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    Default How To Tie A Sarong?

    We're planning our first trip to CN for our wedding (10/08/10) and honeymoon combined(10/05-10/17). I am debating on wearing a short white beach dress or a two piece sarong for our wedding. I am having trouble with tying the sarong, since I have never had one before. Any advise or suggestions on how to tie these things? Or somewhere I can go online for a guide? Thanks for your help. And we're counting down the days! -47 We hope it's everything you guys say it is!!

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    Hi Kelly
    I am getting married at CSA 10/5/10 and Also wearing a sarong, the skirt seems pretty easy. Its the top i am more ocncerned with. You can youtube some instructions. I think that I am going to "tack" my tourqouise bridal slip sarong to the material with a needle and thread to insure a good fit, before waiting for the day of and run into problems. I think it is the perect idea for a beach wedding.!! Congrats!

    DanandCindy 10/2-10/9

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    Here's a link that will give you many options:
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    Thank you! That was very helpful.
    I am still going back and forth on my dress. I just received a long maxi style dress just to try, and I love it even more than I thought I would. My fiance wants me to wear as little as possible, but I'm thinking of our pictures for family and friends. A lot to decide and only 40 days to go. Good thing we're getting married by ourselves at CN and this is the biggest decision I have to make for our wedding!!!

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    Sarongs are inspired by the beautiful tropical lands around the world. Sarongs are flattering to most figure types and are very easy to wear. They come in many unique patterns, designs and motifs. In North America, the fabric of the sarong is generally quite light, 100% cotton, rayon or silk.

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    A long sarong makes a wonderful evening gown for a night on the town. The traveler may wrap a sarong as a beach cover up. For a skirt, hold the sarong lengthwise and wrap it around the waist. Worn over the shoulders and head, a sarong functions as a wind-breaker; wrapped around the neck, it becomes a muffler or scarf.

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