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    Default Ryan Rules

    We just came back from our first Couples visit, a marvelous week at CTI. I have to give a shout out to Ryan, a bartender who was everywhere all the time, but I will always remember him at the swim up bar. Ryan is simply an outstanding young man and is a credit to your resort. We jokingly told him our youngest son had just left for college and he was welcome to move to the U.S., live in his room and be our newly adopted son.

    We'll also have special memories of Andre at Bayside, Antonette and Racquel.

    Hope we can come back soon!

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    I wish to publicly thank Sharie Gordon, Customer Relations Manager, and Latoya Scott-Lewis, Wedding Coordinator CTI.

    They helped coordinate a surprise Vow Renewal for my wife. Since we had never stayed at Couples before, I did have some trepidation that something would happen at the last minute, but everything went off without a hitch.

    They helped to make our anniversary one to remember and earn me plenty of brownie points to last another 20 years


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    Dermon "Genius" is the best.

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    Default CTI staff!

    From our arrival at CTI on 11-14 the whole staff was great! IT took us a bit of time to warm up as neither of us had been to an all inclusive before, and we were to be married 3 days after arrival! So a bit of nerves! After getting settled and coming out of our shells a bit, we found the whole saff great but there were a few staff members that we felt went above and beyond to make our wedding/honeymoon just amazing!

    Latoya (wedding coordinator)- you couldn't have done a better job at easing my new wifes fears and making everything perfect, including the nice surprise in our rom on our wedding night!!!!

    Antionette (bartender)- Although I still can't spell your name correctly, I would gladly follow you around the resort to get any of your "daily special" cocktails! We both loved seeing you at the bar and had a blast any time we could! Thank you so much!

    Sheldon (bartender)- Also had a blast with you at the bars, fun to be around and allways in a great mood! Thanks and i will definately be in touch!

    Last but not least...
    ROHAN!!! our photographer for our wedding! Amazing! We had so much fun with you, and you took such good care of us and checked in on us like you were our personal photographer all week! I can't say enough! Love this guy to death and definatly look forward to seeing him next year!!!!!

    All the staff was Awesome, never anyone in a bad mood, always willing to help or make things IRIE!! Thank you all so much for an unforgettable wedding and honeymoon, you have made us both so happy, we are already looking to book our aniversary trip next year!

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    Default Keniel in the Palms tonight - drink server

    Special thanks to Keniel tonight for being so attentive.



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    CN, The Dive crew is fantastic Richard ,Craig and SUGAR what the reefs lack in color the guys make up for it . They are the main reason we are returning in January for the 3rd time.

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    A big shoutout to Akeem and Clover on the entertainment staff at CSA. Clover did our Orientation tour and we ran into her several times throughout our stay. We met Akeem at Casino night and several other times as well, mostly at Aura after Ultimate Chocolate, who of course is incredible himself. We especially enjoyed talking with Akeem and are now Facebook friends so we can keep in touch.

    Edwardo at the Martini bar was also a favorite of ours and we visited with him several evenings before/after dinner. A couple of others guys mixed martinis for us, but Edwardo's were by far the best! Jermaine was only there one evening that we saw, but he was also very entertaining - especially as it was his "first night" lol!!

    At the Aura Dermon, was our favorite with his party tricks -"This is Serious!" He was quick to pour our favorite drinks or surprise us with a tasty drink when we felt like something different.

    Deron and Marlon were great on both the Glass Bottom boat tour and on our Snorkeling trip. Very informative and entertaining at the same time.

    At the beach bars Roan and Oshane provided quick service and Roan's bar tricks were a great way to pass the time during a late afternoon rain shower.

    Raquel and Leighton provided great service at Feathers both nights that we ate there.

    All in all, we received great service from everyone and can't wait to come back again!!

