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    Welcome to the family 4boymom!I couldn't have said it better myself...

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    Has anyone spoken with Philip at CSA?

    Philip is a special man who is a staff member taking care of the wonderful grounds of CSA. I talked to Philip about a year ago and he was just getting over surgery. I had the privilege of speaking with him often during our stay.

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    We are getting married at CSA in November so my Shout out is to Sharie in the Corporate office. We have been having issues with our TA and at one point it was looking like we were not going to make it to CSA for our wedding. Sharie was and is so awesome and we want to thank her for all her help, she made sure we had options in the event our TA didn't come through. Sharie made us feel assured we would not miss our wedding and went out of her way to communicate with us through our ordeal. Sharie is the reason we keep coming back to Couples, everyone from the corporate office to the resort personnel are absolutely the best. I have traveled extensively and never found this level of service anywhere. THANK YOU Sharie!!!!

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    Machel from CSS that guy is simply Awesome! He took care of our breakfast the way no other person has done!

    He knew exactly where we had breakfast the day before and he would set up that table, if the table was occupied he said " your table is occupied today" and would promptly guide us to the closest one.

    He always made sure we had enough water or coffee and would answer any silly questions we had about Jamaica or the resort.

    He said he would bring his spanish homework so that we could help him with it but he always forgot about it at home.

    Orlando was pretty cool guy too.

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    Our friends at the dive hut were great!...Thanks Richard, Ashryn, Craig and all the rest...we had a blast at CN!!!

    and a shout out to our favorite breakfast friend.......

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    Thank you to all the wonderful staff at CSS. It was our honeymoon, and my wife was sick. A special thanks to Ruth at the spa, and the gift shop manager. Eveyone was so friendly, and went out of their way to take care of you. I have read so many good things on this board, and I took it lightly, it was more than I expected. We are already planning our return trip. I now know how hard the good bye bus is. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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    Default CSS Staff Shout Outs

    My husband and I have been back a mere 3 days, and I need to make sure that certain staff at CSS are mentioned for their part in making our vacation fantastic! Specifically, Francine at SSB bar (she has one wicked dry sense of humour!), Jerdine (SSB grill - glad your son is okay, and thanks for stopping by on our last morning at breakfast), Marcel (thanks for your dirty horoscopes and wonderful voice), Edgar (who remembered my omelette order and delivered every morning), Fluffy (Symone), and Shellianne! And of course, dear wonderful Jheanel who we met at SSB bar last October, and made a point of coming back to SSB to see us this year!
    And we cannot forget Pierre - the manager - he was always visible around the resort and was never too busy to take a few minutes to talk to a guest and listen to their feedback and suggestions.
    Definitely a great group of people all around!
    We're looking forward to seeing you next year!

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    Default Staff Shout Outs

    We just got back from our first visit to Couples Negril. Needless to say we are trying to figure out how fast we can return.
    We have to give a few staff shout outs to the wonderful people there:
    Travis and Fabian our excellent entertainment coordinators!!
    Vabian and Nicolee our awesome servers at Casava terrace!
    Annique our server at our private dinner, she was a trainee and we really hope she will be a part of the staff when we return. She was super sweet and attended to all of our needs :-)
    And of course the great bartenders Tennyson,Carrie and Patrick at the pool bar and Durval at the piano bar.
    Unfortunately we cannot remember the name of the great piano player but really enjoyed singing along with him.
    Can't wait to book our next trip!!! :-)

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    Default Irie

    First of all, the service when we first got to CN was impeccable (the warm welcomes, champagne, and cold cloth)...then Frankly took us up to our room, made us feel right at home and made sure our wet bar was FULLY stocked and that we had everything we needed.

    Cody was great...she gave us a great tour of the resort and let us know what all the activities were and where they are held. She is a gem.

    All the staff at CN...from the omlette chef to the resort maintenance, to the bartenders to the restaurant staff are ALL great. A super friendly member climbed a tree to knock a few coconuts down for us. He even peeled them and cracked them open...mmmmmmm.

    Partially the reason (besides the beauty of the island, the culture, and the warm weather) we are returning this year to CN is the fact that the service was so great and we felt like kings/queens. What a way to relax on a vacation!! We're returning in less than a week..YEH MON!!!!

