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    Shout outs to Dalton and Kishann at CSS -- Kishann helped with a bunch of logistics and Dalton really made our upcoming stay special -- again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schdyny View Post
    Romaine was our favorite when we were there in '07. I am sorry to hear he is no longer there! Where is the Pushcart Restaurant - Maybe we might have to make a trip.
    We just left CSA on Saturday and we had Romaine at swim up bar all week, he and my hubby Ken laughed the whole time!! We love Romaine!!

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    Default Couples Tower Isle!!!! <3

    We spent a glorious week at CTI earlier this month for our honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with the staff there.
    Kadian, Kevin, Alvin, Garicia from the entertainment team...awesome bunch of young people....Kadian was especially sweet and oh so adorable!!
    Bryon and Everald the best bell desk people on the planet!
    Mikiko and his gorgeous smile, sassy Alicia, and Jaime from the front desk!!! <3 <3
    Travis was exceptional...we met him at Bayside. Then there was Vincent, Kennard, Romaine, Jacinth and Joshua from the restaurants.
    Kayeena and Sashanna were also joys to be around.....
    Garfield from room service.
    Collin the tennis instructor.
    The pretty girls from the gift shop whose names I cant remember.
    Clarence the bus driver....
    Of course Mr. Henry. Exceptional manager with exceptional staff. We miss that place and cannot wait to come back to celebrate our anniversary!!!!!

    We are also from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) and totally fell in love with Jamaica thanks to these people and this heavenly place. See u soon!!!!!!

    Kai & Solomon

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    Just got back from CSA and the staff is a big reason we will definitely be back!!

    Big shout outs to Mae and Frazer the best bartenders at the beach bar, Kurt, Julane, and Miss J (Janet) at Seagrapes, Elliot for cutting a coconut every day for me, Davion and Kevian at the beach bar with their amazing bar tricks. They kept us busy and got us very drunk during a passing thunderstorm! And a special thank you to Kareem who was our First mate on our private catamaran cruise who not only found my broken anklet (that I bought in Jamaica) but he also fixed it for me before returning it to me on the beach.

    We miss you guys already and we just left 2 days ago!!

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    I haven't even made it to the island yet and I am already super impressed with the customer service Couples offers. From calling with issues to e-mailing, Mr. Garfield Lawrence is pretty flippin awesome! I totally sent him a barrage of e-mails and he never once seemed annoyed or had a problem answering any questions I had for him. This has just up'd the enthusiasm on our honeymoon and now we cannot wait!

    Only 39 More Days till I can finally post a review on this board instead of asking questions!

    Thank you Couples employees, and specifically Mr Garfield for his outstanding customer service!

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    I am so happy to see this thread. My hubby and I were at CSA a few weeks ago and we miss it sooo much. The staff there is great. Our favories are below (in no special order)

    Kevern - Makes great drinks and has the best attitude. Just a real peaceful person.
    Orrin - This silly guy keeps the laughs going.
    Reynauid - He makes a killer martini at the CSA Martini Bar. He is 5 stars all around! What a great bartender. Kind and happy.
    Patrion - She is so warm and polite and attentive.
    Shellianne - I am so upset I accidently left her name out of tripadvisor review (newlyweds0411 - Middlesex NJ). She is wonderful! She made us feel welcome. Her attitude is the best and she is sooo much fun. Shellianne is a great all around.
    Martin - He is a great photographer and has a real talent for capturig the moment. He is professional and he took a really beautiful picture of me and my hubby that I will keep forever.

    These people are what great resorts are made of.

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    First full day at CSA. Awesome bartenders romaine at the swim up bar and Judy at the beach bar nearest the great house. Randymon, please treat them right!

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    I have to give a staff out to Latoya and everyone else that helped at our wedding August 25th at CTI. Latoya did an amazing job and we had the wedding of our dreams! We really can't thank her enough. Because of her, we WILL be back to Couples Tower Isle.

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    Default The winner, hands down - Davian Watersports CSA

    Here is "the faking Jamacian" attempting to sing Shaggy's "The Train is coming". I did the Ken Booth part, Davian just proved he's got no musical talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twibaby2010 View Post
    We just left CSA on Saturday and we had Romaine at swim up bar all week, he and my hubby Ken laughed the whole time!! We love Romaine!!
    Not the same person......Romaine is a fairly common name in Jamaica

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    Does anyone know if Webber is still working at CSA or still with Couples? He was our bell hop last year and went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed and our rooms were suitable...all within the first 15 minutes we were there! Sure would love to see him again & give him a hug! Wish he could be transferred to CTI just for the week we're supposed to be there!

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    We miss CSS so much, not even home a month and planning to go back in July! Clive at front desk was awesome when we wanted to move from A to G. Thanks so much for helping me get the view I dream about every night SaskiAnn at the pool bar, you make the best Vodka Slushies. And Frankie and Lenworth are the absolute best welcome home committee around. Shout out to KadyAnn and ShellyAnn too.....we miss you all. Much love and respect from Nancy Ann and Johnny Mac

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    Happy Birthday, 10/12/12, to Damion Henry at CTI.

