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    Default Split a Fishing Charter CSA in February???

    Hi All,

    I was hoping to find some guys and/or gus and gals that might be interested in sharing a Fishing Charter out of CSA in February.

    My wife hates boats of all varieties and I am an avid fisherman who was hoping to try a little Mahi (Dorado) Fishing during our trip this February. Last year I was booked on as a single with 3other (British) guys who had chartered Captain Stanley through the tour desk, but the weather cancelled the trip for 3 days running (high seas).

    I will try again as a single, but I really hate to impose myself on others and I believe it is best to try and flange up something beforehand.

    If you are interested you can let me know in the Couples MB and maybe we can tee something up. I ran a similar Post in TA where the Messaging is much easier.

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    We'll be @ CSA from 8th to 22nd February. My husband would be very interested in joining you. Last time we were there, he tried to arrange something similar but couldnt get enough people.

    Dawn and Roger

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    There is a small possibility that one or more of us might be interested in going out fishing. We say that we are going to do an off-site excursion and then can't drag ourselves away from the resort but regardless, what are YOUR dates for being at CSA in Feb.? We do not arrive until Feb. 26th. Thanks!

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    The time frame for our trip to CSA and when I want to try and flange up a Charter works well with Dawn, but not with warmweatherfriend. I have another fellow that has interest and I am correspending with him in the TA Message feature since it is easier to use than this one (with all respect to Couples). Feel free to see my post there and message me and I will be very happy to try and coordinate something.

    Thank you both very much for responding!!!

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    Default Fishing Anybody?

    Is anyone else interested in splitting a Charter? So far I have two and possibly three depending on timing and would like to get one or two more>

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