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    Loved Paul at the piano bar. We will be going to CSA in December and will miss him but hear Ultimate is also great.
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    Default everyone was great

    We go on three vacations a year and the place where the staff have made us feel really special is Couples. For example,we saw the maid picking flowers and found them on our bed spelling love.

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    A Big Thankyou to the CSA scuba Team. I had a Fantastic Time diving with you all.
    Nuff respect to Anthony for finding the TUG BOAT! It was one of my most special dives!

    See you all next year at 92ft

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    Default Shout Out 10/31

    I want to give a big thanks to the entire staff at CSA, especially Robert and Richardo at the pool bar and our chamber maid Jennifer who took care of us in the Great House during our week of 10/24 through 10/31.

    Also thanks to all you message boarders who gave two first timers all the ins and outs of the place to prepare use for the week. We packed prefectlly, relaxed and enjoyed each other, and that was what we wanted most.

    Best beach, best excercise facility and staff.

    We aviod doing repeat vacation spots because we want to see more. We will be making an exception for CSA.

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    Let me start by saying that we didn't think anything could top our experience at CN last year....boy were we wrong! We went "Home" to CSS from 10/23 to 10/28 and met some of the most wonderful people in the WHOLE WORLD.

    Kenneth and KerryAnn @ the spa will never be forgotten
    Easton, Colin, Olando, & Kevin @ the beach bar - u guys are the best! Thanks for the hug before we left, Easton!!
    Thanks to Adrian & Dennis @ the watersports for taking us out on the Hobie Cats.
    Marcel - it was so nice to spend time with you. Especially when you took time to have breakfast & lunch with us. You made us feel like family!!
    To the staff @ the Palazinna - thanks for being so friendly!!
    Lastly - if you have a private dinner, I hope you have Owayne as your server! What an outstanding young man!

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    I have to add Kareta Thomas to this list. Kareta is the Front Office Team Leader at CSS and she has been invaluable in identifying an error made by our TA in our reservation, and then rescheduling... - well I can't give details as it's a surprise for my husband. So I really look forward to meeting, and thanking, Kareta in person when we arrive on November 28.

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    Our experience to couples negril was awsome i can't think of any thing bad about the place the rooms were very clean the food was great and the staff were so helpful and friendly. The beach was so well kept and clean. We are counting down the days until we return. Thanks to all of the staff at couples negril we had such an awsome time it was the best vacation ever

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    Default csa staff

    we just retuned from csa oct 30.I can,t remember everyones name
    but these are the ones that stand out to my husband and I. Oneil,
    Clover they are amazing. Lensworth server at the Palms he was so
    nice to us. Bartenders Ricardo,Oral,Jerome,Dermond,Navina they
    were great.Jackie at the tour desk so pleasant and very helpful.
    They are the reason that my husband and I want to return next year. The beach the rooms and the resort as a whole are beautiful
    but what really made it for us are the people I just mentioned.

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    NHMON, I did a search to see if anybody on the MB's were from NH and you showed up. How was your trip? Any pics that you can share? We are going to CSS in April to get married and honeymoon, getting pretty excited. I'm sure by then I will have enough of NH winter.

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    Germangirl, wonderful picture! The CSA Scuba team is forever in my thoughts and prayers - no matter where I am or where I may be blowing bubbles. I also have very special memories of a dive at <Je t'aime>. I am still hoping to return there one day. BTW, the water must be very warm to see so much skin. ;-)

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    What a great idea to be able to share some people that made our wedding/honeymoon so special. The greatest asset of Couples is definately the people, followed by the location.

    Tamika and Kenisha-you made our wedding a true fantasy
    Princess Fionna at the Palms-we loved seeing you and you are first class.
    Natalie at the Palms, we were so taken care of when we ate there
    Roxanne-your smile lit up our day. Patois was my favorite place to eat and you were a major reason.
    Patricia-aftger staying out in the sun all day, we were tired, but would struggle to be awake and not already tucked in so we could talk to you.
    Roan and Makeisha-you made my days so relaxing and enjoyable on the beach. Roan, I think you could have fit in my suitcase!

    Thank you all at CSA.

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    Default staff Shouts Outs

    Just had to post a reply to the Staff Shouts Outs section.

    We holiday for the diving,the adult only and the all inclusive.

