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    After we completed our review card, we realized that we missed mentioning what a wonderful lady Marsha is in the Spa. Please give her another hug from me.

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    We just returned from our second trip to CSA and are really going to miss all the staff who treated us so wonderfully! I have to give special mention to some of our favorite bartenders: Ruel, Kareem, Peter and Roan. Plus, Duane Johnson, the host at Patois and our waitress Suzann who brightened our days with her beautiful smile and spirit. My husband had a great time with all the scuba staff -- all the watersports guys were so much fun! I'm sorry I don't remember everyone's names but all the staff is just great!

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    CSA 1 - 8 May 2011
    I like to show our appreciation and special thanks to Oshaine who took us out on the Nature Tour lovely chap and full of enthusiasm, Kevern from the Bamboo Bar what a guy he always knew what we wanted and never had us sit without a drink and he taught us to play checkers with Jamaican rules, I even won a game. On arrival Remington who took our bags made us feel welcome which is what you need when it is your first day and gave an impression that was followed through by the rest of the staff throughout our stay.

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    CSA May 11-20

    First of all I want to say that the staff as a whole is great. We dined at Feathers twice and we were lucky enough to have Stacey Ann and Franklyn both times. They work great together!! Keithon our wedding photographer was excellent, after he was done with our pictures he offered to go snorkling with us the next day to get some underwater shots. Great young man. Teno, who was our orientation guide, remembered our names the entire trip when we bumped into him. The guys at the Martini bar were a blast. Can't wait to go back.

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    Had an amazing time at CTI this April! It was our first tiem and we cant wait to go back! I couldnt dream up a better place! The staff was incredible! shout out to : Byron (twin twin), Shaun, Ricardo and Alwayne at the bars...respect; Kadi and Garcia with event coordinaters.

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    A special thanks to CSS Staff Members Dawnette (spelling?) in housekeeping and Antony (spelling?) at the Beach Bar for making our stay extra comfortable and relaxing!

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    Just back from CSA. Romaine at the swim up bar was the best. Curtis and Marion were great too. Feeva with the entertainment team was awesome as well and OShane the groundskeeper did am amazing job and was always friendly to talk to when passing by.
    "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

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    Default Omar at CN

    I just got home from Couples Negril and feel so sad to be back. Negril felt like home and all the staff were so great through my entire trip. This is ine place where there really are NO worries!!

    I want to give a very special shout out to Omar from water sports. My second day there he found us on the beach and introduced himself, he talked to us for a while about all the different things to do at the resort and even about Jamaican culture. He was amazing!
    He went out on our snorkel trip, taught us how to use the hobie cat's, and just made our trip so much better than I ever could have imagined. He is amazing!!

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    Default Shout Out

    As I returned to the real world yesterday (ugh!), I was struck by the excellence of the entire staff at CN. Unfailingly, they stopped what they were doing to smile and greet us as we made our way through the resort. Spoiled, I found myself expecting the same treatment at the Montego Bay Airport. I was quickly jolted back to reality. Two staff members really stood out:

    Jason, our server at Lychee. Very cheerful, professional, attentive, prompt and friendly.

    Nella, from the events staff. Very friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

    Looking forward to our next trip to a Couples Resort!

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    Just returned from 10 days at Tower Isle, loved every second of it!

    Garcia, you are absolutely amazingly sweet! I really wished we would have been able to work out the dinner thing with you, we're going to try and come back next February, we both hope your still there. We are not big on the night life, games, etc, and Garcia encouraged us to participate, made sure we know what was all available, and was not at all overbearing. After learning our names once, she remembered us the rest of the week. Just a lovely, charming young woman.

    Terry at the bar on the island, what a gentleman! We had our best drinks of the week from him, and thank for introducing us to Appleton & cranberry.

    Gary and Lionel, who shuttled us back and forth to the island--also great.

    Curtis who makes a great omelet, and the gentleman who ran the waffle station the week we were there--again professional and friendly.

    Denise, our housekeeper--we truly appreciated the little touches of folding the pj's we left at the end of the bed, lining up our shoes, and well, everything!

    Garfield, who was working at the pool grill and at Eight Rivers, you were awesome!

    I can't remember everyone's name, I wish I could, because I'd love to thank everyone for giving us our second great vacation at TI.

