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    Just wondering if there were any weigh scales in the rooms at CN or at the gym. Before you all go telling me how crazy I am worrying about that on holidays, I am in a challenge and don't want to skip out on my weigh-ins, gaining or not!! I have lost 25 lbs thus far and just want to keep myself a little bit on track..friendly reminder you know! And yes, I totally plan to enjoy the food and beverages!!

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    I stay away from weigh scales on vacation but I usually don't gain much weight while I am there because yes, I do eat and drink a lot but I do swim and do a lot of walking.Last year we were on the third floor and I think that helped. Please don't worry about it. Enjoy your trip. I too had lost 25 pounds and the trip didn't mess me up.

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    Congratulations on your weight loss. It is hard to lose the weight and I admire you for wanting to keep most of it off on vacation. I have been to Cn three times and I believe there is a weight scale(like a doctor's office scale) in the fitness center. By the way, this is a great place to workout out with weights or go on the elliptical or other cardio equipment. Working out will also help keep your weight gain to a minimal. Good luck and enjoy your trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by jc View Post
    ... any weigh scales in the rooms at CN or at the gym.
    The gym has a scale.

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    Oh no my wife just saw this post and thought it would be a good thing to do on a vacation I was planning to do nothing but lounge. The most exercise I was planning was the falls. She has a point though I do need to drop ~30 lbs. Just not on vacation. Good luck with your challenge.
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    We just got back from CN and were in a beachfront suite and there was a scale in the bathroom. It is not digital though.

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    Don't know about the scales, but have dealt with the weight issues. My advise is to make sure you drink plenty of water. Take an insulated mug to use for your ice water.

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    I understand your concern about still weighing in while on vacation if you are in a contest. Like you said you don't care if you gain weight it is about not being disqualified from the contest you are participating in. CSS and CTI both have scales in their gyms so I would assume CN would probably have one in their gym as well.

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    There are scales in the suites, but not the other rooms. I don't recall seeing any in the gym. You might be able to ask the front desk for one for your room.
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    I don't know about CN, but when we were at CSS in the fall, we had a scale.

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    In past trips to CN we never saw a scale.
    We were at CSS early this past December and they had a scale in our room. I loved it, I was about 10 pounds lighter on their scale than at home. LOL
    We ran every morning and we enjoyed our meals and drinks. Neither of us gained any weight. Good luck!

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    You will be surprised what you LOOSE. Swimming everyday and walking around and other " extra" stuff hee hee you will loose.

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    Yes there is a scale at CN in the gym, it was there in April 2009 at least (only used it to weight my bags). Congrat's on the weight lose that's great. I didn't care what I ate or drank and I ended up gaining 7lbs at CN on my honeymoon, oops! This year we're going to CSA to take advantage of the gym facilities and healthier food options, I just need to stay away from those dang onion rings! Enjoy your trip!

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    Thanks everyone. I'm sure I'll find a scale. As was stated, it not so much that I don't gain, cause I have on every trip, but more so I am not disqualified from the contest. Weighing in just gives you that little reminder and keeps things in check. I really think it's all the drinking that does it to me, but I'm on holidays. I will watch but I will not deny!!

    Does anyone know if they have scheduled classes such as step arobics or others at CN?

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    There is a scale in the bathrooms at CN. They also have classes such as aerobics listed in the daily activities schedule you will get when you check in. Have a great time!! We LOVED CN...just were there about 2 weeks ago!

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