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    A big shout out to delroy(CTI).. he was so helpful when we were there . always looking out for us sad when we couldnt see him last year due to closure (css instead) ... but hope to see him again when we go back next year
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    Our first few times at Couples we took photos of the beautiful scenery but the last couple of times we focused on our new friends. Can't wait to see you in Dec. (18-25).

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    Default Couples Swept Away

    Just returned on 8/1/09 from a 5 day trip to CSA. I have to say that I was very impressed with the staff. Everyone I dealt with was friendly, courteous and competent. One of the most important assests to any business is the people that work there and in the case of CSA you have a gold mine!!!!! Thank you for a memorable week -- Tom

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    Capt. Kirk - the greatest!
    Ulysses - for his smiling happy face first thing in the morning.
    Dive Shop Guys (all) - the best
    Maxime for everything she does
    Jean housekeeping 3rd fl main building - for always making sure everything was right in our room
    Kay entertainment, for her bubbly personality
    Arnold operations mgr. for putting up with any complaints LOL

    Everyone else who is not mentioned, the staff at CTI are the best in the world! See you guys next June 28, 2010

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    Default Swept Away Friends

    DogMon says Soon Come!
    Janet Weekly and Dainty get dreadlock beads ready on beach.
    You ladies make my day.
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    Wow - where to begin - I know I will miss people because there are SO MANY wonderful employees at CTI!

    Ulysee - the best eggs ever!
    Terry - Island time was great - 20 glasses is hard to top will have to try next year!
    Damian - loved the music and your time.
    Taniesha - you are one crazy girl - you are fantastic! Your energy is contagious.
    Evarld - You are the man. "that's how we do it" - you were the perfect entrance to a perfect vacation!
    Spa employees - absolutely fantastic, enjoyed every minute!
    Housekeeping - rarely saw you but always knew you had been around - are room was always so perfect and our every need met.
    Camille and Matthew - our "guardian angels" - so wonderful to us!
    Abe - best of luck with your schooling and your future, it was our pleasure to meet you.
    Randymon - very nice surprise to have met you at CTI love what you write.
    Nicole for taking care of our every activity - everything was done flawlessly.
    Eddie the piano man - very entertaining, loved listening to you play.
    There were so many wonderful, fantastic, great individuals that made everything so perfect for us, we can't wait to reunite!

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    Default Saskia

    I've been to over 15 different resorts in Jamaica and last September we were so fortunate to meet the BEST HANDS DOWN staff member we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. SASKIA ANDERSON from Couples Swept Away!! We are planning a vacation back to CSA in Feb 2010 just to see her... we love Couples for hiring the absolute best!! Chris & Angela Pronek - Chicago, IL.

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    hello from South Africa! we were last in Jamaica in August 2008 at Sans Souci and will be returning again in August 2010!! we cannot wait. This time we will be staying at Tower Isle - it looks fabulous and we are so looking forward to enjoying the incredible Jamaican hospitality again. PLEASE we are trying to get in touch with Kimberlee - ask her to email us.
    One year to go - we are counting the days. Yeah mon!!

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    We love, LOVE, L-O-V-E Hugh from CSS!
    Every single year that man remembers us and has always been the most kind and thoughtful gentleman to us!

    Kelly-Anne had a pretty bad breakout on her forehead while we were there, and he suggested Hatfield's Ointment for her - AND ran to the store to get it for her.

    We love his beautiful smile - but most of all, his beautiful heart!
    We didn't get back last year, because we went to CN for the first time - and everything was great about CN - except that we missed our Hugh!
    "Rescuing one dog will not change the world....
    But for that dog the world will be forever changed"
    God bless the rescue babies!

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    LOL! By the way - it was Whitfield's Ointment, not Hatfields.
    A big DUH for me!
    "Rescuing one dog will not change the world....
    But for that dog the world will be forever changed"
    God bless the rescue babies!

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    We were at CSS last December (08) and two people stood out way above the others. I can't remember the name of our maid but she was the best. Block A second floor. The other person that made our trip complete was O'Neil at the Water Sports. We are returning in Sept this year and hope to see them both. I will try to look for Fluffy and Kimberly since everyone here speaks so highly of them as well.

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    Default Brian Plunkett is the Man!

    He won't like it, but I'm doing it anyway! Brian Plunkett, the watersports manager at Couples Negril is a real credit to this resort, he's also a real leader. It's a real pleasure to watch him as he motivates and challenges his staff. As a rule, we always try to go somewhere different on vacation, but we're headed back to CN in September. (for the third time in 18 months)...and it's largely due to the incredible staff at CN.

    The entire watersports team has always been extremely accomodating and professional. During my wife's scuba certification process they kept her extremely safe, and Brian and his team gave her the confidence to earn her certification...a feat that I could never have accomplished alone.

    Thanks Brian! Thanks everyone at CN!
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    There were SO many that is difficult to name our favorites. Here are a few I haven't seen mentioned yet.