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    My wife and I are getting ready to head back to CSA in less than 3 weeks! We had such a great time last year we are going back and spending 7 days this year! We are hoping that Ruel and Horatio are still tending bar because they made our trip so enjoyable last year. Does anyone know if Ruel or Horatio have an email account? Or on Facebook? We would love to contact them before we head down there. We are also wondering if "The General" is still selling cigarreeeeetes! He was wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt last year and we want to give him a Chicago Bears shirt instead! LOL

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    Shout at at Couples Negril to Craig, my favorite divemaster. Great attitude and great appreciation for the comfort of his divers as well as for their safety. What a great person to represent your property.

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    CSS April 18-25

    We had a lovely time at CSS and wanted to give shout outs to several staff who were unfailingly kind, friendly and professional and helped make our stay special: Dalton at the Front Desk, Margaret at Guest Services, and Giftston (waiter at Casanova and Palazzina for breakfast / lunch).

    CN April 25 - May 2

    CN has a very special place in our hearts. We feel so relaxed and at home there, and we spend a lot of time at waterports as my husband is an avid windsurfer, who this year also discovered the joys of stand up paddleboarding . Extra special shout out to England (Keneil) in watersports, who is so kind, serious (yet with an underlying sense of humour!), professional, hard-working and concerned about making sure guests are enjoying their watersports activities. Also, special shout outs to Marlon at Heliconia, Novia and Dianne at the spa, Destin at Guest Services, Wayne (Operations Manager), Marcia in housekeeping, and Shrek, Jovane, Stevie and Courtney in watersports. We'll see you next year!

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    Just got back to the U.K from the wonderful San Souci this morning. Please give ALL the staff a shout out. Each and everyone of them were above & beyond service we have ever recieved. Our special mentions got to Jhanelle @ Au Natural Bar, We salute you sweetie and also the chef at the Aunatural beach, cant remember her name, The extraordinary Shelliann , Jermaine & all entertainment staff, Courtney @ Casanova, Daron room service, Vanessa Room Cleaner and teabag supplier ha ha , Veronique to name a few and if i have missed you out I apologise. Give everyone at San Soci an employee award please. We loved them all.
    Lots of love Elma & Dave England U.K. xxxxxxxxx

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    Our shout out is for Dave at the Balloon Bar at Sans Souci. He was terrific! He really made our stay all the more enjoyable. Look for him if you are headed to Sans Souci.

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    My wife and I just returned from Couples Negril,, There were SOOOOOOO many people we met and couldn't possibly keep track of them all,,, but,,, Herbert!!!!!!!! My man!! He grated us off the bus and instantly became our brodder!! Julietta at the tour desk,, thanks for your patience! I'll be posting our exceptional reviews on FB and will copy them here in a few days!

    Thanks to all the family for making our first trip to the island a week we will not forget!!

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    Thanks to Tower Isle Staff. Terry, Calmore, Delroy, Camille, Maxine, Charles, Ricardo, Ryan, Taneesha, Damion, Kimoni, Pasanga, Marjorie, Courtney, Venque, Marlon, Jean Magnus, Kirk, Antionette, Everald, Erroll, Byron, Myma Sue, Gretchen, Mr. Henry, Denville, Orlanga, Delan, Terran, Odah, Pam, Clover, the entertainment staff, friends we meet up with year after year, I know I am missing some, post later
    Next year will be number 13. We have spent the last 12 years for our anniversary with the most wonderful staff on the planet. One love

