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    We are coming home in 9 days, looking forward to seeing Narissa, Omar, Everod to name but three. All ths staff are absolutely fantastic. But can someone confirm that Everod is still there? I have emailed him and not gotten a response for a while and I want to check that he is still there. I know he was there in the summer but not a word since.

    Many thanks

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    Default Thanks To CTI Staff!!

    My new wife and I just returned from our unforgetable honeymoon at Tower Isle! All the staff did an outstanding job making or stay completely relaxing and enjoyable!

    We would really love to give a SPECIAL shout out and Thank You to some great people who made us feel special!!

    Our Pool Grill Guy, DAVE: Your fries were the best we have EVER had. We enjoyed stopping by to visit every day and enjoying them. We really missed you on your day off!

    The Swim Up Pool Guy, ROBERT: Every morning we sat on our balcony watching the sun rise enjoying our coffee and watching you clean and prep the pool. As funny as that sounds, you truely made us feel at home! It also gave us a laugh, on your day off, to watch five guys do your job :-)

    Our housekeeper, ROSEMARIE: You really went above and beyond keeping our room spotless! Even doing the extra cleaning when you turned down the beds!!

    Entertainment, KATIE: Your energy, smile and friendliness will be remembered.

    Thank you all for making our honeymoon relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable. We will see you again!!!

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    Default How to pick one from so many?

    Just want to say the staff at CSS was awesome. Everyone greeted us with a smile. No matter what, it was 'no worries, mon.'

    I guess the one that stands out most to me was Frankie, our porter. When he showed us to our room, he stuck with us for 15-20 minutes while we asked him a ton of questions. It was our first visit and he was very knowledgeable about everything at the resort. We were going to hit the orientation, but changed our minds after talking to Frankie. We felt like we had the 411 on everything we wanted to know.

    Our room was near the bell hop station and we walked past it many times during our stay. Whenever we went by, Frankie greeted us by name with a huge smile and always made a point to ask if there was anything else we needed in the room or needed to know.

    In a resort where everyone was so gracious, it's hard to pick any one person, but Frankie made us feel like we had the inside line on everything happening at the resort.

    Respect, mon!


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    Can anyone tell me if the following staff are still at CTI? They made our stay so fun in Feb 2010!

    Matt (social director)
    Kadian (social director)
    Antoinette (bartender)

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    Default First Timers thanks to Staff at CSA

    My husband and I have just returned home from our first visit to CSA and I dont think that this will be our last. We have stayed at numerous all inclusive hotels around the world and can confirm that the service you will receive at CSA is second to none (Burj Al Arab in Dubai included in our list). For the past 4 years we have frequented a similar hotel group in Mexico, but this year we decided to visit Jamaica and we are glad that we did. There are so many lovely staff members, but I will list a few:-

    In the swim up pool bar - Dermon(dont be afraid) Curtis the trainee, Onique and Colleen to name a few.

    In Feathers, Franklyn and Rohan

    Finally - a big hello to Julian on the water sports team, he tried to teach me to water ski, would always check how I was each morning when I lay on my sun lounger before breakfast and managed to get my husband over his fear of sailing by taking us out on a hobie cat!

    I never met such friendly staff and just hope that they are still there when we next visit.

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    We were at CSS from Nov 18th-Nov 25th and can't say enough about our first trip to Jamaica. EVERYONE at CSS is so very nice and welcoming, helpful and friendly...
    I want to say a special thank you to Shelli Ann, Simone, Katie Ann, and Miguel for all their hard work and effort for our enjoyment and entertainment.
    Janice and Patrice in the gift shop for your endless patience and assistance with all our questions.
    Marvin in Watersports for being so helpful
    John at the Beach Bar, Dave at the pool bar (thanks for all the hummingbirds)
    Ricardo and Dwight for always being so helpful and attentive
    Nicola, Vivian, and Kenisha for making every meal a joy
    Kyle for making the special point of calling and wishing my husband a Happy Birthday

    From top to bottom every staff member went above the call of duty to ensure we had a great experience and we already miss all the friends.

    Thank you so much for making what we wanted in a vacation so much more than we expected.

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    There are many staff at CSA I dearly fell in love with. There is one that stands out above the rest!! To me she is not a staff member but a wonderful friend, whom I dearly miss!! That person is Mackeisha Whoods. I love ya girl, not only for taking great care of us but for showing us love and friendship.