    Pierre and Tamika:
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    Pierre is from Germany. I last heard that Tamika was at Boyne Mountain in Michigan doing an exchange. I'd sure like to get their email addys! GREAT people!

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    She was working the front desk. At first, I thought she was a bit distant but it turned out she was just a bit shy! After I sweet talked her, she couldn't be nice enough.

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    She was the "Hostess with the Mostest". Simply AWESOME!

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    One of the unsung heros of Couples. Marcia worked in housekeeping. She was ALWAYS in our room within MINUTES after we left. I have never seen a more efficient worker. Also, she was wonderful to talk with - IF you could get her to slow down!!

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    There are just to many to post..The employees at CN,CSS and CTI have provided us with just so many great memories.
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    Default Kim-ber-ley


    It's the SOUTH AFRICANS, Debbie, Mikey, Tracy and Graham..........the first to visit CSS and we are coming back to Couples, but this time CTI next August!!! We will be taking advantage of the 1-day swap to go back to CSS to say hi.

    We are doing our vow renewals and once we have pinned down a date, Debbie will email you & hopefully you can join us??????

    Also hi to Kimoni and Kirk.

    Marklands Williams (he was at CTI on our first trip in 2006) is on my facebook - he is working on the cruise ships now!

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    Pierre at CSS gets my vote, he was outstanding!!! His pressence was felt everywhere.

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    Oliver, O'Neill, and Jody from entertainment were awesome.

    Anthony, Franz, and Glen Roy- the scuba team at CSA. Great teachers and funny warm gentleman who make all scuba divers feel like a close family. I really miss my little donkey Franz:

    We loved Nigel the basket maker too. My husband made 4 baskets with him and I made 3. Good Times.

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    Default "Big D"!

    We went to CSA on our honeymoon in june 2005 and Big D was doing the uh what's it called?? the games and things like that. he did our honeymoon games too. He remembered us that whole week! Always checking on us. We returned 2 whole years later and he was in sales at that point i believe. We seen him and he remembered us! He remembered our names! We had told him we had planned on doing the private dinner on the beach and he said to let him see what he can do, but that it would be an honor to serve you. So sweet right?! Well we walk up to the beach and see the white carpet rolled out and who is it that greets us?! BIG D, with a big smile on his face! We will never forget him and we hope he is there when we get enough funds to return!
    Oh yea and the last time we went 2 years ago we also met a great bartender! DELROY! he was fabulous! He was at the swim up bar (CSA) every day! He greeted everyone with a smile and kept us having a great time. He would tell us to try some crazy drinks. the night before we left, my husband and i got completely inebriated, unintentionally! the next morning we were due to leave to come back to this place we call "home". well we were both so ill!!! we didn't go to bed until like 5am! Don't want to explain HOW sick we were b/c that would be TMI! LOL well we went to see Delroy before we left to say good bye and he seen how sick we were. he tried so hard to make us better. he made us both great bloody marys (non-alcoholic). it didn't cure us, but it did help a bit..
    All the staff was great! i don't think we ran into one person that was rude or didn't greet us with a smile. We did have a wonderful server at Feathers, but can't remember his name!!!! I want to say Alex, but i think i'm wrong!!! Everyone is great though....all wonderful ppl!

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    Our favorite is Celia at CN.
    Evon was a lot of fun.
    Mike & Kathy

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    at Swept Away we have several friends that have made our trips home special.

    Mr Phillip Ambrosley, the heart and soul of the grounds at Swept Away. he is a true treasure and please take the time to speak with him during your stay.

    Franklyn, he was one of the first staff members that we got to know on our first trip in 2005. a great person that has always remembered us and made meals wih him special while at the Palms or Lemongrass.

    Tamika and Kenesia who made our vow renewal for our 25th anniversary so special. they are so wonderful with weddings and vow renewals.

    Ultimate Chocolate, you have to visit him at the piano if you go to Swept Away.

    Kurt, Kadeen, Cardo, O'Neil, Kareem, Stashi, Big D...Delano and many many more have made every trip to Swept Away so special.

    we thank all the fine staff and Mr. Bowleg for making the place we call "home" a wonderful experience every trip.


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    Default The best from the past entertainment crew

    For MelG, yes Alex was the top of his field. He's now heading entertainment at Point Village.

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    Well if Fab is, indeed, back on the island, SweptAway should be reaching out to bring him back into the fold! He's a hoot!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We stayed at CSS and Courtney at the Bella vista always hooked us up with a table at the beach, he was an exceptional host and we had such a wounderfull time all around, I also want to shout out the little band that played at the Bella vista bar they were awsome!!

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    I have to vote for Cody and Amanda @ CN- I had a ball with these two Playing Volleyball and joking around..They make you feel very comfortable...Great job girls!!

    Buffalo Mohawk guy.... : )

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    Default Shout out to Jhaneal

    We were at CSS in late July '09 and we had an extraordinary time at the SSB swim up bar with Jhaneal (SP?) the bartender. Also, Ilgrid was a lot of fun leading the gang in a trivia match (we was robbed!-shoulda won that one!


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