    From Karen Lanigan to Jaqueline Larmond (front Office) to Brian Plukett(water sports) to the best diving team: Alain,Craig, Richard, Sugar, and Robert and I am sorry for the rest of the water sports division that I have forgotten your names.
    If it where not for you we would not be returning home again this year.
    I would also like to thank Tevon and Deston in the Towel hut,Franklin at the beach bar as well.
    There are so many more people on staff that I would like to thank but with old age I cannot remember your names.
    So to all the staff at Couples Negril. THANK YOU! You always make our stay the best two weeks in the year.
    Karen Hinds Canada

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    Back less than a week (and of course have the obligatory post-vacation head-cold) but feel I must send a few shout outs. And not to the usual suspects- First, the cleaning staff-although they were revolved daily, making it difficult to remember names, everyone was courteous, helpful and friendly.The room was kept immaculately. The Security staff- Stetson, Mcfarker and Johnson- in my late night wanderings(I arrived at 5p.m. on a Monday, went to sleep at 7p.m., and found myself wandering about at 3 a.m. for the next two days)they provided good company, great conversation and made me feel at home. The front door crowd- Patrick especially- always pleasant and helpful with directions and ideas. If you cannot promote getting out to the hinterlands because of safety concerns(which I don't understand, because outside of Kingston, every place I visited on the island I was treated like royalty), then these people are the real Jamaicans and they were absolutely wonderful.Simply stated, while the lodgings were spectacular, it was the interactions with these wonderful people that made this trip special.

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    Default CN Shout Out!

    My husband and I were at Couples Negril this past February. We had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about how amazing we were treated.

    First of all to Nelson, I know he isn't there any longer, but him and Andrew in activites were both wonderful. I don't know why we went to the tourist trap that is Margaritaville, the only reason we had fun was because of Nelson. He also sang to a couple who had just got married...not even knowing it was the song they walked down the isle to. I am going to miss not seeing him on our next trip.

    Carrie! Our fav bartender! Cannot wait until January 2010 when we are fortunate to return and get a vodka and Ting...oh and that little somein somein shot you made for all of us.

    Franklin was another stand out. Always smiling. Elkie had us in stiches everyday as well. Shrek at the water sports hut was awesome.

    Oh and there was another great guy who's name I can't remember but he kept teasing me on my last night because he knew how sad I was to leave...even sang me a song!

    I wish I could remember everyone ele's name. I'm going to make a point of adding people's name to my phone so I don't forget!!Like I said we are fortunate to be returning in 71 days! I hope to see my friends and make some new ones. We are also going to CTI and can't wait to meet the staff there.

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    Default shoutout to.....CTI

    a huge shout out to the entertainment coordinators Kay, Marlin, and Matthew. These three individuals went way above and beyond to make my wife's and my honeymoon very memorable... from the music trivia in the piano bar to the bingo games at the pool side bar and the evening shows. It was all great!!!!! We also want to thank the rest of the staff (too many to mention by name)everyone went out of their way to be friendly and if something went wrong, everyone was very accommodating to correct the problem.we both are counting the days until we can go back to CTI and see old friends and make new ones!

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    Default Hi from Binno & Max

    celebrating our wedding anniversary last jan i booked CSA as a surprise for my super wife.
    well what a surprise we expected a chilled 2 week break being as its Jamaica but what we got was the Best break ever the resort is fantastic and the food superb but the biggest impression for us was made by the staff.
    we have travelled around the world but never been so impressed by the service received at CSA its a kind of excellent service mixed with a genuine freindship. we would many days make sure we visited certain places throughout the resort to catch up with the freinds we had made and some were other guests but most were the staff who we now considered freinds.
    i cant unfortunatly remember all the names purely because i am terrible with names and even forget names of close freinds from time to time but 4 people who it is impossible to forget

    Natasha- a sweet girl so freindly and sincere i hope she is there in late jan 2010 when we return.pic attached is Natasha mixing me a Bob

    Oral- what a guy absolute genuine freindly guy who was just so chilled and always made time to chat and still keep everyone else happy too.

    Jermaine- while we were there he was mainly working the sports bar and everyday we would pop over chill and chat with him about all things.and i kicked his ass at pool too (back in jan 2010 if you want a re-match man)

    Marie- well what to say simply this ladies as the hands of an angel and i will be visiting the spa on my 1st morning there in jan to arrange at least my 1st 2 sessions

    well we are counting down the weeks here in England my kids are excited for Xmas and me and the wife are excited for jan 16th CSA here we come
    all our love
    Binno & Max Uk
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