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    Got back from CSA a week ago and had a crazy good time, the staff is spectacular! BIG shout out to Demar at the beach bar, he is the greatest! He is the kind of person I hope my daughter can find someday. Also a shout out to Cindi at the beach bar, the waiter at SeaGrapes who gave me "the look" and Divya (I think this is how you spell her name) the hostess in Feathers one night and at Patois our last night. Even though I had to help her seat people she is great! LOL

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    I wanted to give a big thank you to all of the staff that made out vacation a once in a lifetime experience. We hope to be back home soon. But this trip was even more special because my boyfriend Charlie proposed at the private island dinner. Rachel in guest services was the best she took a couple pictures for us as the Couples photographer was not in the lobby at that time. Karl was our waiter/host. He thought of elements that we did not even think of, like bigger softer chairs for dinner. Karl was amazing... perfect service and he has a great vibe and smile (which just makes you have a great time.) We he even made sure we were taken care of at the following night's beach dinner. Thank you so so much. The sax player (i am sorry I forget his name) plays wonderful music on the island, on the cat cruise and on the beach after the cat cruise which just made the nights so much more romantic. Thank you again!!!!

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    My husband & I came there & got married, just the two of us, on 11/18/11. We absolutely loved Couples Tower Isle & every member of the staff. Everyone made us feel so special. Everyone who coordinated our wedding was awesome!! We LOVE JAMAICA

    My FAVORITE PERSON would have to be Fennela because she took care of me, her bride, head to toe!! She made me absolutely beautiful XOXO <3

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    Pamella seranaded me. Also, Renae (the recptionist, not pictured) was a joy to deal with, what a sweetie!! These girls in the spa made us feel like royalty. Fennel & Pamella also gave us our couples massages. They made this a very memorable experience.

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    Emorth was AWESOME!!! Made us feel very special every single time we saw him. We miss our Jamaican family!!!

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    Andre also took very good care of us!!

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    Just returned from our week (Oct 13-20) at CTI. Have been to numerous all inclusives--CTI can boast the number 1 staff. They made our stay the most amazing experience.
    Special mention to Caren Davy (super attentive and caring), Taneshia (gift shop-"Thanks for the Espresso's"), Everald, Emnorth and Byron (always smiling and helpful), Dean and Hayden ( the best grounds keepers/ great job looking after the parrots**look after our favorite ROMEO), Donald (most efficient and pleasant in the veggie/juice bar), Garfield ( great job as a waiter in the 8), Maxine ( breakfast). Looking forward to seeing you all in 2013.

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    Is Richard still at the watersports hut at CSA? He really made our trip last time and would love to see him in Febuary!

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    I forgot to mention Donald, I cannot believe I did not mention him in my last post . He was so welcoming and shared his knowledge of the island while feeding us wonderful food and drinks at the Juice Bar. He made us feel at home...heck better than home. Also to Andre, thanks Mon! Andre was the best he always was in a great mood when delivering breakfast and was great to chat with. He was so discrete when my boyfriend (after the vacation fiancee) was not feeling well and delivered us room service. Again, I cannot say enough about the staff at Couples, they truly make the already amazing resort, outstanding Five plus stars.

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    Our vow renewal surpassed all of our expectation.
    Thank you everyone at csa.
    Redford for the photgraher,Damon for the excellent video,Prystal the wedding co ordinator...but a special hug &
    Super Big Shout out to the fab Entertainment team @ csw.
    Crystal& Urshane,Mr G Gucci fromely known as Doyle.

    Frank & I was so surprised/happy /thrilled you 3l took the time out of your busy day to come to our vow renewal service...this truly was enduring.You are fine special people.You are so impressive.
    Shelley I hope you are feeling better girl,get some are a trooper ,always smiling even when you are sick.
    I hope the GP of cwa ,nows what a exceptional bunch you all are !!
    Kudos to you all
    Love frank and Kim Schroeder from ontario

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    There were so many, and if I forget anyone I am so sorry.... you all made our vacation great! Hear are a few standouts!

    Big Kudos to Entertainment Team Members Rushaine, Shelley Anne, Doyley ( watch out for him... he is destined to be the next Prime Minister, and Jerome, a brand new Hire who was one of the crowd from day one. Well done, gang... loved the orientation tour with Doyley and dancing with rushaine, as well as long chats with Jerome.

    Brooks and Antoinette at the palms.... “sisters from another mother” These girls are a barrel of fun and laughter and go out of their way to make you feel special and like family. Also Trainee Elsie Ann... what a sweet girl! All the best to Antoinnette who is going to be a new mom in December!

    Lincoln, the beach waiter at the bamboo Bar. What a gem! lovely young man!
    Damien, at the martini bar... he should be an actor. So funny and entertaining... also attentive and personable and mixes a mean lychee martini. or were those goat balls...LOL!!!

