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    Default Staff Shout Outs

    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading so many great stories about the Couples staff throughout the message board while I moderate it, and I thought it would be fun to create a thread specifically for staff shout outs! I envision a place where you can all share specific stories about how a staff member(s) made your vacation even better, went above and beyond to make sure you were happy, did something really funny, or really any great stories and experiences you have shared with our staff.

    Okay, well I look forward to reading your stories!
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    I have a favorite story to tell about a former member of the SweptAway guest relations staff - Alex...

    I came to know him as the crazy Trinidadian nightmare for a stunt he pulled on me several years ago.

    My wife and I were seated at a table stage-side at the Palms, when out of nowhere, I'm dragged onto the stage, fitted with a rasta wig and singin' Marley tunes. It all happened so fast that the only thing this 50-yr-old soon to be first time grand-dad could do was play along and try to remember the lyrics! We had a great time... the crowd was rockin', the dance floor was full (including Mr & Mrs Issa)...

    Alex was and is one of a kind... he treated us like royalty, and was a true asset to SweptAway. We miss him, and hope he is doing well in England. Perhaps one day, he'll return!
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    Shoutout to Romaine from CSA... even though he is no longer there. I know hes at Pushcart restaurant now and we will be stopping by to see him.

    However, everytime we would return to CSA Romaine would always yell our names across the room. He would slowly teach us Patios and we had the best time talking to him in the Aura lounge.

    As he would say, "Bullet!"
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    This is a great idea. My only fear is forgetting someone, but here goes~~From CTI:

    LaToya for arranging a special celebration for my hubby's birthday during the repeaters' dinner on July 6,

    Katie from entertainment for always greeting us with a smile and "hello"

    Spa receptionist--can't remember her name

    Byron, Evard, Kirk--always smiling, always greeting all the guests

    Maxine for visiting guests on the patio in the morning to find out how their vacation is going

    Alford for wonderful power walks up the countryside and on the morning of our departure, walking up to tell me goodbye (I had only seen 2 x)

    Jermaine & Antionette for always giving service with a smile

    Damion--for putting up with the Islanders

    Abe for putting up with the Islanders and & yes I know his family owns the resort, but lets face it coming to "THE" island at CTI can be a wee bit intimidating.

    Housekeeping and Turndown, whomever they may be, they were in and out with our only knowledge being the wonderful work they did to keep our room clean and fresh and ready for us in the evenings.

    The Gardners for keep the grounds looking so beautiful

    Delroy for always smiling, greeting us and keeping the pools so sparkly clean.

    Hmmm, I think that is it--at least for now!

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    Hey Chris,
    I thought Alex was still in Jamaica at a different resort? Is he really back in England?

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    Shout out to O'Brien at CSA. He was witness at our wedding on the beach at CSA March 31, 2006. He was super healpful and told us where we could find authentic spices and local jamaican music for our reception back home when we got back. Last time we were there he had been promoted and hope that the next time we go there he is still with the couples family.

    Mindy and Wil B
    West Virginia
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    Awhile back, one of the girls at our resort was pregnant and as we talked, she told me she knew it was a girl... I had brought a big bag of newborn baby-girl clothes and was happy to have found someone who could use them ! It just seemed to be a perfect match.
    The next day she wrote me a lovely "thank-you" note and we kept in touch when I went home.
    A few months later, she called me from the hospital in the middle of the night to say the baby was born healthy and that her middle name was my name. I was so touched. She sent me photos and I sent little care packages to the baby during the year. (She has never asked for anything )
    Before the Christening, she wondered if I could be the Godmother, but time & distance didn't allow so we agreed I can be the Fairy Godmother....On our next trip, she came to visit me, on her day-off, so I could see the baby and hold her....priceless

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    so i have a question, so after we have told you of our favorite employee and all they have done for us, what about them? could we offer them some kind of recognition such as employee of the month per the message board or some kind of way to say thank you to them ? i am sure they would appreciate it

    one love


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    One of Bryan and I's favorite memory is when we were at CTI, and Kirk was on vacation. We were so disappointed, so Byron called Kirk at home and he came to see us and that made our whole trip!! Bryan and I brought all the guys at the front University of Kentucky hats.

