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    Default Best Martinis

    My shout out is to Onique aka Romaine... Best martini shaker ever. Have it ready in December my friend.....
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    Default CN Staff

    A shout out to the whole CN staff!!! You made our first time to CN a week that we will never forget, and plan to relive very soon.

    A special shout out to Travis and Nana who always made all the activites and night life entertaining and memorable!!! Travis I will never forget "Sweet Niblets."

    And to Franklin the best bartender ever!!!! He would always have a Dirty Banana and No Problem waiting on my husband and I when he seen us getting in to the pool.

    Love everyone and hope to see you again real soon.

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    Default CTI Damion Rocks!

    Damion was a blast at CTI..he kept my husband and I laughing and in great spirits our whole trip. Thanks so much for your smiles, jokes and really made our trip special! Gary from water sports was also great! All the staff were nice, but these gentlemen went out of their way to bring smiles to our faces...thanks a million!

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    I'd like to say a "BIG" Thank You to Sean and Dilly-Ann and the couples staff behind the scenes. From Florida to the Couples staff in Montego Bay. I had a minor problem that had nothing to do with Couples directly and didn't know what to do or where to go. I started with Sean and he got the ball going. It had nothing to do with his duties but he passed it on to the right department. It's the people we never meet that makes Couples #1 and why we keep going back year after year. Keep up the "GOOD WORK". We'll be going back home to Couples Negril in 2011 for #8.

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    Katie, Steve, and the DJ were awesome! Katie showed us some dance moves! Steve took my friends out on the hobie kat and was very friendly and the DJ, don't remember his name, had us jammin!!! We had such a good time on Friday, that we invited other people to come Saturday night! As if we were hosting a party! LOL! Had a ball!!!!!

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    A big "shout out" to Duane Harris, Dominiq, Jhaneal, Kaydean & the activities staff and to all of the staff at CSS for making our vacation unforgettable. We left CSS and a piece of our hearts yesterday. Love the food, all the activities, entertainment and all of the wonderful staff. They were all so kind and they want to make sure you're having a good time. We are looking forward to going back next year. Thank you CSS for your hospitality!!
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    shellyann at css is amazing! been here for a day and a half and she's been wonderful. yesterday she did the orientation tour with us and today my wife played scrabble with her, what a wonderful person to be around

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    also want to give a shout out to orlando who took my wife and I sailing today. very helpful and very patient with me as it took me quite a while to get the hang of steering the boat.

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    Default CN entertainment crew ROCKS

    We were at CN August 3-13. We have never been so involved in activities in all the trips we have ever taken. They didn't force you but they kept inviting you to participate and always called out your name in a group...felt like a family reunion..
    The whole crew was special. Big shouts to Carlos(AKA Superman) Angelica, Nana, Nelly and Simone. By the way Simone's version of Toxic was the best Ive ever heard, better than Brittany for sure....

    PS. Can I have some more auction money...pls....I think I did the volleyball this morning?

    Tony and Lorraine(usually Tony)

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    Default Staff Shoutouts to CTI

    Hi everyone...My husband and I visited CTI 8/5-8/12 and I just can't say enough GREAT things about ALL the staff. are a few great ones in our opinion!!
    Kadi, entertainment coordinator, was just great!! Always so cheerful and such great energy!!! Bingo was a blast!!!
    Rasheba, entertainment coordinator, was just great as well!! We had SOOO much fun at casino night with her!! helpful and friendly!!
    Yohan, entertainment coordinator, was an absolute blast!!! He has the personality to work well with everyone. He was always in such a great mood and such a fun person to be around. Loved the trivia at the swim-up bar!!! Tye-dye was super fun as well!!!
    Emorth, bellman, such a great guy!! Never forgot our names and was always so cheerful. Made sure we were always taken care of from the moment we arrived at CTI!!!
    Kaheel, bartender at the swim-up bar, was just great!! Always on top of things and made sure our drinks were never empty!!!
    Everyone of these people are such a blessing to CTI. Believe me there were many more great people, but of course I can't remember the names of everyone!!! Also...thanks to the maids/housekeepers. Our room was always clean and in such great condition.
    Thanks to all for making our stay one we won't ever forget and made it so memorable!!! We love CTI and it's staff!!!!

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    Default Simone Henry at CTI

    Quote Originally Posted by dondonntx View Post
    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Simone from CTI bartender? Please let me know if you do. Thanks
    I have Simone's address if you want it e-mail me:

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    Default Best Vaca Everrrrr!!! No Worries Mon!!!