    We would also like to thank the following for making our trip special:

    Kareem - Bamboo Bar
    Ruel - Bamboo Bar
    Natasha - Bamboo Bar
    Oshane - Sea Grapes
    Janet - Sea Grapes
    Kunta - Dive Shop
    Chris - Palms
    Dacia- Palms

    Thanks to you all for a wonderful time! Hope to make it back in May!!!

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    CN Visit Nov 20-Dec 4 (8th trip)
    The stand out was Comecia at the breakfast & lunch buffet- Service was awesome. She was in constant motion directing the staff in what needed to be done. I had to stop her to see what her name was. The staff she was directing were happy and smiling. It was noticeably different on her day off both weeks we were there. It was hard to get a cup of coffee never mind a refill and plates were not removed in a timely fashion. This girl deserves a raise! Another stand out was Denver at the Heliconia. Great service and an all around nice guy. Beach red flag service goes to the trainee, Jason.

    Of course after 8 visits we have our long time favorites: Elkie, Camille, Yannick, Conroy, Tennyson, etc.. I'm sure I'm missing some people because it depends where they are working on any given week. We missed Carrie. Sorry he is gone and feel very bad that he is not there!

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    Default Kasian Blake is a star!

    Fresh and sweet, couldn't be nicer or more helpful!

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    Just returned from 7 days in CSA... After getting off to a rough (literally) start everything turned out ok... I want to thank Donna, the new assistant manager, for taking such an interest in us! You are the best! As far as the staff, Cleopatra was so accommodating, I feel I need to give her a shout out!
    Also, Natashia is so friendly and her smile lights up a room, Christina and Akeem also... We love you guys.. and how the entertainment staff and the staff at the beach can remember each and every one of our names is amazing!! They know us from year to year and never forget a name.... Thanks again for helping a rough start turn out so Great!!

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    To Delroy at CTI....Thank you for getting us in for a snorkel instruction. Made my day.
    Wes & LeAnn

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    We stayed at Couples Sans Souci in Feb 2010 and everyone was absolutely incredible but, I must admit that one of my best memories was from a candle light dinner we had in the Gazebo overlooking the water. Our server for the evening was an amazing young gentleman named Garvis. He was attentive, polite and a pleasure to be around. I was truly amazed by the service we received from him. We just booked our second trip to Sans Souci & I've reserved the Gazebo for Valentines night. Hopefully Garvis will be available to serve. Looking forward to our return.

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    It's hard to believe we have been back for over a week and it is 10 below I cannot wait to return 351 days and counting, to try and name all those who work so hard to make certain that when you arrive your troubles melt away, Kirk, Damion (wicked marley shots my friend),Ms. Annette Ford who can work miracles and above all Ms. Bailey who goes above and beyond almost daily, after returning several times we now have officially named CTI as our second home with our extended family taking care until our return. Irie and respect to all. Andy&Kitty

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    We want to give a shot out to Horatio, from the Sunset Bar at CSA. I am looking forward to seeing him when we (hopefully) go back in May. We asked him to be our witness at our wedding this past May. He was amazing.

    Does anyone know if I can send a note and picture snail mail to him? I hope to keep in touch, so we can be sure hes not on vacation when we plan our next trip there.

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    Default Kudos!

    We were in Jamaica the first week of December. The staff at Couples Sans Souci is just amazing! Every single one of them is willing to make your trip the best possible. We spent most of our time by the water activities and Cohen always took care of us. The guys in the water activity department were all spectacular! The weather was always the wrong conditions on the days I wanted to go snorkeling or wanted to learn who to sail on of those thingy's, but they assured me when I get back that they will see I get to do these things. I cannot remember that gentleman's name, but I will remember you face. LOL! You told me to ask for you next time we come and I forgot his name. I know it started with an R maybe Rory or something, but I will remember him. We cannot wait to come back to Jamaica. Only five months and counting. See you again in June and with any luck, sooner. This is our vacation spot!

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    Default Shout Out to Eduardo at the beach bar!!

    Wow -- this guy is fantastic! We spent a lot more time at the beach bar than we ever thought we would simply because of Eduardo. He is not only super efficient, but he is funny and charming and an overall great guy.
    Couples: he is a keeper! Don't let this guy go!

