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    Default CSS - Deluxe Ocean Verandah have lounge chairs?

    We love to sit on the balcony in the late afternoon after retuning from the beach and were wondering if the deluxe ocean verandahs have lounge chairs on the balcony or just a table and two chairs?

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    I think it rather depends on the room itself. The verandah suites are all in the older section of the hotel, which was not originally built as a hotel and are not uniform in the same way that the A and B blocks are. Some of them are on a "verandah" level and are quite large with larger balconies, but others seems to use the term "verandah" to mean "any odd little space that they couldn't quite make a full-on two-room suite from." Having said that, however, one of our favorite rooms is a smaller verandah suite with a (relatively) smaller balcony that does not have a lounge chairs (though one could arguably fit). We love the location and the view and could really give two figs about having a whole lot of what would essentially be wasted space for us.

    It's all about personal preference, and I would suggest that when you check in, you ask about availability and preference. Unless they are booked to capacity, you could likely look at available options and choose the one most suited to your taste.

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