    Just returned from Couples Negril this past Sunday from an amazing week long(8/9-8/15/2010) stay with my BF, and I would highly reccomend this specific resort to anyone!!! From the time we arrived to the very end with hugs from the staff{{shout out to Nilka aka Nellie}} its was the most amazing week Ive ever had, almost like a dream. I had high expectation did all my homework before arriving and seriously CN exceeded every expectation and more, I was seriously blown away!!! We eneded up getting an upgrade (complimentary) without asking to a beach view instead of delux garden on the groud floor which was good considering all the drinking, lol, dont really know how the stairs would have affected that lol... The service is top notch, the staff is extremely friendly and fun, the food was pnenominal, drinks were flowing & yummy and the total ambiance was just flawless...Check in/out process was so easy, giftshops were convienent, everything purchased is charged to the room, you dont need to carry any cash...turn down service & housekeeping were awsome, I really didnt lift a hand this whole vaca, staff was always friendly, asking how everything is/was making sure your having the best time ever, always smiling...When we first got there a grounds keeper climbed a tree and got a frest coconut for us had us drink that fresh milk & told us to get the bartender to make us a "coco loco" drink out of it, oh boy was that yummy!!! You have to try the Bob Marley shot and the Monkey Brain shot!!! Our fav drinks were the Dirty Banana, Hummingbird, Miami Vice, and so many more...The water was so clear ever looking down like 25+ in detail you could see the ocean floor, we did the Glass bottom boat tour & you must do the Catamaran Cruise {{included}} We tried wakeboarding also, that was fun! The beaches are super clean, no shells, rocks & such, usually raked in the AM by staff...I loved being able to float on the mats provided in the ocean & pool and I loved the red flag service, they were really on top of it, usually didnt have an empty drink...I would reccomend doing the orientation before anything, we didnt do it, and wished we did, we didnt find out about a lot till later on in the week, they tell you everything that you need to know, where, when, ect...We played volleyball alomost everyday 2x a day, the event coordinators were really fun and friendly, we did the wood carving class & made awsome turtles, and I did basket weaving and made a coaster, pretty awsome {{also included}} We had planned on going on extra excusions but once we acutally got to the resort we didnt want to even leave, & there were so many activities there already it didnt make much sense to leave, we were good with all that extra stuff!!! The bed was even comfy & Im pretty picky, we met a lot of people while we were there & eves a couple couples from NJ which was neat {{shout out to ED & Kelly!!}} The event/activities coordinator Nilka aka Nellie is amazing one of the nicest people ever so fun & outgoing...we are avid poker players and didnt think at all that we'd play poker in Jamaica but to our surprise they hosted a casino night & also play Deal or no Deal which was awome...the dance parties in the Piano Bar are pretty fun...Make sure you get to see the sunset there, we kept missing it, until Friday night we made sure that we got to watch it, we had our reservations for Otaheite {{amazing}} got all decked out & actually got a mini photoshoot done on the beach before, one of the photographers took the memory card out of my camera & put it in his professional camera and got like 50+ shots of us in lots of poses on the beach/sunset setting, that was amazing!!! I always thought that I wouldnt ever go to the same place twice cause I like to travel but I think that I would seriously consider coming back to Couple Negril again & again & again...Ill post pics at another time but seriously consider Couple Negril, it was seriously the best vacation Ive ever been on, and I wouldnt change a thing!!!

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    Default employee shoutouts!!!

    Every single employee I had seen at the resort was very polite, helpful and always hard at work!! Here are a few names that Ill always remember:

    Ruel & Horatio from the sunset bar

    Gawayne from the mediterranean food bar

    Kevin in the engineering department

    Rev. Lionel Rose

    Guardsman Dwayne

    Bellman Kevin

    Lloyd from house keeping

    Camille from the cabana grill

    Peter from the palms (i think)

    Adrian from the night club

    nyron the photographer

    Michelle the wedding coordinator

    Cosman from the beach (he actually works for the quality para sailing place)

    and the funny looking guy wearing the versace belt buckle selling smokes on the beach..... he always gave you a deal but always looked like he was going to cry in the process.

    I loved my vacation there and am looking forward to my return!! Thank You so much for supplying a place for us to come with no stress!!!!

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    Default Couples in Negril

    When we arrived for our vacation after a long day of travel, we found out that our travel agent had made a mistake and did not reserve the type of room that we had paid for when we booked our vacation months before. We were tired and very upset because we paid for a beachfront suite and were booked in a beachfront room (there is a price difference). Although all of the rooms are lovely, we wanted to have the same type of room that we did when we had our honeymoon there 5 years ago. Dilliann, at Couples Negril took the time to contact our agent and do everything that she could to help us get the accomodations that we wanted. We ended up working it out so that we got into the first available garden suite for a few days (there were no available beachfront suites) and then in the exact beachfront suite we had our honeymoon in for the last days of our stay. It meant so much to us that they worked so hard to help us when it wasn't their mistake at in the first place. We had a fantastic anniversary and we will go back again. As for our travel agent at home, she payed the difference that we had to pay to get a suite when we got home. It all worked out. I can't thank Couples enough for working so hard with us and our agent to make us so happy during our stay.

