were taken care of with the trademark CTI politeness, promptness, approachability, and friendliness. Thank so all so very much for another fabulous trip. We will be back!

    I do want to make special note of Andre at Bayside. He especially deserves a shout-out for gracefully handling our somewhat drunken group of 6 on one evening and for being equally accommodating the very next evening when my husband and I ate there without our friends.

    I also want to note that we went to CSS one day for trading places, and while we certainly didn't have any negative encounters with staff there, there was just a certain something that was missing. The "vibe" from the staff just seemed perhaps a bit less genuine. I don't know how CTI does it, but their staff just consistently seems to provide the best possible experience to each and every guest.

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    CSA from Dec. 28 to Jan. 11/14. Great service from Shawn at pool bar, Fraser at Patio who
    helped me return one evening of too many drinks, Kevin and Andre from entertainment,
    Allison on the Beach and probably missing someone but will remember later

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    We were at CSS Jan. 9-16. We had a wonderful time. Was our 1st visit to the resort and we were not disappointed in the least. A special thank-you to Scuba Mike and Mitch for a fun and exciting introduction to scuba. Mike instructed us in the skills for our dive and Mitch was very patient and caring during the dive. Thank-you gentleman for the exciting new adventure in diving.
    Wes and LeAnn Williams, California.

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    At CN -

    Renardo welcomed us in the lobby upon arrival, with big smiles, much respect, handled our bags, showed us to our room, explained everything, and ensured if we needed anything he was always there to help us out with questions or needs.

    Floy was hands down our favorite bartender, full of smiles, good times, and entertainment that kept us laughing and coming to see her exclusively

    Desmond, Milton, Omar, & Byron always took care of us in the watersports activities and ensured we had all the knowledge needed for any given activity. They also made us feel comfortable during night snorkeling and ensured we were safe at all times.

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    Just got home today after spending 15 wonderful days at CN. This was our second visit to Negril,(but our 5th to Couples Resorts), and the staff made this trip even better. A big thankyou to all the CN staff for making our trip perfect even if the weather was not quite so good this year. We would especially like to mention Dophia, Jully Ann, Tushana, Charles at Heliconia, Sherika Rose, Damali, Mesha, Younique, Taylor at Cassava, Okeno, Carlos, Shawna and all the entertainment team, you are all the reason why we hope to be back next year.

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    Colin, David with the dive crew at CTI are the best! Very fun and safe. Our Katy in the spa used to work in entertainment is adorable and sweet, one of the most fun people ever! Ryan pool bar for his famous drinks, and the bellman in the lobby are adored not to mention Delroy. My favorite is drinking coffee on the balcony and watching him clean the beach, he makes it feel like baby powder! Love them all! Negril was fabulous as well but so thing about the people at CTI just made it home. Can't wait till we can come back! Going on a family trip and I know I will have to bring my girls to to meet our extended family! Love you all!

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    We absolutely loved Suzette and Andrew in the Martini Bar, Conroy as our beach waiter, Masselle as our main pool bartender, Richard and Christopher in Watersports. We also enjoyed Milton and ALL of the entertainment staff. Oh and last but not least- Sunshine at Casanova. Thank you to everyone who made our trip so wonderful!!! Oh and one more- Delsena took some fabulous photographs of us and we really enjoyed her company.

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    We were at CTI from Feb 1st to 7th and have to say a big thank you to all the staff there!
    Incredible service from everyone and especially Karl at the bar! He made the best cocktails / shots period!
    We always had something different to drink thanks to him. Of course the menu drinks were great too!
    He made us a great mix for our trip back to the airport and named it "KMT" (his and our first initials)!
    Hope to make it back there someday soon!

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    We just returned home from CTI. After being there 8 wonderful nights. Thank you to all Couples staff. The handful special people we remember who need Honorable mention are. Everold. Bellman. Everything is Irie mon, Sean. Our waiter in Eight Rivers one evening as well as our personal waiter on the Island. Night of Feb 14th. Valentines special dinner for my wife an I. And. Caren. Thank you lil lady for keeping everything running. Last but not least. Leonard the manager. Couples. Thank You. We ,ll be back in 2015 hopefully. A few last mentions. The lady in Couples lounge MBJ. Airport. Checked us in an reply ed Welcome back home! Along with various bartenders all staff and the lil photo shop lady. Short hair. In her 30s wearing glasses. Sorry for not remembering every ones names but each and everyone of you helps makes Couples our favorite vacation home!!!!!!!

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    We returned from CN on February 27th, our 6th trip. I am terrible at remembering names, and really need to write them down. Actually I think I am going to start taking their pictures. It is not that I don't remember some names, it is just the ones who we only interact with occasionally that I forget. Let me say this, everyone, and I mean everyone from the groundskeepers to the management, are awesome and did a great job while we were there.

    Greeted by Herbert and a big welcome home hug, fantastic. The entire entertainment team made certain to stop and say hi every time they saw us. A shout out to them, Nella, Shauna (What a singer), Okeno (Justin Bieber), Kiev, Nena, Ballard you all rock it. Paul Tucker, you bring us back and we so enjoy singing with you. Camille (my nickname for her Hurricane Camille), Tennyson, Ivy Lyn, Cecilia, Natashia, and other bar tenders whose names escape me, probably because of their services, kept me well supplied with cool refreshing drinks of choice at all the bars. The piano bar workers even remembered from previous nights and trips. The gals who seated us for breakfast at the Cassava Terrace every morning, with a smile and a how are you. A young man on the beach, Duncan maybe, who always asked how the commodore was doing and prepared to bring me my next drink even when the flag was no up. Samahra (spelling) who introduced me to Banana Rum Cream the first or second day, and then they were out of it the rest of the week. Fiona, the manger of the photo shop, what a pleasure to talk to and she was at our table for the Repeaters dinner (which I thought was excellent this time). To all the others, the behind the scenes people who made our trip so enjoyable, thank you, thank you all. With out all the wonderful staff and workers at this great resort, it would not be as much fun as it is. Great job to you all, see you in 2015, unless of course I can talk my wife into visiting again this year.

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    CSA - I really hope someone is helping Andre with his volleyball game, cause when we return if he can not hang, he is losing his beach job to me, he can keep the nightly dancing part though.

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    CSS, Anyone know where Orlando the bartender is now? The resort said he no longer works at CSS. I'd really love to get in touch with him. He is a long time buddy. I've known him for over 10 years and have been unable to get in touch with him. Any information would be appreciated. He is a great great guy. The main reason I returned to CSS for 5 trips.

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    The best hair stylist, make-up artist, and masseuse at CSA. Ask for Collinette.

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    We just returned from our first trip to Jamaica/CN....the staff at CN, on the whole, could not have been better! They were one of the reasons why this was our most enjoyable vacations as a couple.

    I could never remember all their names but here are a few who left a great impression with us....
    -Franklin/welcoming...brought our bags for us
    -Milton/water sports
    -Nelly & the ENTIRE entertainment team!
    -Late night cook at Heliconia (forget his name)...took care of my midnite munchies at 2am (a few nights!)
    -Floy/Pool bar...this woman alone would bring us back to CN! We love her & hope her first trip to the US is a good one!

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