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    Default Staff - Couples Swept Away

    ALL of the staff was great -- but a special shout out to Akeem, Garret, Winston at the Martini Bar -- you boys are the BEST!!!! Can't wait to to come back and see you!! Terri

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    We returned from CSA last weekend and had the greatest time of our lives. From the time we checked in to the time we left we were treated with nothing but love and hospitality from the people at CSA. Some of the people of special importance were Natalie ----at Patios. This was hands down our favorite place to eat because not only is the food good but the service is even better. Everyday Natalie greeted us with her beautiful smile and made sure we were ok, every second she got. In addition to Natalie we also received great service from our servers Nafterlee, Julane and Kemyon.

    Natasha at the Sunset Bar was also fantastic. My husband does not drink but loved the strawberry daquari (virgin of course) Natasha made sure he always had his non-alcoholic drink and she knew I loved bananas so she always had a yummy new drink for me to try.

    We had the private dinner on the beach and it was AWESOME. From the food to the ambiance to the music, it was definitely a night to remember. Claudia our personal waiter made sure everything was beautifully served and did everything with a smile. My husband couldn't believe that they didn't work for tips, he was even more appalled to find out they actually not only had to wait on us but they also did the physical set up and break down and Claudia did it all with a beautiful smile on her face.

    Lastly one of the entertainment coordinators O'Neil was a joy. From the time we stepped into the Aura lounge to the time we checked out he made sure that we were having fun.

    The staff at CSA are all great at what they do, with the exception of whomever fixes the phones as we couldn't retrieve messages on our voicemail the entire time of our stay. Also, dont expect to post cards to arrive during your time there. We mailed our off on 9/15 and our recipients are just receiving them today. Other than that we had a great time.

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    Default haven't been yet but they already deserve a shout out...

    Going for our honeymoon in the beginning of 2011, but wanted to give a shout out to Andre, he has already been awesome and his helpfullness sold us when we were still deciding. Cant wait!!!!

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    Just returned from my first visit to Couples Sans Souci! I want to give shout outs to Christena for making every breakfast fun. A real big shout out to Dominique for not lighting my first Bob Marley on fire! To RandyMon for inviting us to be on "Secrets of the Resort Chefs" and to all the staff for making Couples Sans Souci a wonderful vacation for us! Just too many to remember or name them all...

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    We were wondering where Captain Kirk was these days. We had the pleasure of meeting him in Jan. of 2008. Was kinda hoping he was at CSA as that is where we will be in November!! Our lose for sure. He made a great impression on us during our visit. Yes he is The Man for sure. Tight hugs Capt. from Margie (Boston as you nicknamed me) and Gilles (with the Canada hat.)

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    To my darling wonderful friends at CN...we are coming home in 8 days. Franklyn...we can't wait to see ur smiling face again and to meet that sweet baby boy. Carrie...I'll find you somewhere my dear. To Ivylin(Queen Bee)..I hope u have kept them in line and to my sweetie Ingrid...we can't's been too long. There are many others that we hold dear to mention them all. One love to you all!

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    I'm so lax in doing this....we were at CN in 5/2010 for our 4th trip....just booked our 5th for 5/2011. Off the top of my head...Herbert & Franklin--your smiles greeted us & hugs helped us depart with love renewed..and Herbet, thanx for everything in between! You always make us feel so welcomed & like family. To all the watersports guys...white boy fish & I will be coming home soon! Basil & Capt. Quack, you are the best snorkel guides I've ever had & I promise not to be afraid of the jellyfish this next trip. Franklyn (with a Y!!) & all the pool bar staff--amazing drinks, service, and company. Melbourne--no one opens a coconut like you! Thanks for helping my husband find lizards to look at....again...he's such a little boy on the beautiful Island of Jamaica & you help him learn more about the flora & fauna with every visit. Everyone at the beach bar & grill--the staff at ALL the restaurants--always amazing. There are more names, I am remiss & forgetful, but suffice to say that I have encountered many accceptional staff at CN and yet to find, after 4 trips, anyone who does anything but amaze us with kindness, engaging personalities, and treatment as royalty. RESPECT!

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    Just got back from a tropical storm-filled week at CSS, but despite the rain we still had a great time.

