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    Default Jheneal at SSB

    A great shout out to Jheneal. I hope I spelled that right. My wife and I just got back from CSS and enjoyed a great time at SSB with Jheneal always keeping our glasses full and entertaining us with her great personality. Also want to wish Jheneal a very Happy Birthday.

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    Miguel and the entertainment staff at CSS as well as Miss Una were all highly enjoyable - also Felicia, Adrian, and Jason!
    Sean & Bekah Walsh

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    The staff at CSS was very impressive and always on their game.

    Miguel was excellent!
    Shellian was soo much fun! Her personality is contagious.
    Janice kept our room spotless at all times.
    Adrian cracks me up.

    However, our favorite staff member is a trainee:
    Dillon from the Bella Vista bar. He was a lot of fun and always remembered us. He was always making sure everyone was takin care of and was a lot of fun. He also was very quick to get assistance to a friend who got injured. He also stayed the entire time until the nurse came to help. We love Dillon!!!

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    Ok, every staff member at CTI, a few specifics, Delroy....a wave and a smile every morning... Maxine...nuff said.. wonderful lady.... Damian, Terren, on and on and on...

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    Default Staff @ CTI

    My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon Sunday (6-13) and we went to CTI for our first trip to Jamaica. We had an unbelievably amazing time. Our staff shout-outs would go to:

    Kahleel - my "personal" bartender and turned into be a great friend. He is amazing and a sweet person. Always came by to tell us goodnight before he left.
    Kamar - another bartender who was sweet and innocent.
    Kadian - sweet girl and funny We <3 Bre!
    Naesha - Amazingly funny and got along with great!
    Rosheba - one amazing dancer! Keep those receipts for you know
    Sasha - sweet and innocent Sasha but was always there for anything
    Johann - always hanging out and dancing
    Matthew - GOOD LUCK in the States in football. Your like a little brother and we loved talking to you.
    Brenton - had a birthday while we were there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and always giving DJ Smooch good songs to play!

    and Captain Kirk - the first person we met at CTI who brought our bags to the room and called us Adam and Eve (Amanda) and always brought a smile to our face.

    These people made our trip memorable. And because of these people we will most likely go back to CTI over and over again. We love you all and thank you for the best service possible!

    Adam & Amanda Cantrell

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    Ok sean... there has now been 4000 hits on this tread.... does it still need to be # 1 on the message board, or are you trying to capitalze on people's favourite personal experience in order to enhance/ sell the resort?

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    Just got back from CSA. We had a great housekeeper- Keesha- I don't know if I'm spelling that right. We had a thunderstorm one afternoon and the bulb blew in our bathroom. We thought there was just a fuse that would be flipped eventually. But she noticed this and had maintenance come and fix it. We had no idea how maintenance even knew it was broken (we had never called) until the next day when we saw here. She told us she reported the problem to her supervisor. Great staff at CSA!!!!

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    It's been a while since we've been there, but Clover at CSA was the absolute best!

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    Default All-Stars at CN

    We just returned from our Destination Wedding & Honeymoon at CN (June 9-18; wedding on June 12). We were told by several staff members that we had the largest wedding group in recent memory with 44 friends and family members and everyone at the resort was so accommodating and welcome, especially the following standouts:
    • Franklyn & Yannick at the pool bar kept the drinks flowing, especially during afternoon thunderstorms
    • Kenisha, the wedding coordinator, was so helpful and fabulous
    • Novlette in the salon did a beautiful job on our hair, makeup, and nails
    • Vaden at Cassava and Otaheite was a wonderful server, and even gave a toast at our reception
    • Tyrone, the maitre d at the Heliconia, made our rehearsal dinner run smoothly
    • Pedro at The Lychee was one of our favorite servers and made dining fun
    • Nana, Nelka, and Simone were the queens of entertainment and activities
    • Camecia made breakfast at Cassava Terrace a pleasant experience when she greets you with her big smile every morning
    • Melonie and Tassia at Cassava Terrace were excellent servers and went out of their way for you

    Thanks to everyone at CN! We had a wonderful time and we'll be back soon!

    Meg & Bill
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    Default Thanks Orrin!

    Just got back 6/19/10 from a fantastic stay at CSA! Want to make sure Orrin at Patios restaurant gets a 2 thumbs up for great service! He was the best and made our trip extra special! Always had a great smile on his face, super positive attitude, hope to see him and CSA soon! Will be back

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonhikn View Post
    Can't remember her name but the VERY NICE lady who did the omlets at CTI. Had a great smile and fun sense of humor, not to mention the omlets!

    her name is MYMA SUE and she is a legend, the best omlettes ever

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    has the nicest staff ever big shout outs to
    Latoya the wedding co ordinator, nothing was too much trouble for her, and she helped us have an amazing day, thanks soooooooo much.
    Katy and Sasha such a little sweethearts always smiling and full of energy,
    Myma Sue the Omlette lady so happy and excellent omlettes.

    everyone of the staff were amazingly helpful and always smiling, never stayed in a hotel with such great service, thanks to all you guys for a truly amazing holiday
    see you next year x x

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    Default Matt and Steph July 2009

    My husband Matt and I were at CSA in July 2009 for our Honeymoon! We loved the resort and the staff so much we started planning our second trip to CSA two weeks after we got back from our honeymoon! Everyone was wonderful, we were amazed by how great the staff was! Usually guests give a shout out to a number of staff members. While they were all very wonderful, there was one person who really stood out to us! JOUEVON!!!!!! He was a trainee at the one of the beach bars. Jouevon was very personable and a great bartender! There was one day I was not feeling well and my husband went to the beach bar by himself, and Jouevon asked "Where's Steph?" It made me feel good that he knew my name and asked about me. Jouevon took really good care of Matt at the bar while I wasn't feeling good. He pours the best Bob Marley shots, always has a smile on his face and is just a wonderful person!
    If this message gets to him, we miss you Jouevon and hope to see you at CSA in December!