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    Default CSA December 2010

    Thamks so much to Sidaella for a fantastic wedding- experience!!! You did a great job!!!
    And so much thanks to Natasha at the Beach Bar- your "Bob Marley" was excellent- especially the ones after the ceremony!!
    Thanks to Anthony at Palms, you smelled fantastic :-)
    And thanks to Meletta- You did the best waffels in the world!!!
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    The staff members all work so hard to make the guests feel special and nothing is too much of a bother for them. Case in point, I like to have pickle juice in my daily Bloody Mary at breakfast. Adrian got it for me once and everyday after that, either he or Alvrado or someone had it waiting for me without me asking! Wow.

    Rasheba was THE friendliest and happiest of the E-team, IMO. But, again, they all work hard to keep us entertained and "up."

    Kirk, Byron, Evavold the three kings of the bell station. Never can you pass them by without a good word.

    Bartenders have a lot of pressure to get those drinks out, with so many different requests. Rohan, Paul, Terry, Ricardo, DAMION, Kimoni, Sharon, Antoinette...all A-PLUS!

    Maxine and Nicole at Guest services. Always working to keep us satisfied and filling our smallest and biggest requests. THANK YOU LADIES!

    Leonard Henry, GM, always has a smile and time for a chat. Stefan Spath and his whole team producing the best food every day!

    We really, really miss Davis/Hercules.

    At CSS, Barrington, Kimberly (is she still there) JHEANEL!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanAm View Post
    We were wondering where Captain Kirk was these days. We had the pleasure of meeting him in Jan. of 2008. Was kinda hoping he was at CSA as that is where we will be in November!! Our lose for sure. He made a great impression on us during our visit. Yes he is The Man for sure. Tight hugs Capt. from Margie (Boston as you nicknamed me) and Gilles (with the Canada hat.)
    He is at CTI

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    Default Horatio (AlmostMrsC)

    Almost -

    At the end of last May, as we were enjoying our last day at SweptAway, I had a chat with Horatio. At that time, he was not very confident that he would be there for very much longer. His plan is (was) to start a small farm to raise pigs, and he saw himself able to do this soon.

    Horatio, who I met on his first day at SweptAway's Beach Bar in May of 2009, is a wonderful young man, very intelligent, and a credit to Couples.

    If he's moved on to his dream, he still has our best wishes for good fortune. If not, Couples would be wise to encourage his young man to advance in the company.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Cardo is the best! My husband, fiance at the time, took a trip to CSA in April of 2007 and met Cardo our first night at the night club. We had al ong day of traveling and he fixed us right up with some great Jamaican style Rum Punch. We saw him all throughout the week and had a wonderful first experience with Couple resorts. In April of 2008 we came back to CSA to get married and ran into Cardo at the martini bar and he remembered us, specifically my husbands name and the Rum Punches that we loved so much! We just booked our third trip for this March and we love to run into him again. Does anyone know if he is still around?

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    Default Looking for a friend

    Does anyone have an email address for Kimoni? My email address is and it would be much appreciated. We were at CSS in 2009, when we met Kimoni. We went to CTI in 2010 and Kimoni recognized us! We were so impressed that after a full year and thousands of people later he still remembered us! I tell this story to everyone when I recommend Couples to people that I meet. We are not going to get to go back this year and would just like to say hi.

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    Will be back at CTI in March. Really hoping to see Ainsworth and his warm smile!

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    Default Dirty Dirty

    Quote Originally Posted by nhstonge View Post
    Dermon "Genius" is the best.

    Dermon at the swim up bar... makes the best "Dirty Dirty" in the resort.

    He is the man...

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    Don't Be Afraid - CSA


    Dermon the swim up bartender at CSA Rocks. He made all very happy. His favorite saying

    Look at me now!
    Oh My God
    Don't be Afraid,
    Your going to love it!!!

    I ttold him to have CSA make up T-Shirts that had this saying on it. They could make tons of money. ( I should get royalties)

    He along with Natasha, Roan, and Demar were awesome all week long, making us drinks and entertaining us al week long. They made us feel like we were part of ther families.

    Kathy and Paul 1/22/11 - 1/29/2011. A week is not enough time.

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