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    We just returned from CSA, Sept 14-21.

    To Eduardo and Winston at the Martini bar, for keeping things "so fresh and so clean clean" ;-)

    To Oral Fritz Frtiz Oral at the Patois Bar late at night. He has the most genuine and friendly smile. All around great guy!

    To Oneal and Akeem, for their friendly ways and keeping us entertained.

    And last but absolutely not least, the Dive team at CSA - you guys are my favorites!
    Captain Jack - you steer a mean boat, man
    Christopher aka Shaggy- for teaching my husband the "leave me alone, I'm taking a p!$$" underwater sign (he uses that everywhere now!)

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    Default Just back from CN

    Just back from CN Sunday. As always the staff at CN was just awesome! We would love to give an extra special thank you to Sherika, Camicia, Jerado, Adrian, Kenton. Leroy and Natesia. Also the to best Water Sports team on the planet! Best trip ever!

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    Have to say a big thankyou to [U]all[U] the kindhearted staff at CTI - especially Leonard (Manager!) for their lovely gesture during our stay at the beginning of September. Our two friends (whom we met at CTI five years ago at the repeaters dinner) were unable to make it this time due to illness; we asked if it was OK to get a few people to sign a get well card ..... Leonard made sure [I]everyone[I] signed it, and made sure it was posted to get to them during what would have been their holiday. I can't begin to thank them all enough - it meant the world to poor Pete and Lynda.
    With people like that - why would you ever go anywhere else?

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    ABOUT ELKIE - Does anyone know if she had her baby yet and what she had?

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    Three weeks til CN. Looking forward to seeing Celia and Evon. Still there?

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    Ruel was one of our favorites also!!

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    Does anyone know if the resorts have a way for us to keep in touch with some of the staff that we love? I've tried searching for a few of them on facebook, but am not having much luck. Would love to keep in touch and make sure they will be there next year for our visits!

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    I want to give a shout out to Byrrrrrrrron his picture is listed above I will definatley have to post a pic of the two of us!! He truly is the best!!! Everyday when he saw my husband Byron would shout Kelllllllyyyyyy Miiiiikkkkkke and it put a huge smile on both of our faces! It has been about ohhh 19 days since I have been back to my "original" home and I am actually really sad about that. Everyday I have thought of nothing other than my real home JAMAICA MON!! Couples Tower Isle is the most amazing place on the Earth and I can barely wait to go back home!! We were spoiled and pampered the moment we arrived, the staff, the room, the food, the viwe EVERYTHING is out of this world!! Thank yo u Couples for everything!!! I also want to give a shout out to Rohan I know for a fact there are two at Tower Isle but I am referring to Rohan who wears the brownish uniform and not the bartender Rohan, although he is amazing too!!! My heart stayed in Jamaica thats all I have to say!!!

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    Default CSS shoutouts

    Should have done this right when we got home because I know im going to forget alot of people we planned on givin some kudos to. Hugo the bellhop was very helpful and appreciated. We both got massages at the spa and again...Simone was awesome. We get couples massages and I had her last year and made the mistake of letting my wife have her this year...and she promptly claimed her for every couples massage we get from here on out. Sherianne and Chadwick in entertainment were fun. Patrick in watersports is a cool dude....enjoyed kickin it with him again this year. I feel like a jackass because I cant remember the name of the main bartender at the swimup bar in the main pool...I think it was Marsee or something close to wife loved her.

    And one other thing. We honeymooned at CSS in Oct 2010 and had the best waiter I've ever had at a restaurant at Casanova with Euron. He was very friendly and personable, and expert at his craft. We were disappointed this year to see he was at the beachfront grill. It was nice to see him and have him there...but its a waste of a good server to have him bringing you cheeseburgers on the beach when he should be bringing you lobster on wednesdays in a candle lit Casanova.

    See you all next year! 340 days and counting

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    Wow! Where to begin... We just returned last Saturday (10/29) from another AMAZING vacation at CTI. So many people to thank and call attention to. I will try to remember everyone. I am sorry if leave anyone out.