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    Default Awesome

    We took our first trip (not our last) to CN 10/24-31 2009. In a word AWESOME!!! From the staff to all the new friends we made everything was perfect!! See you next year!
    Mike and Kay Lynn Williamson
    Lincoln, NE.
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    There are so many to name so I am doing this from the game room at CSS so I don't forget. Shellyanne (the bomb social director), Una and Sylvia (room maintenance), Keshin (waiter), Orlando (bartender), Maureen (server) Athena, Kenny and Jannelle (massage therapists). They helped make this an unforgetable vacation and made us want to return next year.
    Karen and Brian

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    Default Cn 11/25 - 12/2

    We truly hope that we get the chance to return to CN. After traveling to several Caribbean countries we have found a place where we have felt welcome and comfortable. While we didn't participate in too many activities (since we spend 75% of our day soaking up sun on the AN beach) we did get to appreciate the positive attitude of the staff wherever we were.

    I have to apologize to Travis for not paying closer attention during the orientation

    I must thank all the kitchen and wait staff for all they did for my well being and waistline, with a special thanks to Adrian at the Otaheite on Friday the 27th for a lobster tail that almost made me forget my wife was with me.

    Thanks to Marcia at the AN bar for introducing us to a few new drinks, I hope all goes well with the baby.

    Thanks to everyone with whom we had contact during our week. You made our vacation the most enjoyable and memorable of all our trips so far. We look forward to seeing everyone again (as soon as possible).

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    Default Thank you to all the Staff at CSS

    Special thanks to each and every Couples Staff Member.

    Honorable mention to the Entertainment Staff - Shellie Ann, Ophelia, Miguel, (one gentlemans name A..., I cant remember, he dances with Miguel), Piano Guy, Serenity Band, Bartenders - Saskie Ann, Dominique, Andrew, Servers - Kieshan and Albert, Housekeeping - Donnette, Bellmen, Transportation, Watersports, Reception - Lij, Room Service and the Photo Staff. Everone made us feel right at home...everyones response to our wants or needs was always a positived one, "no worries or no problems." When we dine my husband is pulling out my chair for me more than ever now.

    One love, one heart, we love you all CSS.

    The Coppins
    Fort Riley, KS
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    Default Are they still there?

    We have just booked to come back "home" to CSS in March 2010, our third trip in as many years.

    I'd just like to know whether the following staff members are still at CSS, they are all friends and great people and made our last stay so special.

    Jhaneal at SSB
    Craig the cook at SSB

    Saskian (sp) at the Juice Bar (used to be at SSB)

    Sherif, Barrington and Rohan at the beach.

    Kimberlee from entertainment

    Oh and the janitor/handyman who works nights and loves cricket and has a tooth missing and is a big guy and never stops smiling....OH I cant remember his name.....such a nice guy. help me out someone please.

    Anyway, are they still around?



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    Default Impressed

    I just got back from my first ever visit to a Couples. We spent nine nights at Couples Swept Away and there was an incident that was taken care of by bar manager Brian Mcquirson which impressed me so much that I decided to post about him here.

    Without going into too much detail, the incident went like this. There was a couple at the pool bar that were very annoying to other couples in the area because they were playing a boom box so loudly and with music that a lot of the other guests didn't want to hear. It is my guess that the bar staff called bar manager Brian to take care of the siutation.

    Brian asked the boom box players to please turn off their music. Of course, the boom box couple got nasty and said some ridiculous things. Brian smiled through the whole incident and was extremely calm and professional. The boom box got turned off.

    The next day at the pool bar the boom box couple were there without their boom box. Brian showed up at the bar and the boom box couple started in on him again. Once again Brian showed class and professionalism.

    Everyone of the staff at CSA were impressive but, Brian stands out to me because of the way he handled this nasty situation.

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    We absolutely fell in love with CSA...and the workers!

    Shout-outs to Adrian & Duke--my husband's best friends during the day at the swim up bar.

    I loved Martino, he was training at the drink hut on the beach.

    And Clover & Kurt in Palms were great!