    Romaine and Lucien at the pool bar... Lucien also worked the bar at palms for lunch. these guys are great fun and very obviously enjoy their jobs. No matter where we were on resort, they would yell over hey and come to chat.

    ALL THE STAFF at AURA... sorry we can”t remember all the names... because they served us to well!!! YOU know who you are. we truly enjoyed each and every one of the bartenders and waitresses here.... such a awesome bunch of young people. And of course, we cannot forget our good friends Ultimate and Teno... two of the nicest, most genuine and most talented people you will have the pleasure of meeting.

    Photographer Keithon Brett is amazing.... such creativity and technique. I will cherish these photos for years to come!

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    Ok, here is a wonderful story about San Souci , this is Hats off to the manger ! 2 years ago , we had booked our second stay , we are from the Upper Pen of Michigan. We ended up with our flight being cancelled for several days due to a winter storm We called Garfield in Florida , he was able to hold our room for us and make the proper arrangements for us to be picked up when we could finally fly in. When we finally arrive , we had ran into the Manager , we chatted and told him how much we love couples resort, and told him about our loss of 3 days because of the weather. Well, He was very understanding and felt bad for us, so he gave us a 3 day credit for our next trip! Now mind you we did not ask, or complain because we know this is all part of flying and doing so in the winter. For him to offer this , just goes to show Couples really do above and beyond for their guest! So, here we are waiting to head back, this Feb, going to try out Negril this time around. This will be our 3rd time back and we have decided COUPLE'S is and will be our WINTER VACATION SPOT FROM NOW ON! BRAVO COUPLES TO YOUR EXCEEDING ABOVE AND BEYOND OUR DREAMS OF A WONDERFUL VACATION PLACE ! Sincerely, Kathy Kinville the yopper gal

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    Just got back from Swept Away and I can't begin to remember all the names of the staff, let alone spell them, that made it a memorable trip. Roxanne, rocks and was such a delight when we first met her and every time we saw her, the smile the hugs and she has a good voice, we taught her the "TING" song. Lincoln, Winston, and forgive me but the crew at the Bamboo bar that served me and my friends were fantastic, all of them even the ones that too many "Naughty Jamaican" drinks along with other drinks on the menu make me forget, they will make me come back for more. Kasieha, I know I spelled that wrong, worked one of the egg stations at the morning buffet and was amazing, she would ask your name and if that was the way you always wanted your eggs and the rest of the week she called you by name and fixed your eggs if you wanted them, always with a pleasant smile. I don't know the gal's name that was running entertainment on Friday night, but it was in the buffet since weather was not good, but there should be a law about getting a 61 year old fat man on the dance floor making a fool of himself, thank you getting me into a more relaxed and fun character. Ultimate Chocolate rocked and really enjoyed conversations with him. There was a gal at the smoothie bar in the sports complex whose name escapes me, Chianita or something like that, that was most pleasant and friendly and made fantastic smoothies. There were many others , from house keeping to food services to even the photographers that just made the trip special and made us all smile. They in a large part will be the reason we will come back, but CN is where are heart is, so we will do a longer trip, split stay next year and go to both. I will say to keep this in perspective, not everyone was all smiles and some were not having good days, but hey that happens even in our own lives, but it was totally offset by those who were and it did nothing to distract. Just having a hurricane go through I am sure some had other things on their minds. I swear next time I am going to take a notebook and take names. Respect.

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    Default Vivian at CTI

    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading so many great stories about the Couples staff throughout the message board while I moderate it, and I thought it would be fun to create a thread specifically for staff shout outs! I envision a place where you can all share specific stories about how a staff member(s) made your vacation even better, went above and beyond to make sure you were happy, did something really funny, or really any great stories and experiences you have shared with our staff.

    Okay, well I look forward to reading your stories!
    All of the staff members at CTI were really friendly and welcoming, but my husband and I connected perfectly with Vivian, the first moment we met him. He took us out on a lovely sail and was so personable that we felt like we had known him forever! He was so upbeat and happy, we couldn't help but feel the same way. He remembered us, by name, each time we saw him. On the day of our departure we had a few extra moments that we could spend just sitting on the beach and were thrilled to find Vivian so that we could say a proper good bye. I have a wonderful photo of him and every time I look at it I feel like I left a family member in Jamaica! We miss you, Vivian! - Joanne and Lee

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    We were at CSA last week (and am SO sad to be home...), but one day we forgot to fill out our minibar refill sheet....we realized that at about 5pm. Not good. We were sitting on the verandah and someone was walking by so we asked him if we called, would someone bring us what we wanted? He said no, they won't, you have to fill out the sheet. Then, he looked up and said, what do you want, I'll get it for you! His name was Deville. He was back in about 20 minutes with everything we had asked for!! He didn't have to do this for us, but it saved our day!! Thanks, Deville!!!!!

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