    I will start with our arrival. We arrived at CTI on my birthday. Kirk, Byron, Emworth and the wonderful greeting musicians sang Happy Birthday to me. Wow! It was wonderful!
    Kirk showed us to our room in true "wonderful Kirk fashion." Capatain Kirk, YOU ROCK!

    Thank you Antionette & Tanisha for being such great bartenders throughout our stay. I could just say "please make me anything with Rum in it that isn't too sweet" and they would always come through with something really yummy! And always with a beautiful smile Thank you.

    Rose and her WONDERFUL Smoothies! Thank you Rose for making 1 to 3 smoothies for me EVERY morning! Such a sweet Lady.

    Ninoii (sorry if spelled incorrectly) at the Omelette station. Thank you! For your FANTASTIC cooking! He cooked our special dinner for two out on the Island. Amazing!

    I want to say a special thank you to Adonis and Jermaine for always being so helpful and completely great!

    And thank you to the excursion coordinator (I'm sorry I 4get her name - Eva maybe?) for giving me the courage to try Zip lining. It was AWESOME!

    Thank you too ALL the staff at CTI for making our stay UNFORGETTABLE! You are all what makes the resort what it is... The best!

    Hugs & Thanks, Lori & Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    If you mean Amanda from entertainment (and I think you do), no she is not back with the ET team at CN.
    Amanda the bartender/waitress is with CN and, judging from recent pictures, is no longer a trainee.
    What Rudi said.....
    I loved it when Amanda & Andrew were the entertainment staff....they were everywhere and so much fun....
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    There are so may great staff members! Let me start with Melissa at check-in. She stepped in to save the day from what was turning into a bad check-in experience. Of course Onique, Shawn, and Mae were as usual outstanding!

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    Default Duanne!!!!

    The best bartender here at CSS!!! Tomorrow is my last night here and I am sad that I won't be able to get one of his fabulous cookies & cream drinks!!! Trying to spread the word to everyone here. He is an absolute jewel!!

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    Everyone was so great at CTI!!! I couldn't get over how amazing the staff was.

    Maxine (guest services GM) was so great! She stopped by at breakfast to make sure our stay was going great and helped us out get a horseback ride trip. When I was getting ready to walk down the isle for my wedding she was waiting for my dad and I at the lobby to walk us to the beach! She even met up with us one morning and head breakfast with the two of us.Name:  DSC01580.jpg
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    Choy (lifeguard) was fun too. We went snorkling with him twice during the day and once for the night snorkle. He was very friendly to talk to and he even took some pictures for us with our underwater camera. Name:  DSC01146.jpg
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    Tamacia (spa) was great with my nails, hair and make up! Everything was as I imagined it or better. And she was also very friendly.

    Byron and my hubby where always chatting and making jokes. He's a great guy.Name:  DSC01605.jpg
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    Tanicia (bartender and server) always had something nice to say and made excellent drinks.Name:  DSC01440.jpg
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    Katie (entertainment coordinator) was amazing! So funny and outgoing. She even sang kareokee with my brother!Name:  DSC01504.jpg
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    Loloyta (wedding coordinator) was so nice and professorial making sure everything was perfect for our big day. I didn't have a worry in the world after talking with her and setting everything up.

    Our candle light dinner server, I think Jarmel, was so nice and made us feel very special.

    I know I'm forgetting people, really everyone is so nice! I miss it! And the grounds/rooms/food where all nice but the staff is what stood out for me the best.

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    Taneshia is the best. CTI would not be the same without her. Please be sure to give her props for being customer service oriented and a great bartender. We love her like family.

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    Duane rocks. He was such a nice , fun , and creative bartender. We are missing his cookies & cream drink too!

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    Name:  Tan1.jpg
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    Taneshia at CTI !! She is everything, wrapped in a Jamaican smile! Either side of the bar - she is the sweetest, most genuine, attentive member that any resort should be proud of. Always astute and ready to surprise with her latest cocktails and wit, she enhances our evenings over and over. One of the many reasons we keep coming back! Any trained waitress can serve a drink but Taneshia adds her own unique twist, she is at her best when she is flexing with guests yet she still manages to serve efficiently, with eyes in the back of her head it seems A natural entertainer!