    We have to give a huge thank you to Francine for being our wonderful bartender and keeping everyone's spirits up during the storms. She was great to talk to and joke around with as all of us waited for the clouds to clear (which didn't happen often unfortunately). Jheanel filled in for Francine on her day off and was also wonderful as always. Both of them were so much fun to be around and are amazing at their jobs, the week wouldn't have been the same without them.

    Kaydian (sorry if I'm spelling wrong) from entertainment is sooo nice and brought fun to several of our rainy afternoons with activities and just talking with us all. She quickly learned the names of everyone around the bar and went out of her way to talk with us anywhere she saw us. She sat with all of us at the gala and it was great to get to know her.

    A shout out also to Tamara from the spa. We had fun sitting with her at the repeaters dinner a year ago, and when we walked into the spa for an appointment on this trip we couldn't believe that she still remembered us. Coincidentally last week was her turn to go to the repeaters dinner again so we were lucky enough to be able to eat and talk with her for a second time.

    The wonderful staff was definitely one of the highlights of this trip for us. Usually we keep to ourselves when we go on vacations, not really particiapating in any of the activities or talking with many of the other guests. The rain brought out our social sides and helped us get to know some of our fellow guests and the great staff that we look forward to seeing on our next trip back.

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    Default couples negril

    We were married at Couples Negril and your staff was amazing! Our wedding coordinators were superb! Shopping trip staff and other recreational staff were friendly and accomodating. Scuba and snorkelling was amazing. Your scuba instructors are confident in the good way, made my husband bring his A-game. But ... Tennyson B. was the BEST bartender ever! We went wherever he was pouring!
    Looking forward to our next trip!

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    Thanks to everyone at CSS for a wonderful honeymoon! We were there Oct 1 through Oct 8 - not long enough!

    A special thanks to Miguel for almost letting Dean beat him at Ping Pong, and to Simone "Fluffy" for being a fabulous activities director and expert Scrabble player as well!

    Thank you also to all those who work so hard behind the scenes to make our vacation so memorable. Especially the guys who are out early in the morning sweeping the stairs and the beach, repairing the papalas and mowing the lawn. We appreciated how beautiful the grounds were!


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    Default Staff

    I must say that I never really paid much attention to this board but I now see the importance of it. The staff that were physically at the resort during tropical storm Nicole were invaluable to the guests. Don't get me wrong the resort was terribly understaffed because of flooding. Most of the workers could not get to the resort because the road into the resort area was flooded.But the staff that was there were multi-tasking like you have never seen before. You would see them serving food,cleaning the beach, working in the concierge office doing everything that had to be done working from dawn to well into the night.I thank all that did everything they could to help the guests during that very miserable time.

    Wayne and Lillian LeJeune

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    We are currently completing our trip to CSS, and cannot possibly wait until we return to recognize the wonderful staff at this resort. We will use the Guest Comment Cards, of course, but until then...

    From the moment we checked in, Kimberley and Evol on the Front Desk/Guest Services treated us like they were welcoming back family. After a long flight and long drive (in pouring rain) from Montego Bay, it was heavenly to arrive to that friendly welcome.

    Francine has taken great care of us at the Sunset Beach Bar. Never thought anyone could top Jheanel, but she is doing a great job. She always has a smile, a funny story, and remembers our favorite drinks. She is a gem! And Kaydian, our lovely Social Director learns everyone's name and keeps us all entertained. She went out of her way to reserve tables at the Beach Party so we could continue socializing with our new friends well into the evening. We have never been much into the pool games and such, but we are glad she was able to encourage our participation. We have been having a great time.

    The majority of Guests we met this week are "Repeaters"- and it is no wonder with the exceptional staff on this property. Absolutely everyone, from the groundskeepers, to the maintenance staff, to housekeeping, to the waitstaff - everyone has a smile for us. What a special, wonderful place! I cannot wait to return again to CSS.

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    Amazing Slide show from our Visit to CSA October 2-8, Includes fabulous Photog Zavian's pictures of my wedding!

    I will follow with a full review soon!

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    Default A Slice of Heaven on Earth!