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    What a wonderful idea. The staff is what makes the stay so special. At CN there were so many, but I can't remember all their names. When we first arrived and to be greeted with a handshake and a "welcome home" makes your stay so special right off the start. Franklin who not only makes good drinks but seems to remember who you are, what you like and makes you feel like you are someone special. Elke who is so fun to see and and share time with. Genevieve who treated my husband like a king and I didn't even mind. She was special. She too remembered what we both liked to drink and sometimes would even bring one without us even asking. She was a mind reader but in a good way. I loved the young man who every day cheerfully sweeped the beach and whisled while he worked. He was always happy. The maids who said good morning madam and always smiled. I can't think of anyone that was not special.
    Then we tried CSS and I found a man that was in charge of stocking the in room bar. He was the most special of all. I can't remember his first name, but his last I believe was Lawson. He went way out of his way to take extra care of me when I got sick this spring. He even made someone get me a pillow because I could not lift my head up without passing out. He did it because he truely cared and not because he expected anything in return. He was a true guardian angel. I miss everyone and hope I can come back soon. There are many people I work with that could take lessons from anyone of the workers at Couples.

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    Everyone has been terrific and sooooooooo wonderful at cti and css since 1980.

    Since 2004, a few of our favorites from cti are and in no particular order - nicolette, damon, chocolate, capt. Kirk, baron, ulysses, kimberly, cymone (now at css), mr. Henry, ainsworth, sharon, and on and on.

    At css - cymone, kimberly, michael, juneal, and on and on.

    So looking forward and anxious to seeing you all in september.

    They all deserve a raise. Lol.

    paul and debbie

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    We met Fluffy on our orientation at CSS.She kept us all laughing during our stay.There were so many good people but Fluffy really stood out.

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    Now two of many, many wonderful stories.

    We were there during Ivan in 2004 at CTI. The next day we pitched in with many other guests and staff to get the resort back in order the best we could. A line was formed by the men to place the tables and chairs back in the outside eating area. The women pitched in and cleaned the cushions to place on the chairs.

    During our stay, my husband, who is very socialable, had talked to Ulyses often since he does all the cooking at home and loves, about different types of food in Jamaica.

    While in the process of placing the table and chairs back, Ulyses asks Paul "What is that?" Paul being confused asked "What do you mean?" Uylses replied "What they are doing?" Paul replied "Oh, we call that an assembly line." We thought it was one of the cuties things.

    That same year, my husband had taken the water bike around TI and mind you he gets very tan and is often mistaken for Spanish (he is really Russian).

    Upon his approach back, Michael (who is on the surfboard by the ropes) asks my husband if he is Cuban. My husband replies with a Cuban accent "Yes Mon and is this Florida?" Michael replies "No Mon, this is Jamaica." Paul replies while tapping his forehead "Oh S..t, I knew I made a wrong turn." Then turns the bike around and Michael just shakes his head.

    I could go on for days with all the wonderful stories. Maybe later - LOL.


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    Our trip to CSS this past August was made special by all the staff from the time we walked into the lobby and was handed wet towels and champagne till we left for the airport, but our favorite was Jheanel at ssb she really made our stay special, she made sure that all of us had what we needed and we have kept in touch over the past year, can't wait to see her the end of this August. I have to say that Fluffy Rasan and Kimberly were great also, we just fell in love with them all.

    Couples be greatful you have such wonderful people working for you.

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    I have to give a special thanks to an old friend for making CSS seem like home last year. We LOVED CSS, but kept getting that "this isn't our real home" vibe...until we walked through the lobby and out the main entrance to hit the jewelry store.


    NOW, we were alright. NOW, we were home. This is how Couples employees really make the resorts.

    And who did we see later that night at the Balloon Bar? Kimoni! It was like a CTI reunion.

    71 more days till we can see them again!

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    MelG -

    I believe that the last we spoke to Alex was at the end of our Dec 2007 visit. At that time, he told us he was going to England to be with his mother, probably in the April 2008 time frame. If he is back on the island, we're not aware of it, but then we don't really correspond with him.

    If anyone else knows the whereabouts of former staffers, maybe that might be a great function for this thread...