    ALL at CTI are absolutely awesome. The fact they work so well together, like a well-oiled machine, is plain to see. One big happy family that we are blessed to be a part of.

    See you again VERY soon!


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    Tanesha at CTI is amazing! So fun and a sweetheart!

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    Shout outs to Shaun the bartender at CSA who knew how to make a drink STRONG like I requested; he kept the Renegades coming for DH and Cracker Jacks for me! Thanks!

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    Just back from CSA - GREAT vacation!

    Dwayne at Check In - What a great ambassador for CSA! He greeted us with a big smile and was professional yet so warm and engaging. He helped us to switch to a terrific room and did it all with charm. I called later that week regarding a WiFi issue and he remembered me and checked to be sure all was well with our room. He even went so far as to call the System Administrator's cell (he was on his way home) to get him on the phone to help me with my computer connectivity. Talk about going above and beyond!!

    Tanecea Campbell - Assistant Manager - Evening - We had a leak in our room (right over our bed). We discovered this just before dinner. We called the front desk and Tanecea appeared immediately. She took everything in hand and in short order had another room (in our same room category) ready for us (and the resort was full!) She then personally moved our overnight bag and assured us that our room problem would be resolved in the AM (and it was!)

    Donna Clark - Operations Manager - I had seen Donna around the resort, and she always had a friendly smile and hello. Then I got to know her a bit and realized what an asset she is to the CSA organization! She followed up with us the morning after our leaky ceiling, and went out of her way to make sure that we were happy with the service provided.

    Sharlene - Day Housekeeper - She showed up between 11:30 and 12:30 like clockwork. Our room was always spotless and she left the most lovely towel art decorated with flowers....I've never had towel art at Couples before, and it was a nice addition! She's a lovely person and did a lot to make our vacation comfortable.

    Winsome - Palms Breakfast and Lunch Team Leader / Manager (can't recall which). She runs a tight ship! Service at the Palms was GREAT for breakfast and lunch - she did a great job at directing her staff, and was professional and courteous with the guests. We really appreciated her work, and wish she was also involved in dinner service at the Palms!

    Groundskeepers - the grounds seem to be even better cared for this year than in the past - we were definitely impressed!

    Ricardo - Martini Bar - very entertaining and charming - remembered us after our first evening....

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    Just came back from my first trip to Jamaica and spent what was my best week of my life every at CSA. From the food to the general service I was blown away. "Bones" at the Bamboo bar absolultely made the best Dirty Bananas ever!!!! Gonna miss CSA and Bones!!!!

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    Default Cti staff

    All the staff here are amazing!!! Everett is the best greeter in the world, but a special shout out to Kimoni he was freaking awesome and Taneshia as she is so sweet and woderful.

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    To: Simone Gordon @ CN

    From: Linda & Bert

    We will be at CN arriving December 15 (hope to be at the pool bar before noon!), staying 6 nights. Linda said the other day that she would love to meet up with you for breakfast again (as we did in April). We are the couple whose room safe malfunctioned back in April...I think it was room 5308? You changed the battery while Bert laid in bed half drunk (ok...maybe a little more than half!).

    Looking forward to seeing you again!

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    Andrew, Shellian, Kaydian, Miguel, Edgar, Saskieann, Orlando, Masell (sp?), Colleen, and of course watersports staff!!! Love my CSS folks!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    We spent Thanksgiving at CSA and had a wonderful time! Thank you to the employees that helped to make
    our trip so memorable:
    Michelle, bartender
    Adrian, mini bar stocker
    Dewayne, waiter
    Delores, waitress at Patois
    Marion, bartender at Patois
    Tracy Ann, waitress at Feathers
    Symonta, room attendant
    Winston, bartender
    Roxanne, waitress at Lemongrass
    We can't wait to return!,

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