    Stayed at Couples Sans Souci from 10/8 thru 10/13. This was our first time at the resort and definitely not our last visit. The staff went over and beyond to make our stay the most memorable vacation that we have ever had. Boyfriend & I arrived at the resort late at night and Dalton at the reception desk was quick to offer us a cool towel and champagne. We requested a certain room in G block but it was not available til the next morning. He gave us room D18 with the offer to view our first choice in the morning. After seeing the G block room we decided to stay in D18 which is exactly what Dalton knew we would say. Refidge was kept stocked with our favorites and room service would be knocking on the door minutes after making a request. Cassenova restaurant was 5 star...the chef even came out to chat with us. The Pallazena restaurant was awesome for breakfast and lunch. Louszan...the best waiter! He took time to chat with us & even made our dinner reservation for us one day. Francine at SSB was quick to make our mango daiquiries and always with a smile. Dominique at the Beach Bar was awesome! Kaydian the Activities Coordinator was the best to get the guests up and going. I don't know how she remembers everyone by name...its that little extra that made us feel like family! Fluffy...where do you get your energy...we want some! We were in awe of our beautiful tropical surroundings and overwhelmed by the attentiveness of the staff!

    Thank You CSS!
    Kristyna & Herb

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    Default Missouri couple

    We will be going to Couple Swept Away in March 2011. We will celebrating our 1 year Anniversary. We had a beach ceremony in Dominican Republic last year. We will be getting on ocean front room at Couples. Anyone have any suggestions for us as to what building to hope to get? Best Resturant? Best foods to try? On this resort can you try the A N hot tub at night? We like trying some different, crazy, wild things. It spices things up if you know what I mean. We went to Montego Bay a couple years ago, but this will be our first time in Negril. I can not wait to go! I read "others" stories, and I get all excited! This will be our first time going to an "Couples Only" resort, all over times and places we went to we have taken our kids, first time going by ourselves! I want and I'm hoping for this trip to be fantastic for us! Somebody out there want to share some ideas with us that has been to Couples already? The hard part now is to wait until March!

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    Horatio at CSA!!! Hit List!!!!!!!! I loved his special cocktail and he was very entertaining!!!

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    We were at Couples Negril the week of 10/10/10 and had a great time. The activities coordinators Angelica and Alicia were terrific as was Franklyn who carried our bags to the room and then stopped to talk to us every time we saw him the rest of the week. Tennyson was a great bartender and we had the pleasure of teaching him a new drink from a local bar we frequented years ago.

    The drink is called a "Phantom" and is a frozen drink that tastes like a milkshake. Here's the recipe:

    1 shot vodka
    1 shot Amaretto
    1 shot Kahlua
    1 shot cream or Baileys

    Add ingredients to blender along with a cup or two of ice and blend.


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    Default Favorite Waitress

    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Hello everyone,....

    Okay, well I look forward to reading your stories!
    .....Just back from CSS (Oct. 9-16) and wanted to comment on our favorite waitress.Every morning we tracked down to the Palazzina for Breakfast. And would always be greeted by the smiling face of Allecisa. She always started our day right.

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    Default Tower Isle

    Just Back from our first week ever in Couples Tower Isle
    We had a ball it was fantastic

    Thanks to Otis our waiter he was brilliant.
    Kirk was so frfiendly ... respect!
    Chamile (sorry if i have spelt your name wrong) from the bar , thanks for providing us with never ending drinks, and i hope you are still laughing at our Mankini incident

    Plus everyone else you make the place fantastic

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    To ALL the staff at CN! Omar - thanks for "Blue #3" and all the other colors of the rainbow. Nana - love you sweetheart! Zallie - think school you'll be the best. Marguerite and her magic fingers. Desmond - thanks for trying so hard to help me waterski. Franklyn - the best welcome a person could hope for. So many names I don't remember, restaurant staff, beach staff, housekeeping staff .... We were so impressed with all the staff, even the gardeners would stop and identify plants for us. The CN crew is the biggest reason we're hooked and coming back to CN.