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    OK my shout out goes to Shellyann from CSA. I have posted praise for her before but I cannot say enough how this lady made our holiday.
    Shellyann is not a member of staff you get to meet everyday, she is the Guest Relations Team Leader and works hard in the office to make peoples holidays perfect.
    We were there for 2 weeks at the begining of June this year. We were celebrating my wifes Birthday and our Silver Wedding. It was our first trip to Couples and I sent and email prior to our holiday with a few requests. Shellyann was the lady to reply. Well to cut this short, Shellyann sorted everything for me. From a cake and Spa treatments to a balloonogram and Champagne for Jans Birthday. Then she went on to sort out Spa treatments and a private meal on the beach with Flowers and Champagne for Our Silver Wedding.
    Everything went like clockwork on the days in question. I cannot thank Shellyann enough. She made the whole holiday so special. Every member of Staff deserves a Shout but this lady is so special to us. Sorry as many of you have read my posts in the past about Shellyann, but any chance I get to let people know the great work she does in the background at CSA the better.


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    I arrived at CSS a little apprehensively this summer, as I wasn't sure it could compete with my home at CSA. After spending a week there, I love CSS just much as CSA. Why? THE STAFF. The biggest standout staff member was Cherice; right from the orientation tour we had a blast. She's largely responsible for me falling in love with CSS. We still keep in touch, too.

    Our trip wouldn't have been complete without playing Scrabble with Fluffy and Kimberlee, or without Machel calling out our names every time we ran into him! (And watch out, Kimberlee is one mean ping pong player, too)

    Truly, the staff make Couples resorts amazing!

    Beth (& Josh)

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    What a great idea. The main reason we have decided that CSA will be our one and only vacation spot is the wonderful staff who we now consider to be dear friends. We consider Christopher (Shaggy) from Scuba to be a part of our family now and keep in touch with him on a regular basis. We look forward to being able to see Cean from Feathers again and getting an update on how her little girl is doing. Mr. Bryant was so much fun to spend time with on our last visit. We were sad that Kurt (Main Bar) was on vacation the last time we visited so we didn't get to spend time with him, hopefully he will be there next time. And of course, Ultimate Chocolate who makes our evenings so special. I could go on and on...the great guys at Watersports, Skippy from Entertainment, Carla from housekeeping. They are all such wonderful people. Now getting teary eyed, and missing them all.

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    Default Ava is the best...

    Ava in the lobby area is the best, she and Kim took care of my husband when he surprised me with a karot anniversary ring for our 25th wedding anniversary in Sept. 2007. Here is a picture of Ralph and I with Ava.

    Also, a picture with Byron my man!! He is the best bell hop on 2 feet!!

    And a picture with Lenward who served us our private dinner on the beach where I was surprised with my ring!!

    The whole CTI experience is truly amazing and we can't wait to go back in Sept. 2009, right around the corner and rekindle some Jamaican friendships!!
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    Big Ups to Exodus, the house band @ CSA !

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNLVmike View Post
    Shoutout to Romaine from CSA... even though he is no longer there. I know hes at Pushcart restaurant now and we will be stopping by to see him.

    However, everytime we would return to CSA Romaine would always yell our names across the room. He would slowly teach us Patios and we had the best time talking to him in the Aura lounge.

    As he would say, "Bullet!"
    Romaine was our favorite when we were there in '07. I am sorry to hear he is no longer there! Where is the Pushcart Restaurant - Maybe we might have to make a trip.

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    Big ups to Duke, Adrian, and Curtis at the CSA pool bar, those 3 are responsible for a LOT of lazy afternoons on one of the hammocks and/or early evening naps after closing down the pool bar!

    Derron is also a superb server at the Palms and Sea Grapes, we dined at the Palms a lot because of him!

    There are SO MANY more people who make CSA special, I hate to not be able to list them all but these guys stick out in my mind so vividly I can't wait to see them all again in September!

    42 days to go!

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    schdyny -

    Pushcart is the bar/restaurant formerly known as Pirate's Cave. Its where the booze cruise always moors, where you used to be able to jump from the cliff.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    This past year when we were moved to SSB Sharon (from CTI) came to have dinner with us one evening and Byron stopped on his way back from the airport to see us..Great folks...Our best memory is from a few years was our 2nd or 3rd trip to CTI..we were on the bus with some first timers...when we got there, it was like a family reunion with the staff..the couples on the bus with us asked us who we were like we were rock stars or something...we just laughed that one off..absolutely LOVE the staff at CTI...probably why we have opted not to try any other resorts...

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