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    Default Quick Question- CSA Atrium rooms

    Read on another recent thread about the Atrium rooms that they dont have Air condition, is that true? We are going there in June and we have only stay in the BFS which I KNOW have AC, please tell me the Atrium suites have AC? I will die without one at night or during the day for our "rest" time lol

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    Yes there is AC in the room. It is the TV that it doesn't have.

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    All the rooms have A/C... the misinformation comes from the screens under the wooden slats, some see that or hear about them and think that is the only way to cool the room, but it's just an option... you can turn off your a/c in the Atrium and let the ocean breeze come in, and as in any other room, if you get warm, you just close up the slats and turn on the a/c. We actually got a little cool after having the a/c on for a while, so no worries, you can cool the room off just fine. It DOES have a/c as do all the rooms at CSA.

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    They have AC no worries.

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    They have A/C plus a ceiling fan. Our room got so cold in the middle of the night we had to turn the AC off, and we went in june.

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    Yes, they have AC, but we never use it. We go always go in Feb and the ceiling fan is just fine (and very quiet!).

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    They all have AC, no worries.

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    Yes there is an A/C and it works great !

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    They do have air conditioning, they just don't have glass in all the windows. The only ones with glass are the ones that face into the atrium area and the other rooms. The inside of the rooms is the same as the BFS, only the location and balconies are different.

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    Thanks everyone. We booked the Atrium this time!

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