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    I only wish I would have joined the message board sooner. After 13 visits to CTI I have so many people that I want to say thank you too. The incredible staff at CTI is the number one reason that we keep coming back so I may have to make several posts to thank them all. This year we had our favorite housekeeper. Jean Magnus is an incredible woman and does an incredible job. One day when we got back to our room she had folded our towels into the shape of a puppy and then took an extra pair of our sunglasses and put them on it. I laughed for fifteen minutes straight and kept our towel puppy for the entire week just to show everyone. Of the bartenders Damion has been one of our favorites for years along with Ricardo( the king of making Bob Marleys), Terry,Ryan,Kimoni,Pasanga,Marjorie, and of course Venque, the guy who keeps them all in line. Special thanks to Venque and Odah, from the gift shop, for sitting with us at the repeaters dinner. Sorry we got you laughing so hard. I could type for hours telling great stories about all of our friends(staff) at CTI so for now I will just list all of the people that keep us coming back. Along with the ones listed above, there is Pam from the spa(she has magic in her hands),Clover, also from the spa, Camille(from the wait staff. We actually got to meet her mom this year!), Taniesha, Marlon, Antoinette,Charles, Denville(the new guy),Courtney, and Orlenga all from the wait staff. Myma sue from the kitchen(what a beautiful smile), Kirk, Everald, and Byron the bellboys. From watersports there is Delroy(Waterbird), Calmore, Errol, Terron, and Delan. And of course Maxine, Gretchen and Mr. Henry. Im sure I can tell an incredible story about each and every one of these people but for now I would just like to say thank you for making us feel so special and so at home at least for one week of the year. CTI has the most incredible staff ! We actually spend more time visiting with our friends(the staff) than we do doing anything else and that is just the way we like it.

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    We're returning to CN July 16-23. We remember Celia being the best. Does anyone know if she's still there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan_n_Lisa View Post
    We're returning to CN July 16-23. We remember Celia being the best. Does anyone know if she's still there?
    She was there in February.

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    Herbert at CN; say no more, as the man is the source for all information and assistance a person at Couples could want. He was attentive, dignified, and friendly, and saw us to our room. He ensured he met our needs our first day there, which set the tone for the rest of the week long stay. Thank you, Herbert! We look forward to seeing Herbert there, when we arrive within the next year again, and know that he will proivde all, in an effort to make us comfortable. We looke forward to it.

    Come Soon!

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    We just returned from our first visit to CTI (first visit ever to Jamaica). It was fabulous and I truly think the staff was a big part of making our anniversary trip so special.

    Owen at the bar was too cool. He was so fun and creative. Shawn was also great.

    The E-team staff were all great but we were particularly fond of Garcia and Janice who was new. She will make a wonderful addition to your staff. We don't normally stay up too late or go out much but the two of them made sure we knew what was going on and encouraged us to come. We went every night and had a great time.

    The front door guys, Byron and Elsworth (not sure on the spelling) were awesome. They were very helpful to us and always fun to be around. My husband gets motion sick so any van or bus excursion we had to make sure he was upfront. Elsworth was very attentive to make sure the driver knew this and got us a good seat. Thanks, E!

    The young man that took us out on the small catamaran was great also. I cannot remember his name, so sorry.
    Overall we didn't meet anyone who was not great to us there. I don't know all the names but there was no one I felt did not go out of their way to help us. Every staff member we met had big smiles and offerings to make our stay the best possible and it was. We enjoyed every minute and are very sad to be back home. We are already talking about a trip back!
    Thanks again to all.
    The Keller's

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    She was there in February.
    Her she is in April - looking forward to seeing her again in Feb
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    Default CSA Staff

    We always have a great time at Couples Resorts. We've been to COR/CTI and CN, but we just visted CSA for the first time and of course, had a blast. We enjoyed everyone there, but would like to give special recognition to the following people who made our stay so much fun:

    Cindy in the swim up pool bar. My wife and I loved her, she was always so friendly and we really enjoyed talking to her about each of our familes. Very sweet lady and hope her an her little boy do well until we see her next. (sorry, no pic)

    Onique and Shaun from the Martini bar. If you have been there, you know how much fun they are. You guys rock! Thanks for making Melissa the chocolate martinis. Both guys are so much fun and always had us laughing. (see pics)

    Last but not least, Cardo from the swim up pool bar. You my friend were halarious and always up beat. Never failed to make us smile with your warmth and charm. (see pic)

    All the staff were great, had a nice dinner with the GM Ricardo. A true Gentleman and an excellent host at the Repeaters Dinner.

    Thank you for a great time,
    Bart and Melissa Nissen
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    I just returned from our first stay at a Couples location. This will be one of many at CSS i hope. I have to give a great thank you and shout out to Chadwick, he spent one night sitting at Ballon bar with us that was just awesome. Then the following night at the Gala he sat down and had dinner with him. Our converstations were great and genuine. I also give a big shout to Javan at Ballon bar and down at the beach bar. Really so many to thank. Our time was amazing!

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