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    Big "O" at the watersports shed was so helpful showing us how to sail the hobie cats, we went out 4 times and enjoyed it so much. he explained how to sail it easily and did a great job, was happy to see us each day when we returned, rest of staff was great too, just can't remember names!!
    Paul at the sing a long in the piano bar is very talented and very patient, must be hard for him to be that talented and to have to listen to people absolutely butcher a song, but we had so much fun doing that, big shout out to him!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dskk1985 View Post
    Big "O" at the watersports shed was so helpful ....
    At CN, I believe "Big O"'s first name is O'Dayne. It is either that or something very similar. We think the CN watersports/dive staff are great. Some names that may ring a bell for you:

    Keneil, Germaine, Ashryan, Courtney, Alain, Kanai, Desmond, Zeko, Lafoya, Kemar, and Stevie.

    All great guys. Big O and Stevie even played volleyball with us one day when we were light on guests wanting to play and were great to hang out with.

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    Default Shout Out to CSS Staff!!

    We're currently at CSS enjoying a wonderful week. Special thanks to:

    Lenworth at Breakfast - his smile always starts the day off right. He learned our names the first day and greets us every morning with a big hello.

    Ann-Marie at the Beach Grill - very attentive and just super friendly and funny.

    Noxroy at the Balloon Bar

    Wray, our private dinner waiter - he was so attentive and made the dinner very enjoyable

    Shauna at the Front Desk.

    Thanks to the entire staff - we're certainly sad our week is coming to an end.

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    Default Cti

    We just returned from out 3rd trip to Couples Tower Isle, and it is definitely the amazing staff that keep us coming back. They are friends, family.

    We missed some of those friends this year. Ulysses, Ava, and Sheldon are no longer at CTI, and we missed them. Although the omeletes are still good, no one makes them like Ulysses did, and he was always so cheerful and friendly. Ava is a real gem, and although the other guest services staff are great as well, Ava is missed. And lastly Sheldon, we missed your stories and "demonstrations", you kept us entertained while providing us great drinks.

    Those friends that we got the pleasure of spending time with again this year were:

    Damian - Jon calls him the best bartender on the Island. We love seeing how his daughter is growing, and he is just an all-around great guy. He also makes sure that your glass is never empty. Hopefully he will remember to send us that facebook friends request...

    Terry - another great bartender. I love his smile, and he is always more than happy to get you whatever you want.

    Rohan - He bartended a lot on the island this trip, and he has to put up with a lot out there. He definitely goes the extra mile for you.

    Dive Shop - Colin, Rasta, and David - you guys are truly the best there are. You go way above and beyond to make sure that the guests have a safe and enjoyable dive experience, and you are all a pleasure to dive with.

    Byron and Emorth - You guys are the best too! What a way to start and end your trip, by seeing you two.

    Water sports guys - All of you guys do a awesome job, and we really appreciate you all taking us back and forth to the island. Also, as I hurt my foot this trip, you guys were really great about making sure that I got safely on and off the boat at the island without injuring myself further. Thanks guys!!

    New friends we made this trip:

    Ryan - bartender. You are awesome!! We had a great time with you. I don't know what was in that red drink you made, but wow!!

    Udo - gift shop. We really enjoyed our time with you at the repeaters dinner. You provided some interesting insights into the Jamaican culture, and Jon and our daughter are looking forward to playing FIFA World Cup online with you. Be sure to email us!!

    Suzette - Nurse. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me when I hurt my foot. You were truly wonderful making sure I was doing ok, taking me to get xrays, and checking up on me during the trip to make sure I was doing better. I hope to see you again, although next time I hopefully won't be injured!!

    Next year we are planning to try CSS, but we will have to do a trading places so that we can see all of our friends!!

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    Default Can't believe it's true

    I just heard Carrie is no longer at CN. I am so very sad to hear this. We always had so much fun when he was working the bar. His smile was contagious! But we love all the staff at CN and can't wait until our return in January. Just wanted to shout out that you will be missed Carrie!!

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    Michah from CSS was who made our 2009 trip more than worthwhile. I do hope that he is still there, as my wife and I plan to go there again next year. Michah always made our days full of joy. He was a delight to see, and gave over the top service every moment while he was working. Can't wait to meet him again on our return trip.

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    Couples Tower Isle

    I was the sunburned guy from August 25-Sept. 7

    Steve in watersports - possibly my favorite human on the planet! Very nice guy, helped the wife and I with our feeble watersports skills. A pleasure to meet and hang out with.

