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    Just returned from CB and I can't thank the entire staff enough. Everyone was so cordial and friendly. A special shout out to Jermaine and Shakir, you guys really made our trip special and we've found life-long friends in you guys. All the best to couples, and thank you for another incredible vacation!

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    I want to shout out to Steve & Taffy at CN. Thanks guys for such a great time diving and a specail thanks to Sugar for taking care of my girl and getting her OW certified!
    Thanks, Chuck

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    Does anyone know if Fabian is still at CN? When we visited in October 2009, he made the trip so memorable along with the other employees there. We are coming back in October 2013 and I would be so happy if we could see our friend again.

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    Big, BIG Shout out to Gianni, Stephen, Adrian, Renaldo, Shaneeka, and Princess from Couples Barbados. Gianni and Stephen work the beach so hard! Adrian- friendly and welcoming. Shaneeka lovely waitress with a beautiful smile, Renaldo and Princess- good taste in music - thanks for the service! Safe, pure niceness.Attachment 21050

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    Here is a story that just has to be shared. There are so many of the staff that make our visits special that it seems a shame to tell about only one but just the same... here goes. We were looking for soursop and were told at the Patio that there might be some at the veggie bar on the beach, but alas, no. So, what happened? Donald, on his day off, personally went to the market and bought it himself, and had fresh soursop for us when we came back by on our last day. This is so far above and beyond what any guest has any right to expect, and we don't expect it, but that level of dedication of the staff at CTI overwhelms us every time we come, and it's why we keep coming back.

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    Just returned from CTI..I'd like to pay special mention to Antoinette and Teneshia at the bar and as a server. Captain Kirk, Byron, Everald and Emorth were their usual charismatic selves. It is great to be remembered. The lady Moveta in housekeeping was an absolute pleasure and kept us comfortable during our stay. Windsome in the spa was also wonderful. Thank you to the entire CTI staff! We enjoyed each and every interaction. It was definitely a pleasure.

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    Just returned fron CB, and while everyone deserves a shout out, G, Ricardo, Akeem, and Chubby really kept the drinks cold and full. The bar is usually one of our first stops at Couples, and we connected instantly with these guys mentioned. Thanks so much guys, I hope to see you all sometime in the future! The sooner the better!

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    Back from CTI aka Paradise! It was even better the second time around! Big shot out to Emerald (You are the Go-To-Man), Travis (You are one of the warmest people we have ever met) , and the water sport crew - Vivian, Daniel, and Seaweed (No worries mon - we won't forget you)! You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Planning our third trip to CTI because its not just a vacation, its a return back home to the people we love and adore!

    Terruss and Joi Reed

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    CTI: Thank you to Eddie, Pasanga, Asha, Duedrops, Terry, Kimoni, Kemoy, Ronaldo, Ricardo, Errol, Kenrick, Janice, Chad, Kadian and Gretchen for an amazing vacation. I love you all - even those whose names I hope to remember better next time. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ttime View Post
    Can anyone tell me if Leonard Henry is still the GM at CTI?

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    Shout out to Alex and Tomeka at CSA! We enjoyed getting a chance to chat with you.

    Kim and Gary

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    CB - 9/13

    Big shout out to Ricardo, Gianni and Akeem at the pool bar. One love!

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    Shout out to Jason P and his 'haven't thought of a name for it yet' cocktail at CB

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    A huge shout out and we miss you to Colleen at the CSA Swim up bar!! Not only were you the best bartender (even while the bar was flooding) but you also attended our wedding, which meant so much to us! Thank you for a great week and we can't wait to come back to see you!!!

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    Just back from CSS and as always all the staff were awesome. I do have to point out a few who were able shine a little more and put up with me for a week. Dalton at the front desk, Alesia at guest services, spaghetti and linguini, and the great duo of Jhneal and Veronique at Ssb. Oh and Dominique at the main pool bar and Tenesha. Thanks to all the staff who made our trip that much better!!!