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    We are coming over in Feb to get married and wondered at CTI, if still some of the staff are still there from 2 years ago. Is Garfield still serving and also is "Everton" still the maitre'd for the Veranda restaurant? Hoping they are, so we can see them again, seen old friends in pictures ect and of course Byron & Delroy. Any update appreciated.

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    Just got home from our first trip to CSA. Full review to come but wanted to give a quick shout out to Akeem and Skippy. Very cool guys that were always soo nice to us, and down to earth. I'm sure my wife and I will miss talking to you guys.


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    Just got back to the 18 inches of Iowa snow.

    Four people stood out for us last week. White most of the team were awesome some went out of their way for us.

    Franklyn, checked us in, got to our room about 5pm with no rum in the room. Within 10 minutes he pulled a bottle out of thin air

    Carrie in the pool bar/main bar. This guy was fast and made sure we did not go without a drink. he even did a few shots with us

    Tennyson pool bar. What can i say, got my wife and friend danielle plowed on a few occaisions, also his drinks were awesome.

    Fabian, man, this guy pretty much seemed like he was one of us. We participated in 90 percent of his games. But he also participated in 90 percent of ours. had lunch with him often. he really seemed to be good with the women and not push it. This guy keeps a smile on everyones faces

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    The beautiful spirit of the Jamaican people amazes me. Having said that, I think Couples employees are the best of the best. All of the employees are ready with a quick hello and a seemingly genuine desire to make you feel at home. Our FAVORITES are Jhaneal at SSB bar and Barington (Barry) with the Water Sports crew. Can't wait to see them again next month!!

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    Just got back on the 12th from another great week at CSS. Would like to thank Jheanel at the SSB bar for her smiles, comments, and service. Also, Lij, who went above and beyond his call of duty to help us with our shopping for the grandkids on his lunch hour. Also, Edgar, at the omlet station in the morning, and then sometimes at SSB for lunch. Thanks again for you smiles and great service.

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    The one at csa that stood out the most to me was Adrian at the swim up bar. We saw him more than anyone and while busy, he never got flustered or rude to anyone. He always made sure everyone was happy and when it was slow he was really nice to talk to. Hope he stays around for our return trip in a year.

    Everyone at the spa was amazing. I don't remember the names though.

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    we were atCSA Dec 2-9th and had a great time. Stacy-Ann is the best.Always happy and eager to please.Franklin in the Palms was the same.What a great guy.O'Neil,Akeen, and Skippy were so much fun.They keeped us dancing.
    I dont know if they read these but this is the guy that hangs on the wall . Looking forward to our next trip and seeing you all again,

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    Otis at CTI ...was fantastic and my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNLVmike View Post
    Shoutout to Romaine from CSA... even though he is no longer there. I know hes at Pushcart restaurant now and we will be stopping by to see him.

    However, everytime we would return to CSA Romaine would always yell our names across the room. He would slowly teach us Patios and we had the best time talking to him in the Aura lounge.

    As he would say, "Bullet!"
    I agree Three Cheers for him! As well as Fraiser who used to be at the Palms bar

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    My shout-out goes to Adrian at the CSA swim-up bar. I have to agree with Sublimebrad - he was so professional and a pleasure to talk to. The one day we didn't see him there, Duke was excellent as well.

    I also had the pleasure of chatting with a very nice young lady up in the casino and I can't for the life of me remember her name. We can't wait to get back in 5 months!

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    Default CSA Staff is the Best!!!

    We just got back to all the snow in Baltimore at midnight. Although there were MANY excellent staff I have to list the following:
    Entertainment Crew

    Palms Staff
    Duane Johnson
    Stacey Ann


    Patios - Shada

    Concierge - Melissa

    Drinks - Kareem

    Tour Desk - Jackie

    Baskets - Nigel

    Jewlery - Jimmy

    Banana Leaf Hats - Forgive me I forgot his name I think its Davis

    Visiting Personal Trainer - Andre Morgan

    Just an awesome awesome group!!! I miss you guys!!!! Thank you to everyone for a wonderful winter vacation.

    Kisha and Manny

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