    Here is my question, Jouevon said when we were there in July that he was almost done with his training and might be transfered to a different Couples resort does anyone know if he is still at CSA?? And if he is what department is he in?
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    Jhenellllll!!!!!!! Iii mmiiiiiissssss yyyoooouuuuu!!!!!!!

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    Default Saskia

    Quote Originally Posted by ang6984 View Post
    I've been to over 15 different resorts in Jamaica and last September we were so fortunate to meet the BEST HANDS DOWN staff member we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. SASKIA ANDERSON from Couples Swept Away!! We are planning a vacation back to CSA in Feb 2010 just to see her... we love Couples for hiring the absolute best!! Chris & Angela Pronek - Chicago, IL.
    We agree my husband and I went to CSA in 2004 and she truly is the best. I booked our trip again for July 2011 we are so happy to find out she is still there.

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    Default Thanks to staff at CTI from Darrell and LaDonna Gill

    We just returned from our first Jamaican vacation at CTI. The staff was absolutely the best, from the girls at check in, to the bar staff, housekeeping, entertainment, but especially to our dive team! I miss you guys so much Lloyd, Collin, and David. My husband scuba dived almost daily. As for me...I am a chicken,but David was nice enough to just let me be a boatie and hang out with him on the boat each day. David...I still cant grasp the language of Potia! Collin, my cowboy hat never looked better on anyone than you! I'm glad you you "love my job". You guys are so attentive and took such great care of all that were diving with you. Lloyd and AJ, thanks for taking the time to help Darrell with his certification. He is so proud of it! Rosheba...thanks for the Soca dance lessons and your beautiful sense of humor. We love ya! To Leonard, the have a wonderful staff and a wonderful resort! Thanks for making our stay so memorable!

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    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Simone from CTI bartender? Please let me know if you do. Thanks

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    Default shout out

    We just want to thank Yohan, Kadian and Sasha all entertainment coordinators at CTI for a vacation we will NEVER forget!!! Whether it was the fun games at the swim up bar, dancing at showtime, dancing at Margaritaville, the beach party...they always made sure we were having a good time and we had an AWESOME time and became good friends. Brenton, Matthew and Rasheba are also wonderful and we give a big thanks to them as well. We also want to say thanks to all the staff at CTI. Whether it was being greeted by everyone everytime we saw them or all the staff making sure we were always irie.... CTI was wonderful and we can't wait to come home again.

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    Kirk is awesome at CTI!
    so is Andre, Matthew, Katie....really EVERYONE!
    Returned home a few days ago and ready to plan a trip for next July! Our trip was not long enough!

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    Default Staff shout outs at CSA!

    My other half and I just returned from CSA on the 11th of July and we just booked our next trip for July 2011 and it' mainly because of the staff! Winston in the martini bar, The entertainment staff with Tressina, Akeem and O'Neil, Chris in Feathers. They really made our first trip to CSA wonderful! And we're hard to please!

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    When we were at CTI for our 10 year anniversary in June, Romaine, from the Veggie Bar, and Matthew and the rest of the entertainment staff made our stay extra special. I can't say enough about how great the staff was at CTI, it makes us want to be back already.

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    Default Jason & Cardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP!!!! mostly Jason (the legend.... aka The Jamacian Usher) Akeem (Ladies Darling). They were so Fun! From Jason giving us Orientation, to Akeem giving my girlfriend personal Jamacian Dance class. Also, Couples
    Swept Away has the best Bartender in Jamacia AND HIS nAME IS CARDO!!!!!!!!! Me AND mY GIRLFRIEND kRYSTAL lOVED cARDO!!!!!! HE VOWED TO THROW ME A BACHELOR PARTY IF WE GET MARRIED THERE NEXT YEAR.....he told me about there Street Dances I told him we call them BLOCK party's in TEXAS!!!! and Colleen was great too... she was his side kick they taught us some things...... Last but not least all the guys at the Beach activities desk. Especially the guy who gives the Glass bottom boat tour....he told us about the turtle weed(inside joke)!!!!!! These people made our trip to CSA better then we expected and are also a major reason we will return to swept away!

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    Default Cn Diving is great

    The staff at CN Dive Shop is fantastic. They really run a great shop and make diving so much fun. It was really great when they surprised me with a bottle of bubbly on my birthday. We celebrated after the last dive. I want to give a special thanks to Ashrae, Craig, Richard and Brian for making our vacation so great.

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    CTI has the best staff ever!

    Kadie and Rasheba (our new bff's)
    Matthew and Brentyon climed a tree so we could have some cocunut milk!
    Damien is just a cool dude.
    Taneshia, beautiful and kind
    Byron and Kirk are a riot!
    Delroy was awesome!
    Lionel (Woody) took us for an amazing boat ride down the coast.
    Sweet, adorable Ricardo and Kamar, our other favorite bartenders

    Love all of em'!!!!

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    I agree with Brackenmom... We had the most amazing time ever...I miss all the Staff..
    Kaleel..Kamar...and Ricky..dont forget them

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