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    Shout out to Oshane at CSA! What a great young man and valuable asset to Couples!! Also StaceyAnn at Feathers and Cadyia with flag service on the ladies were fantastic!!! Thanks from the NY crew and see you next year!!!

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    This is from CSS

    There were so many great people I met... I'd have to say Alicia, Deon, Linguini and Spaghetti were the big stand outs for us.

    Alicia went above and beyond to help us out when we had a need. Above that, My wife and I had fun just sitting and talking with her. She is extremely friendly and an overall great person.

    Deone was super nice very friendly and just a joy to talk with. On top of that, she was top notch at her job!

    I don't know what I can say about L and S... Very fun ladies and extremely friendly.

    I want to thank everyone on the staff at CSS. Everyone was extremely nice and very helpful.

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    Just returned from 10 GLORIOUS nights at CSS! CSS has many WONDERFUL employees, however, these are the names that stick out in my mind.
    Thank you Evol for the warm welcome. Juleen, God gave you a beautiful smile and voice. Veronique so fun and patient, thank you for all of the "SURPRISE" drinks. Derron, loved the cat ride, thanks for the songs! Vanya, we are so proud to see you in a regular uniform this year..being greeted with you beautiful smile is wonderful! Davion, you are so kind and sincere! Raydean, kind and funny. CSS, please keep Davion and Raydean, they are awesome! Mitzy and Marsha, such great massages! Samantha, best grill cook ever!
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS October 2018 SOON COME!

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    Just got home from 8 nites at Couples Negril..... Destin who is at the reservations desk was a gem during our stay. He made sure my birthday was recognized and surprised me with a bottle of champagne and a birthday card, and also had the staff sing happy birthday to me during the repeaters dinner... I was almost in tears at his thoughtfulness. He seemed to be there 24/7 but we did get to say goodbye to him one evening as he was leaving for the day, he gave us hugs and said he'd see us in the morning... it was 8:30pm then!!

    Also we want to mention Melone, a server who worked at Lychee, and also at the beach grill at lunch. Her sweetness and sense of humor made our stay so pleasant. She has a heart of gold and a gorgeous smile, so lovely!

    Thank you everyone else at CN, that we didn't get your name... we did not have one single staff member be anything but attentive, thoughtful and friendly.

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    Was at Couples Negril for our first time Oct 24-28. Every staff member we came in contact with was outstanding. Loved the place. We will be back.

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    This is a super shout out to a few staff members at Couples Negril. First Konrad Malcolm, he helped by allowing us to take his bar manager away from his normal jobs to spend time with us so that we could teach him how we make a special treat for Halloween.
    Second Michael the bar manager he helped us by giving us his attention while we showed him how we make a Bob Marley Jello Shot ( those of you who got try them know how good they are) . We had brought all the flavors of jello we needed and the cups,he suppied the rum. That brings me to the third staff member who when above and beyond the great service we always get. That staff member, on his day off from work went to store off the resort and bought a bottle of pineapple rum for us ( we paid him for it) brought it back to the resort still on his own time and had the desk call us to pick it up in time to make the shots for the Halloween party. That staff member is Franklin of the Bell staff. It was because of those three staff members that we got to make the treat that many guests got enjoy as a trick or treat at the party. It was enjoyed by all
    We would like to give a Big Thank You to those staff members and an extra thank you to FranklinName:  img_0946.jpg
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    Just returned from CSA Nov4-11 and I can say that every single employee was a stand out. This is the first place our group of 10 has all agreed on that was definitely a return trip.
    Lenise at front desk, Frazier, Dian, Tashell, Francesca at the beach bar, Colleen and Natasha at swim up bar, Shaneka at the Cabana grill, Kirk at Feathers...There were so many. Thank you Couples Swept Away for a truly memorable vacation.

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    After be back for a week now, it is time for some staff shout outs. Let me say first that the staff at both resorts are absolutely fantastic. If your name is not mentioned it is only because there are so many who made our stay memorable and I am terrible at writing down names, least of all remembering them.