    Graham & Sue - Oct 19-26

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    We just returned from Couples Swept Away and wanted to shout out to the following staff who really made an impression on us:

    Shane: Photography
    Kevern: Bartender
    Ruel: Bartender
    Cindy: Bartender
    Jason: Entertainment

    Thanks to this crew, and many others, we learned about Jamaican culture, and had the best vacation we have ever had! This was our 3rd trip to Swept Away, and we will keep returning!

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    Shout outs to Maxine Wiiliams, Otis, Damion, Terry, Phillips, Romaine, Rohan, the spa folks and last but not least, Colin, Rasta and David. again, we had a great time at CTI.

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    Just returned from a very fun-filled week at CSS. The staff is remarkable, some of them have now become our friends - what more can one say than that? They made our trip wonderful. Shout outs to Radcliffe, the best resident tennis pro in Jamaica; Randy, the best visiting tennis pro in Jamaica; and our three favorite bartenders - Jon, Francine and Jheanel, with whom we had way too much fun - they sure knew how to take care of us!

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    Default Perfect Anniversary, Couples TI

    We had spent our 25th Anniversary at Couples TI. We came back for our 48th. The moment we stepped on the property; we were welcomed with open arms. We were back "home" again.

    Andre took us to our suite. It was amazing! Overlooking the Sea; it had a Jacuzzi in the bedroom. Each room overlooked the Sea, with the most amazing views. After hugging Andre three or four times, we settled in. What could be better than sitting in the Jacuzzi, sipping Champagne, and looking out at the Sea?

    Even tho Hurricane Tomas tried his best to put a damper on our visit; the staff at Couples TI made the sun shine every day!

    As they were in the past; the staff was so warm and welcoming. It would be hard to point to any person as "the best"... They ALL were!

    There was a 19 year old young lady at Guest Services. We fell in love with her; the first time we met her. She called us her "Honey's". Never failing to acknowledge us; and giving us hugs and kisses the last day that we were at the resort together. She hunted us down before she left (explaining that the day we went home was her day off). What a sweet heart!

    Also, Mathew from the Recreation team had dinner with us one evening (lobster nite, yum!). What a fun guy! Everyone on the Recreation team was ready to make up for "Tomas's wrath" (: The cooking class (with the actual Chef)was an enjoyable event. I look forward to making Chicken Curry, just like a chef!

    The food was amazing, the service was perfection. On the night of our anniversary; we were treated to a great dinner at 8 Rivers. Courtney (our waiter); and the restaurant Host brought out a dessert that they had created for us. It said Happpy 48th Anniversary Schulzes. What a special evening!

    The bartenders in the Piano bar were professional and mixed well with all guests. Service with a smile, every time.

    Our meals at the Patio restaurant were so good. I can't even describe the desserts (but my waistline can). YUM! and..... Then there was lobster night!! Be sure to have lobsters at the Patio Restaurant. Terrific servers and bartenders all the time!

    We were also treated to a 30 minutes Couples Massage, Candles, Water Bottles. They recognized our returning guest status; even tho it had been "a few years" ago.

    The renovations at Couples TI were so well done. The original ambiance was still in place. However, everything was spotless and up to date!

    The maid service and cleaning staff were busy all the time. Our room was spotless and halls and walls were pristine. The property was perfectly groomed; which was no easy task due to the storm and debre which washed up on the beach. The beach staff worked from morning to evening keeping the beach cleaned. Amazingly they did this with a smile!

    The Porters were excellent ambassadors for the hotel. Always doing their tedious job lifting all the suitcases and promptly taking them to and from rooms in a timely manner. They were the first and last people that everyone saw... They were a warm and welcoming sight.

    Believe me, when I say; "There's no place like home" especially when you come back to Couples TI!

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    Default Unbelievable

    My wife and I just got back from CSA (first week of November 2010) and could not believe how absolutely fantastic this place was. From the moment we got to the resort to the day we left, it was pure bliss. From snorkling next to the Hedonism boat (quite a sight!) to the catamaran rides and excellent food, we could not have enjoyed ourselves more. The great thing was that there were no rules. We didn't see big signs up that told you what to do or not do, not one time did we get a "no". We did get, "the other bars are still open" a time or two.
    We came for a wedding of some very dear friends and plan on making this a regular destination for any Caribean adventure. Staff were professional, courteous, and always wore a smile. Best vacation spot I have ever been to.

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