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    Hi everyone,
    Just another question........what exactly is the "mineral pool"?Is the water warm or cold?


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    It is warmed by the sun. The Mineral pool was damaged during a hurricane a few years ago and was redone and is a new pool. The depth was changed from 9' to no more then 5' and it has a new patio around it.
    It has some soothing minerals put in daily

    At one point in the 60's and 70's it was the main pool @ Sans Souci

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    We were there last year, the water is a bit cold ,but not too bad
    The is a sign by the pool as to what minerals are in the pool, Sorry can't remember what they were, maybe some one has a Pix of that sign?

    From the Web Site

    "Our mineral waters are the source from which our popularity first sprang forth. As far back as the 1700s, the mineral springs on the Couples Sans Souci property have been cited in Jamaican history books as excellent for maintaining health and renewing romantic energy. For generations, people from nearby villages would congregate on Sundays, lining up for the entire day to take their dip into the mineral spring with the curious curative power"

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    Mineral pool is warm. The mineral grotto is relatively cold.

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    Where is the mineral pool located? Near what block?

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    The mineral pool is located next to the fitness gym, right next to the fruit bar.

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    Is that anywhere near Block D?

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    We were there last November and I was in the mineral pool at least once nearly every day. The water is very cold when you first get in - but you do get used to if after a while.

    Make sure you say hello to Marvin, who is the lifeguard/watersports guy who looks after the mineral pool - he is lovely

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    It's pretty close to Block D.
    And to answer my own question, when we were there in Nov,(during Tomas)not much sun, so the water was freezing!

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