    At Couples Swept Away from 10/23 - 10/29 I would like to give a shout out to Tashell, Fancesca, Dwight, Marvin and the others who served me many Naughty Jamaicans at the Tiki Bar, The manager and chef at Patois along with the gal who waited on us the night my wife had a slight incident that they handled magnificently. Ultimate Chocolate, and Tino (chop chop) and the bartender(s) in the Piano lounge, the housekeeper, groundskeeper who took coconuts off a tree by our room then cut them so we could all drink the water, the water sports guys and Ricardo at the Sports Bar. So many others made our 2nd trip memorable that I can't list them all, but thanks to all and a big shout to all of you.

    At Couples Negril 10/29-11/5 for the 5th time and this is our true home. While not employees Long Island Couple did a fantastic job with jello shots and making Halloween interesting, and yes this is the Old Hippie and Sock Monkey. To the entire entertainment staff, Nelka, Shawna, Nina, Kiev, Carlos and Keno who greeted us hugged us and recognized us from the time we walked onto the property till the time we left, and we had not seen some of them for 1 1/2 years, Nelka came running up and gave us a hug right after we registered. I know I do not spell names properly but I think they will know who they are. Tennison, Franklin, Ivy-lynn, Cecelia are just a few of the bar tending staff who I remember but certainly are not the only ones who made it fun. The gal who cleaned our room was great, never saw her to get her name and again to all who seated us, waited on us, took care of us, pampered us and in general just spoiled us, thank you and a big shout out.

    It is really the staff at the resorts that make them special, and I have mentioned just a small percentage and that is why I really hesitate mentioning just a few. Those are the ones I remember by name, but to all those I didn't mention a big shout out to you as well. While not everyone is on top of there game every day, the other team players pick it up and makes it work. Thanks.

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    My new husband and I just got back from CTI last night. Just thinking about it and going through the pictures makes me cry, because it was just such a good time. The very very very best part of all was the staff, though. I don't know if I can stress that enough! It makes me not want to try the other Couples resorts because I would miss my friends. I am sure that to them I am just another tourist/guest, but everyone made me feel so welcome and good I just can't get over it.

    First and foremost, Byron. Byron, I want to be in my family. If there is a way I can get in touch with him, I hope someone can message me and let me know. He was the first person we met, and every single time we saw him he would go out of his way to say hi, including using our nicknames and making jokes. I hugged him goodbye and GOD did I cry! (ha, he makes everything rhyme and I guess that rubbed off on me) Obviously, I also love Everald since he and Byron are a team. Everald is also hilarious and sweet and awesome.

    Latoya was amazing for our wedding, and so was the reverend. Again, both of them would go out of their way to say hello to us all week, even though they had a million other weddings and could have easily forgotten us. Annagay cut our cake, and Albert took our photos, and both of them were also extremely nice and friendly. We made them both sit with us to eat cake and we learned about their families and I just really loved it.

    Conway was so friendly and such a good bartender. So was Paul--always smiling and always friendly. Rohan and Adrian were hilarious at the swim-up bar. Chavoy was a sweetheart. Mark was always working hard, and his smile was adorable. Andre told me of how he wanted to work on a cruise ship, and while I encouraged him to do it I really hope he'll be there next time! The watersports guys were awesome but especially Calmore! Donald at the veggie bar was, well, awesome and friendly. I don't know enough synonyms to get the words across that everyone is amazing!

    When we first showed up, I thought, "Well this is nice but I don't see ever coming back." We can't really afford it and the trip was a gift from my family. By the end of the week, I was thinking of ways to fit CTI in our annual budget. It was just so dang good!

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    I would like to give a shout out to some staff from CSA that I did not get to mention on my remarks card. I would like to thank Shellyann for being a great host at our table for the repeaters dinner. She is a very nice person and very easy to talk to. I would like to thank Alex from the entertainment team for making us laugh and for making us feel like we had known each other for along time. I would love to thank Taneshe for handling my check-out and making it real quick and simple and with a big beautiful smile the whole time. It is staff people like these that makes us keep coming back to Couples. Thanks Andy & Cindy from Alabama......

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