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    WE have a group going to CSA the end of the month and are planning to golf. Does anyone know how the rented clubs are or if we should bring our own? I understand you need a caddy everytime you play golf does anyone know how much that cost.

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    If you are going to play several times and prefer your own clubs then take yours. I took mine to Negril several times, but I seem to play less than I used to so I may rent next time. I would like to find the same info you are asking about when it comes to renting clubs.

    As for the caddie fee, last I knew it was around $15 for the caddy fee (which is paid to the course, not the caddie). The caddies work mainly for tips so play to tip your caddie ( I usually tip $10 if I play 9 and $20 if I play 18... your milage may vary on this ofcourse. Some caddies do a better job that others, but I would tip any caddie I used. In addition, whenever I buy a drink from the drink cart I also buy one for the caddie. Generally they have water or gatorade since last time I was there they were not allowed to have beer.
    Have fun! I am going to check back here to see if anyone answers with the rental club info.
    Play well...

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