    Capt. Kirk - The man. Enough said.

    Jermaine - smart kid, great service, he was our waitor for a private dinner.

    Duedrop (sp?) - very sweet girl, great waitress, dedicated worker

    (there are many others, actually, every CTI staff we dealt with was above and beyond)

    I love Tower Isle, we are definitely returning, hopefully we'll be able to say "hey mon" to some of our friends on the staff if they are still working there.

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    Default CTI...You guys are awesome!

    We were at CTI from 9/8 - 9/13 and we can't say enough about what a great trip we had! The staff was great...

    Kirk - You are indeed "The Man"...our 1st welcome to the resort and always smiling and greeting everyone! Also, happy to give a quick tour and/or suggestion and to ask how our excursion went.

    Kimori (spelling??) - Thank you for the great drinks at the Main Bar...but especially for the great conversation and Cherry Martini's at the Piano Bar. They were awesome and you were a pleasure to sit at the bar with.

    Vivienne - You were in and out of our room each day and left it spotless...thanks for attending to the details and keeping up all stocked up! (The turndown services were also appreciated and swift!)

    Roger (and the Watersports guys!) - Roger, thank you for your calming explanation of snorkeling and helping us in the pool so we were prepared and confident for the ocean. You were calm and kind and made it very relaxing when we were a bit anxious about how it all worked. And to the other gentleman (Gary maybe?) thanks for the word to the wise that the Aqua Tri-cylce was indeed "hard" were right!

    Ulysses (I think??) - The omelet man! They were great and you are efficient my friend, keep it up!

    Lovely Lady that hosted us to our seats at the Verandah - She was very professional and had beatiful, short braids. She was the perfect example of restaurant courtesy and service, I'm sorry I don't recall her name.

    Dewdrops - She was so quick and friendly and the Pool Grill. Thank you.

    Antoinette - Thanks for your smile and service at the Swim-up bar! There were also a number of other young men helping at both bars and oceanside with drinks....they were very courteous and always willing to help quench your thirst!

    I also would like to thank the gentleman who works the lobby area and helped us with our bags to leave. I believe his name started with Ed..(I'm so sorry I missed it on our departure) but he took to time to thank each person and shake our hands as we boarded our shuttle bus to the airport. That was such a courteous act and a sign of his and the resorts appreciation of our visit. What a great example of the great spirit of the people there!

    What a great array of ladies and gentleman on staff who made our stay so memorable and will likely be the reason we return to Jamaica and Couples in the future.

    Thanks again,

    Melissa & Jake Fink

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    Default Staff Shout Outs

    What a great idea.For those of us who have been visiting for quit some time, we have our favorite staff memebers or should I say friends.Well here it goes. The staff at CN really are hard working and make your stay wonderful. Just to name a few that we have known for awhile. Ms.Lanigan-very professional and always a pleasure to speak with. Misja (chief)-thank you for the fabulous food. I have to share a story about what a wonderful person Misja is. About a year ago my husband and I came for our yearly trip and while we we're there one of our friend's who is a local was celebrating her birthday. We found out that she had never had a birthday cake. Misja and his wonderful team baked a cake for her. I will never forget the look on her face and the tears that came with the smile. Way to go Misja. Devon (tennis pro)- thank you for being a good firend and putting up with my husband's bad joking.Naden (spa manager)and girls. What a wonderful bunch of ladies you are. Thank you for letting me hang out and be silly. Herbert (makes sure your luggage gets to your room)thank you for not getting upset everytime my husband moves your luggage cart and you have to look all over for it.Garnet 9lands keeper)thank you for lettting my husband be him and thank you for keeping the place nice and clean. Your smile is great. Tennyson, Michael- Thank you for making us feel good with those Bob Marley's. Yeah Mon. Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work. You really make our stay feel like home. Little more.

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    Default our friends from CSA - multiple trips

    some of our friends from various CSA stays

    this is me with spider and the watchmen...they are just as much fun as the couples employees....

    then vernon the best omelet maker on the planet...i wouldnt eat on his day

    then of course elvis on the beach...always glued to his phone. making a deal

    CSA - 3/19/2008 -3/25/2008
    CSA - 11/4/2008 - 11/11/2008
    CSA - 10/7/2009 - 10/14/2009
    CSA - 10/10/2010 - 10/19/2010

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    Default Staff shouts!

    We had a great 50th anniversary, all due to the great staff. Thanks to Estera, and Sandy for the special housekeeping, flower arrangments and friendliness. Thanks to Richard for a pleasant sail. The two who gave us our couples massage, Ranj who was so friendly and delivered to us. Jermaine at the welcome cocktail pary, Dominique at the bar and all the other staff, just too many to mention. They were wonderful! Thank you for the wonderful time!!!

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